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  1. art review
    A Painter’s New Civil WarThe perverse visions of Hilary Harkness.
  2. a brush with death
    How a Seizure at the Dentist’s Led Sharon Stone to Painting“All you losers, you could grow up to be Sharon Stone.” –Jerry Saltz
  3. in conversation
    Tracey Emin Is SeriousThe artist has always worked in the confessional mode. After surviving cancer, she sees no reason to hold anything back.
  4. check in on the culture
    Artforum Editor Fired After Publishing Call for Cease-fire Signed By ThousandsDavid Velasco said he’s disappointed “a magazine that has always stood for freedom of speech and the voices of artists has bent to outside pressure.”
  5. art review
    The Beautiful OnesThe tender paintings of Njideka Akunyili Crosby.
  6. power
    All the New York Culture Brokers on Our “Inside Power” ListFrom one very under-the-radar art collector to Reese Witherspoon’s publishing mole.
  7. the group portrait
    The Guggenheim Goes DarkA group of artists on the perils of being seen.
  8. photography
    When New York Started to Wake UpThe photographs in Metropolitan Melancholia, made in 2021 and 2022, document a city learning to un-shelter in place.
  9. art review
    Judy Chicago Didn’t Stop at ‘The Dinner Party’Her famous (and controversial) installation cast a long shadow over her career. A New Museum show expands the Chicago canon.
  10. breakout
    Eclipsing the RotundaWith “Going Dark,” curator Ashley James brings an unconventional group show to the Guggenheim’s famed spiral.
  11. look book
    The Look Book Goes to the Henry Taylor OpeningThe Whitney’s fall preview celebrated “Henry Taylor: B Side” and the work of Nancy Baker Cahill, Harry Smith, and more.
  12. art
    Rirkrit Tiravanija Would Prefer Not ToHis new retrospective at MoMA PS1 celebrates avoiding making art.
  13. art review
    The Fearless Freedom of Henry TaylorHis new retrospective at the Whitney is the best show of 2023.
  14. art review
    Three Jews and a PaintingWho is Marc Dennis teasing?
  15. art
    A 19th Century Masterpiece That Scandalizes StillManet’s Olympia, now on view at the Met, remains as disturbing as ever.
  16. art review
    The Deadpan Precision of Ed RuschaCars, suntans, palm trees, and swimming pools.
  17. career
    How Nicole Berry, Executive Director of the Armory Show, Gets It DoneIncluding her airplane meditation practice: “No one can get to me when I’m up at 30,000 feet.”
  18. doja cat
    Doja Cat’s New Scarlet Cover Isn’t Even ScarletAfter changing it to avoid having similar art to the metal band Chaver.
  19. mysteries
    Atelier Jolie Has Been DefacedThe former Basquiat studio turned Angelina Jolie concept project has been painted pink.
  20. fall preview 2023
    10 Art Shows We Can’t Wait to See This FallA wealth of dazzling shows will renew your faith in art’s capacity to do more than mint money.
  21. mothers and daughters
    My Mother the CreatorThe daughter of artist Jennifer Bartlett unpacks and reflects on her complicated legacy — at home and in the art world.
  22. art-ificial intelligence
    AI-Generated Art Is Not Copyrightable, Judge Rules“Human authorship is an essential part of a valid copyright claim.”
  23. remembrance
    Brice Marden’s Infinitesimal HingeThe artist, who died this week at the age of 84, made minimalism new.
  24. land disputes
    Bad News About Kevin Costner’s Buffalo SculptureAfter a decades-long legal battle, he may be forced to sell it.
  25. taste test
    Ja’Tovia Gary Grew Up on the InternetThe artist’s film Quiet As It’s Kept is like a “magic-carpet ride” through our online reality, Toni Morrison’s oeuvre, and the filmmaker’s mind.
  26. design hunting
    ‘I Sold My Soul, But Warhol Would Be Proud’Meet the M.F.A. grads pumping out wall art for mid-tier hotel chains and retirement homes.
  27. art review
    Agata Slowak’s Personal JesusThe Polish artist’s classically inspired paintings put a new spin on Catholicism and Freud.
  28. art review
    The Subversive Self-Portraits of Iiu Susiraja“Being blank is the same as being real,” she has said.
  29. how i get it done
    How Silverlens Gallerists Isa Lorenzo and Rachel Rillo Get It DonePartners in life and in business, they share two homes, two gallery spaces, and one dog named Chika.
  30. art review
    A Persia of the Mind and the LoinsThe sensual drawings of Reza Shafahi.
  31. look book
    The Look Book Goes to the Yayoi Kusama OpeningWe stopped by the artist’s new exhibit at David Zwirner gallery.
  32. art review
    When Did Art Fairs Become Painting Fairs?The numbing sameness of the art world’s tent-city souks.
  33. museums
    Was the Breuer Building Underpriced?$100 million feels low — until you consider what it actually means to own a brutalist masterpiece.
  34. books
    New York City’s Latest Specialty Libraries for Design ObsessivesFrom critic Michael Sorkin’s collection at CUNY to the Brazilian modernism archive at R & Company.
  35. museums
    The Breuer: Requiem for a MuseumThe Sotheby’s purchase will turn the brutalist masterpiece into a mere auction house.
  36. rules to live by
    No ‘Geniuses’ AllowedCouple and collaborative artistic duo Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan are always learning in their studio.
  37. art review
    Nina Katchadourian’s Hidden ConnectionsThe artist has turned the Morgan into a cabinet of curiosities.
  38. rip
    Kenneth Anger, Vanguard of Queer Experimental Cinema, Dead at 96Known for the classic shorts Fireworks (1947) and Scorpio Rising (1963).
  39. art and soul
    Naudline Pierre Is Making Her Own Mythology“It’s a world that’s not always joyful,” the Brooklyn-based painter says. “There’s strife but also reward, love and tenderness but also evil.”
  40. art
    Warhol Against the Supreme Court and BeyondWhat a renewed obsession with copyright says about the state of artistic appropriation.
  41. taste test
    Tosh Basco’s Dance Club Is the WoodsThe performance artist and photographer, who will present new paintings at Frieze New York, is communing with nature these days.
  42. cannes 2023
    An Artist Transfers Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt to PrintJean Curran handmade 13 prints from the film’s original reel — just in time for its 60th-anniversary presentation at Cannes.
  43. the law
    Supreme Court Rules Warhol’s Prince Portrait Isn’t Diff-print EnoughPhotographer Lynn Goldsmith won her copyright suit against Warhol’s estate.
  44. culture
    Joy and Poetry at the 2023 Brooklyn Academy of Music GalaGo inside the high-spirited celebration of Brooklyn’s cultural contributors with St. Vincent, David Byrne, and Spike Lee.
  45. art review
    Kyle Dunn’s Night FeverA new show examines moments of strange, intense emotion.
  46. openings
    A ‘Greater New York’ for DesignersAt the new Bushwick gallery International Objects.
  47. great rooms
    Hugh Hayden Makes Art in a Former Fruit WarehouseZebras and Barbies and bears and a dog named Mars.
  48. media digest
    The Atlantic Taps New Cover Artist BonoThe U2 singer called his Zelenskyy portrait “a few squiggles and I just got out of the way.”
  49. walk walk fashion baby
    La La Anthony, Chloe Fineman Will Play Fashion Correspondents at Met Gala 2023Here’s how to watch them host the event’s red carpet, together with Derek Blasberg and Emma Chamberlain.
  50. art review
    The Joyful Confessions of XiyadieA new show explores the hidden pleasures and regrets of a gay artist from China.
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