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  1. the system
    How Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’ Trumped JusticeThree years after the George Floyd protests, environmental activists are being charged as terrorists.
  2. the system
    Why Young Thug?How prosecutors made one of the hottest rap stars the face of urban crime.
  3. power
    What We Know About the Atlanta Protester Killed by PoliceTwenty-six-year-old Manuel Teran was protesting the planned development of a police-training center on forested land in Atlanta.
  4. finale thoughts
    Zazie Beetz Lays Van to RestSeven years playing Atlanta’s most wayward character has brought the actor clarity: “The character is a part of my transformation.”
  5. overnights
    Atlanta Series-Finale Recap: The Simulation Is GlitchingA beautiful finale stays true to the show’s Afro-surrealist nature to the very end.
  6. into it
    Atlanta Wasn’t for EveryoneStephen Glover on testing the boundaries of television as his (and his brother’s) show signs off.
  7. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Feral HogsAl escapes to nature, but it’s far from idyllic.
  8. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: The Making of the Blackest Movie of All TimeA stand-alone mockumentary episode gives us a complete timeline of the making of Disney’s ’90s classic about a Black man and his son.
  9. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Happy Birthday, LottieDon’t be fooled by the horror-movie setup — this episode is focused on something much scarier than camping: vulnerability.
  10. holey moley
    Post Malone Fell Into a Hole AgainSomebody please buy him a better floor.
  11. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Watch Your Back, SouljaHow could Al have anticipated that a YouTube video from the prehistoric year 2007 would come back to bite him in the ass?
  12. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Take Me to ChurchEveryone has an Aunt Jeanie in their life.
  13. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: D’Angelo?This episode feels like a continuation of last season’s “New Jazz” and its themes of control, power, and who ultimately owns the culture.
  14. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Spite Is a Powerful ThingAtlanta provides a delightful (and overdue) peek into Earn’s psyche.
  15. close read
    Atlanta’s Van-ishing ActAs the series’ narrative ambitions have grown, every character has benefited, save Zazie Beetz’s Van.
  16. overnights
    Atlanta Season-Premiere Recap: For the CultureComing back to Atlanta is the perfect and most obvious way to begin such a bittersweet ending.
  17. trailer mix
    Atlanta Season 4 Trailer: The End Is Already HereThe final season of the series is coming to FX, premiering September 15.
  18. urgent reconsideration
    Atlanta Season Three Was a Bad TripAfter a four-year break, Donald Glover’s FX series returned unsure of what it wanted to say. Four Vulture writers and critics try to make sense of it.
  19. overnights
    Atlanta Season-Finale Recap: Bread UpAtlanta ends the season with Van at the center of a demented episode of Emily in Paris.
  20. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Autobiography of an Ex-Ex-Colored ManThis week on Atlanta, in an episode shot entirely in black-and-white, the figure of the white-passing Black protagonist appears once more.
  21. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: CakewalkAl goes on a trip and gets real with himself with the help of a new friend.
  22. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Homegoing“Who do you think she sacrificed to take care of those children?”
  23. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: For Them, by ThemAl continues to navigate fame and what it means to perform offstage when he’s asked to join a diversity board for a fashion brand.
  24. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Sock(s), Paper, ScissorsThis week, the boys revert to crime-drama antics when Al’s phone goes missing in Budapest.
  25. chat room
    Justin Bartha Welcomes All Interpretations of Atlanta’s Reparations Episode“I tried to connect to every little notch on the journey, the tick, tick, tick of the time bomb of him having no choice but to face reality.”
  26. close read
    This Week’s Atlanta Insists That Attention Must Be Paid“The Big Payback” makes a case for reparations and a case for how much small details can matter.
  27. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Bitch Better Have My MoneyWith another stand-alone episode, Atlanta throws its hat in the reparations ring and wrestles the topic’s enormous implications with satire.
  28. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Robbery and FraudAtlanta’s tour through Europe continues to uncover the unquantifiable losses wrought by history with humor and horror.
  29. in her shoes podcast
    Is Zazie Beetz Ready to Say Good-bye to Atlanta?On this week’s episode of In Her Shoes, Beetz talks about the series’ return.
  30. chat room
    Don’t Worry, Atlanta’s Christopher Farrar Didn’t Have to Eat Raw Chicken“The chicken was actually done. They did some coloring and special effects to it.”
  31. cut covers
    The Evolution of Zazie BeetzAs the resident adult-in-the-room on the critically acclaimed FX series Atlanta, Beetz, who just turned 30, is looking for growth in other places.
  32. party report
    The Stars of Atlanta Discuss Their Intense European Vacation“We’re in Paris alone — no Americans, just Paris was left.”
  33. overnights
    Atlanta Recap: Season’s GrievingsPaper Boi’s celebrity might be on the rise on his European tour, but anti-Blackness works to close the distance between Atlanta and Amsterdam.
  34. overnights
    Atlanta Season-Premiere Recap: See You in My NightmaresA nightmarish premiere reintroduces Atlanta’s penchant for captivatingly strange storytelling.
  35. close read
    Atlanta Returns, Singular As EverThe long-awaited third season kicks off with yet another stand-alone episode that suggests Donald Glover’s comedy is, at heart, an anthology series.
  36. refresher course
    Where Did We Leave Off on Atlanta?Heading into season three, here are the key symbols — including, yes, a set of keys — to remember.
  37. 2022 midterms
    Trump Tries to Get Revenge on Atlanta by Busting It UpThe former president has backed an effort to have Buckhead, a wealthy white neighborhood, secede from Atlanta. But he jumped into the fight too late.
  38. trailer mix
    Paper Boi’s Going on Tour in the Atlanta Season-Three TrailerComing March 24.
  39. black lives matter
    The Failure of Police ReformAtlanta’s city government spent decades on half-hearted measures meant to address police violence.
  40. politics
    Why Did Keisha Lance Bottoms Quit?The mayor of Atlanta was a rising star in Democratic politics. Then the crime wave hit.
  41. trailer mix
    Atlanta Season 3 Finally Has a Premiere DateIn the meantime, you can still watch its cryptic trailer between the hours of 8 p.m. and 3 a.m.
  42. scary things
    Accidental Gunfire Caused a Panic at Atlanta’s Airport: What We KnowSaturday’s scary incident comes amid a record-breaking rise in the number of guns found during U.S. airport security screenings.
  43. sad cops
    Policing Isn’t Supposed to Be FunWhy politicians can’t allow “demoralized” cops to dictate the agenda.
  44. the grub street diet
    T-Pain’s Favorite Drinks Always Get Too ExpensiveClubs are like, ‘Well, we heard a rapper talk about it so now this is $1,200 more than last week …’”
  45. donde esta donda
    Kanye West Announces Yet Another Donda Listening EventOne day ahead of Donda’s new release date, August 6.
  46. new digs
    Kanye West Has Become the Phantom of the OperaHe’s living in/haunting Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
  47. oh?
    Teen Arrested for … Giving Away Money?Rapper Metro Marrs showered his classmates with $10,000 during his graduation. Police accused him of inciting a riot.
  48. crime
    Death Penalty, Hate-Crime Charges Sought in Atlanta Spa ShootingsA prosecutor said she will seek hate-crime charges against Robert Aaron Long, alleging that some victims were targeted for being of Asian heritage.
  49. voting rights
    Corporate America Is Suddenly Concerned About Georgia’s Voter-Suppression LawVoting-rights activists are making it clear companies can’t sit on the fence without repercussions.
  50. crime
    Man With 5 Guns and Body Armor Arrested in Atlanta SupermarketPolice recovered two long guns and three pistols from him.
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