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  1. flight 370
    Search for Flight 370 Continues as Plane’s Black-Box Battery Life DwindlesFinding the aircraft could take “years,” according to officials.
  2. interview
    Q&A: Franca Sozzani on Her First Trip to Australia, Changing Her Mind, and MoreShe themed the latest issue of L’Uomo Vogue around Australia.
  3. flight 370
    Australia Spots Possible Wreckage From Flight 370 [Updated]Satellite images picked up two objects off the coast of Perth. 
  4. international news
    North Korea’s Latest Foregin Prisoner Is a 75-Year-Old AustralianA bit old for a labor camp.
  5. Watch a Teaser for Chris Lilley’s New ‘Summer Heights High’ Spinoff […] As we reported last week, Australian comedian Chris Lilley is making a new show centered around his Summer Heights High character Jonah […]
  6. Fat Ducktales
    Heston Blumenthal Made a Nice Little Australian Café Change Its NameFrom now on, it’ll be called the Loose Goose.
  7. Kate Middleton Books Princess Diana’s HairstylistAww. Shared hair legacies!
  8. casting couch
    Nicole Kidman Joins Drama About Kids Getting Lost in the Australian OutbackOz natives Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce will also star in Strangerland.
  9. Heston By Heston
    Heston Blumenthal Hints at Opening a Restaurant in Australia“When you go back to Europe it is all about snobbery,” he says, so there’s that.
  10. Chris Lilley’s New Show Is About ‘Summer Heights High’s Ja’mie KingAustralian comedian Chris Lilley is making a new show all about Ja’mie King, the self-absorbed teenage school girl monster he played on Summer […]
  11. trailer park
    Watch a Teaser for Chris Lilley’s New Ja’mie King ShowJa’mie: Private School Girl is gonna be so random.
  12. australia
    Kate Winslet Signs on for The DressmakerIt’s set in Australia. And she plays the dressmaker.
  13. down under
    Australia’s Anthony Weiner Put His Penis in Red Wine and Took a PictureMeet the sexting politician from Down Under.
  14. ‘Please Like Me’ Is the Best New TV Comedy You’ve Never Heard OfAll six episodes of the first season of Please Like Me premiered last Thursday on Pivot, a cable network that launched on that very same day. […]
  15. international affairs
    Navy Divers to Brave the Great Barrier Reef for BombsTruly a hardship mission.
  16. international affairs
    American Marines Accidentally Bombed the Great Barrier ReefOops.
  17. hot mikes
    Australian Soccer Coach Insults Women — in LatinNon sequitur sexistus.
  18. Video Feed
    Here’s a Video of Brad Pitt Trying Vegemite for the First TimeHe just smiled, and didn’t wait for bread to make a Vegemite sandwich.
  19. misogyny
    Tyler, the Creator’s Misogynist Rant Victim Called the Cops“Fucking bitch” also shot a video.
  20. Watch the Final Installment in John Oliver’s ‘Daily Show’ Gun Control […] In case you missed it, John Oliver did an excellent three-part report on gun control in Australia on The Daily Show that aired over the last […]
  21. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Adam Scott’s Got a Brand-New JacketIt will pair well with his argyle prints and popped collars.
  22. slitting it up
    The Perils of Wearing (Double) Thigh-High Slits in PublicEspecially if there’s a mysterious gust of wind.
  23. look of the day
    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Suit and Dress UpDual-color looks seem to have been the theme of the night.
  24. daddy issues
    Born Billionaires Face Sexist Double Standards, TooTune up your tiny violin.
  25. ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Writers Share Facts About AustraliaMcSweeney’s has a list of abandoned jokes from the Bob’s Burgers writer’s room today. They’re all facts about Australia that didn’t make it an […]
  26. justice
    Australian Judge Defends Worker’s Right to Business-Trip SexGetting laid is an ordinary incident of an overnight stay.
  27. international man of mystery
    Julian Assange Plans to Keep Himself Busy by Running for SenateEven if he’s still holed up in London.
  28. scene stealers
    International Street Style: Aussies Love Their CoatsFrom faux-shearling to real fur, Melbourne’s got it layered up.
  29. language
    Aussie Dictionary Redefines Misogyny to Include Male PoliticianSee what happens when you let women edit dictionaries!
  30. Junk
    Israel and Australia Are Over Junk FoodLabels and taxes on the way.
  31. Romney Shares Insult From Australian Leader With American PeopleOther countries have been talking about us behind our backs.
  32. australia
    It Turns Out a Dingo Really Did Eat the Woman’s BabyPer a coroner’s ruling, over 30 years after the fact.
  33. Crises
    Vegemite’s Sales StinkThe notorious Aussie spread is not as popular with new generations.
  34. seal
    Watch Seal Have … a Moment on The Voice AustraliaMaybe it was just a bad camera angle. We hope.
  35. Fuck Yeah
    Nuckin’ Futs Proves Australians at Least Have a Good Sense of HumorThe F-word is just part of the standard Aussie lexicon.
  36. Oeno-File
    Do Some Drinking Down Unda’, Tonight at SpectraMake sure to pour out a little for Steve Irwin.
  37. Mediavore
    Korean Tacos Hit Seoul; Should There Be a Ban on Bullfrogs?The next controversial food making news in the Chinese-American diet could be these disease-spreading amphibians.
  38. Neighborhood Watch
    Andre Guerrero Wins Beer Float Showdown; The Jolly Oyster Opens in VenturaThe chef scores with a bourbon chocolate float with pig candy and Eagle Rock’s Solidarity brew.
  39. FX Doubles Down on the Aussies with LegitFX has found success by looking down under with their excellent remake of Wilfred, and now they’re looking back to Australia for their next […]
  40. Vegemite
    Vegemite As Problematic at Airports As Gerard DepardieuObama still thinks Vegemite is “horrible.”
  41. Wizards of Oz
    Gordon Ramsay’s Aussie Restaurant WoesLuckily, David Chang is hiring in Sydney!
  42. Beer Me
    Foster’s May Not Be ‘Australian for Beer’ for Much LongerThe company faces a hostile takeover, but more troubling is the fact that beer sales are down in Australia.
  43. crimes and misdemeanors
    Alleged Australian Collar-Bomber Arrested in KentuckyA weird story gets slightly more weird.
  44. international intrigue
    That Australian Collar-Bomb Was FakeReal collar. Fake bomb.
  45. Mediavore
    Tyler the Creator Alleges Racism at Australian Restaurant; Jamaica’s GoingThe rapper draws some furious critics, while many countries in The Caribbean consider growing their own.
  46. Imports
    Curtis Stone Searching For An L.A. Restaurant SpaceThe Australian chef is ready to get back into the kitchen in between shoots.
  47. Make It Hot
    Meet the World’s Hottest Pepper: Even the Name Is ScaryYou’ll need a chemical mask and body suit just to make salsa!
  48. clickables
    Watch a Fake Baby T-Rex Terrorize a Group of SchoolchildrenAll the kids in Australia wear Crocodile Dundee hats.
  49. clickables
    Watch an Absurd, Possibly Effective Australian Real-Estate CommercialWhat a lovely home.
  50. Mediavore
    Japan’s Grocery Shelves Stripped Bare; Patina Embraces High School StudentsFearful of radiation spreading from a Northern power plant, Japan’s stores have been stripped of food.
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