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  1. history
    Classified JFK Files Will Be Released Next Week As Required by LawA small number of documents may still be omitted or redacted, however.
  2. Prominent Maltese Investigative Journalist Killed in Car BombShe had recently linked the country’s prime minister to the Panama Papers.
  3. North Korea Accuses U.S. of Assassination Attempt Against Kim Jong-unNorth Korea accuses America of a lot of things. But this allegation is unusually detailed.
  4. Considering the Ankara Assassination Photos As History PaintingWhat makes these pictures so different from all of the other pictures of death that we see?
  5. Putin Probably Approved the Assassination of a Former KGB OfficialA British inquiry finds that Putin was “probably” involved with the murder of U.K. resident Alexander V. Litvinenko.
  6. scary things
    Astronomy Buff Threatens to Kill ObamaAuthorities are on the hunt for an absolutely crazy Utah man.
  7. early and often
    Skinheads Hoping to Assassinate Obama FoiledTwo angry kids hoped to shoot or decapitate 102 non-Caucasians, ending their spree by going after the presidential candidate.
  8. it just happened
    Man Arrested in Florida for Threatening to Assassinate Obama, BushRaymone Hunter Geisel is being held after an overheard threat led authorities to his hotel room full of weaponry.