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  1. technology
    Sam Altman and OpenAI Are Victims of Their Own HypeThe reaction to his firing says more about the anxiety around artificial intelligence and whether it can actually make a profit.
  2. ai en rose
    A New Edith Piaf Biopic Will Use AI to Re-create Her VoiceYou can’t spell “Edith Piaf biopic” without AI.
  3. screen time
    What Does It Mean That Elon Musk’s New AI Chatbot Is ‘Anti-Woke’?It is useful to think of public-facing AI chatbots characters with personalities. There’s a new one in the mix.
  4. artificial intelligence
    A New Jersey High School Is Investigating AI-Generated NudesStudents at Westfield High reportedly shared deep-fake images of female classmates via text.
  5. screen time
    How Big Tech Companies Really Think About AIWe’re learning a lot from what tech companies’ lawyers argue in response to the many lawsuits they face over their voracious AI models.
  6. tomorrow
    Sam Altman Is the Oppenheimer of Our AgeHe insists the artificial intelligence he is creating could destroy civilization even as he hastens its advancement. Do we know enough about him?
  7. screen time
    The AI Chatbot Assistants Are Here. Do We Actually Want Them?Sometimes I just want to use my computer, not tell it what to do.
  8. artificial intelligence
    George R.R. Martin Among 17 Authors Suing Over ChatGPTThe New York–based Authors Guild wants to take OpenAI to court for “systematic theft.”
  9. kryptonite
    Tim Burton Is in a ‘Quiet Revolt’ Over a Cameo in The FlashThe cameo referenced Burton’s lost Superman Lives movie from 1998.
  10. screen time
    Welcome to the Age of AI-Powered Dating AppsWill it be better? More antagonistic? Sexless? Or just plain weird?
  11. art-ificial intelligence
    AI-Generated Art Is Not Copyrightable, Judge Rules“Human authorship is an essential part of a valid copyright claim.”
  12. lawsuits
    Can Sarah Silverman’s AI Lawsuit Save Us From Robot Overlords?“That’s part of what these cases are about: Let’s open the black box. Let’s see what’s inside.”
  13. into it
    Hollywood’s AI Future Is NowAnyone who’s seen a de-aged Tom Cruise or a resurrected Paul Walker on screen has seen that AI has already arrived in Hollywood.
  14. screen time
    How AI Will Change the News Business: 3 TheoriesThe media industry is panicky. The tech companies are opaque. But some scenarios are starting to take shape.
  15. vulture recommends
    The Congress Is an Apocalyptically Timely Movie About AI Replacing ActorsThe 2013 sci-fi film, based on a Stanislaw Lem book, predicted the rise of AI and digital scanning.
  16. screen time
    Is ChatGPT Getting Dumber?Many early users say so. But maybe the AI bot is just done with them.
  17. respect the classics
    Joe Walsh Will Worry About AI If It Starts Acting Like Keith Moon“It can’t throw a TV off the fifth floor into the pool and get it right in the middle.”
  18. screen time
    The Nowhere ElectionIt’ll be every voter, and bot, for themselves.
  19. artificial intelligence
    Inside the AI FactoryAs the technology becomes ubiquitous, a vast tasker underclass is emerging — and not going anywhere.
  20. rulings!
    The New Grammys Rules Will Make HAL 9000 Very UnhappyOur eventual robot overlords will remember this.
  21. artificial intelligence
    Turns Out Chatbots Aren’t Great at Eating-Disorder CounselingThe National Eating Disorders Association has disabled its helpline chatbot after it shared harmful advice with users.
  22. screen time
    Will Google’s AI Plans Destroy the Media?The new bot-generated content is ominous for digital publishers. But the search giant might have a reason to pull back.
  23. tomorrow
    Congress Isn’t Ready for the AI RevolutionWhat happens when millions of people lose their jobs to computers?
  24. artificial intelligence
    Should We Be Scared of Buffalo Wild Wings?A Mrs. Davis investigation.
  25. endings
    Mrs. Davis Wasn’t Really About AI After AllAre you satisfied?
  26. trailer mix
    John David Washington Parents a Robot in The Creator TrailerThe Last of AI.
  27. artificial intelligence
    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Says He Wants Regulation for ChatGPTAltman told the Senate it’s time for regulators to step in to check the transformative power of artificial intelligence.
  28. into it
    The End of Search As You Know ItAI is about to turn content discovery on its head.
  29. screen time
    The Hollywood Writers’ Strike and the Threat of AIHow did trolling about ChatGPT become the new “learn to code”?
  30. artificial intelligence
    Can ChatGPT Write a Good College-Admissions Essay?As a sought-after tutor, I needed an answer to this question. So I conducted an experiment.
  31. switched on pop
    More Drake AI Songs Are ComingThey’re easier to make than you think.
  32. higher education
    Pick a Practical Major, Like FrenchWhy everything we assume about a degree in humanities might be wrong.
  33. screen time
    Is AI Coming for Coders First?The tech industry is running a big experiment on itself.
  34. style
    Levi’s, You Can Just … Hire Diverse Models?In a confusing announcement, Levi’s announced it made AI models to be more diverse.
  35. artificial intelligence
    Is AI Turning Me Into an Obsolete Machine?Everything you need to know about GPT-4 and my existential crisis.
  36. screen time
    What YouTube Hustlers Can Teach Us About AIThese ethically challenged go-getters are bumping up against limits and questions that will soon feel familiar to everyone.
  37. on with kara swisher
    Reid Hoffman on Why We Should All Want AI to Be Our Co-pilotThe LinkedIn co-founder makes his best case for several new AI-based technologies and explains how he thinks they will change our lives.
  38. screen time
    The Nightmare of AI-Powered Gmail Has ArrivedIt’ll write your emails for you and read them, too. What could go wrong?
  39. relationships
    The Man of Your DreamsFor $300, Replika sells an AI companion who will never die, argue, or cheat — until his algorithm is updated.
  40. love and war
    Ghosted by an AppDating apps gave us new paths toward love, but more and more banned users think they’ve also given us new channels for revenge.
  41. the future
    6 Stand-ups Analyze ChatGPT’s Attempts to Steal Their Jobs“It’s eerie, but there are comedians who are worse than this.”
  42. artificial intelligence
    You Are Not a ParrotAnd a chatbot is not a human. And a linguist named Emily M. Bender is very worried what will happen when we forget this.
  43. on with kara swisher
    Trae Stephens on the Ethics of AI WarfareKara Swisher talks to the Anduril co-founder about autonomous weapons, the innovation lag in the defense sector, and tech as deterrence.
  44. screen time
    Why Bing Is Being CreepyIt’s doing what it was trained to do by reading our stories and absorbing our anxieties. (Not that Microsoft is happy about it.)
  45. screen time
    Google and Bing Are a Mess. Will AI Solve Their Problems?This new era of search is a story about automation. But it’s also a story about corporate choices.
  46. artificial intelligence
    Fear Not, Conservatives, the Chatbot Won’t Turn Your Kid WokeThe American right’s problem isn’t that a talking robot is propagating liberal ideology.
  47. artificial intelligence
    AI Journalist Plagiarized More Than a High-School StudentSometimes robots commit very human errors.
  48. screen time
    Why Artificial Intelligence Often Feels Like MagicThis is no ordinary next big thing for Silicon Valley.
  49. screen time
    Soon You’ll Be Able to Make Your Own Feature-Length Movie With AISome argue that AI is too derivative. But in Hollywood, shallow riffing on preexisting IP is a lucrative skill.
  50. screen time
    The Machine Will Speak With You NowDALL-E’s fun, impressive, and somewhat unsettling chatbot sibling is open to the public.
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