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  1. look up
    Photos: Jupiter and Saturn Meet in Rare ‘Great Conjunction’On Monday, the two largest planets in the solar system appeared closer in the sky than they have in nearly 400 years.
  2. ask a cool person
    What Are the Best Gifts for Backyard Astronomers and Space Enthusiasts?“I would not recommend buying or naming a star after them … that is a gimmick.”
  3. A Recap of the Great American Solar EclipseInstagram is inundated, and even Donald Trump dons a pair of special glasses.
  4. astronomy
    Sarah Jessica Parker Has the Most Profound, Emotional Eclipse Instagrams“MATTHEW, YES, EXACTLY!”
  5. A Procrastinator’s Guide to Catching the Solar EclipseLast-minute tips for the astronomical event of the century.
  6. photo op
    The Best Photos of Last Night’s Blood Moon, for Everyone Who Slept Through ItStunning images from the lunar eclipse.
  7. astronomy
    This Is One Hell of a Weekend for WerewolfingA rare “perigree moon” looms large.
  8. heads that talk
    Bill O’Reilly Predicts Record-Breaking Super Bowl InterviewMore than Lewinsky?
  9. photo op
    Sunrise, Sunset Yesterday was Manhattanhenge, and we didn’t even realize it till too late. Manhattanhenge, named after — what else? — Stonehenge, is one of the two days a year on which the setting sun aligns with Manhattan’s street grid, allowing sunset photos like this one, shot last night across 57th Street. Mark your calendars: The next one, we think, is July 11.