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Art Spiegelman

  1. national books awards
    A Book-People Level of Cheerful at the National Book AwardsThe 73rd annual awards were tempered by the rise of book bans in American schools and an ongoing strike.
  2. encounter
    Art Spiegelman Loses His GlassesAs the latest fight over Maus erupts, its artist-creator searches for his spectacles.
  3. comics
    Art Spiegelman Says Marvel Comics Insisted He Remove Trump Critique From EssayThe Maus cartoonist withdrew his essay over Marvel’s objection to a line comparing Trump to Captain America villain Red Skull.
  4. Art Spiegelman on Lynd Ward, the Forgotten Comics Pioneer Who Inspired HimThe Maus creator looks back on a man who was doing graphic novels before there were such things.
  5. Art Spiegelman’s Quest to Vindicate a Long-Forgotten GeniusJust days before his death, at age 97, artist Si Lewen finally got the recognition he deserved.
  6. wordless novels
    Art Spiegelman Talks Graphic Novels and E-CigsThe comics artist has a live show this weekend.
  7. chat room
    Art Spiegelman on ‘Breakdowns’ Redux and the Dark Side of Tina FeySpiegelman raps with Vulture about the druggie seventies and the genius of Mark Twain.
  8. news reel
    BEA Dispatch: Art Spiegelman Calls Out Contemporary ComicsAt Book Expo in L.A., Spiegelman disses FSG’s graphic-novel histories and talks up ‘manga.’
  9. tube junkie
    Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, and Daniel Clowes Crack Wise on ‘The Simpsons’Alternative comics legends Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, and Daniel Clowes turned up in Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons, forcing millions of viewers to nod along and not quite get a pretty hilarious joke about “Watchmen Babies.”
  10. chat room
    Peter Kuper Resents Tampons, Young Cartoonists, George BushQ&A with cartoonist Peter Kuper, plus an excerpt of his book Stop Forgetting to Remember.