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  1. fandom
    Quaint Austrian Village Overrun by Frozen FansEvery year, one million people are reportedly visiting the hamlet with a population of 780.
  2. austria
    Austrian Government Actually Sees Consequences for a Russia ScandalThe political crisis in Austria shows what happens when a party is willing to reckon with Russian interference, even if it ends up losing power.
  3. kissing
    Austria Begs People to Stop Kissing Cows“Actions like these could have serious consequences.”
  4. foreign interests
    The Rise of the Far Right Is a Global Security ThreatFrom Vienna to Washington, right-wing governments are hobbling national security agencies’ efforts to counter white-supremacist violence.
  5. foreign affairs
    Why Austria’s Election Should Worry LiberalsIf the “sensible center” can’t come up with a better solution to the refugee crisis, the far right will keep winning.
  6. international affairs
    Far-Right Presidential Candidate Defeated in Austria, Halting Populist TideEurope’s moderates and liberals can finally exhale, at least for a moment.
  7. migrant crisis
    Austria Is Now Building a Fence to Help Deal With Migrant CrisisOfficials say it’s not to stop people from crossing, but to help reduce some of the chaos at the borders. 
  8. the future
    Austria Legalizes Future HoverboardsBack to the Future is still somewhat in the future.
  9. stein on you crazy diamond
    And Now, Celebrity Wax Figures Dressed in LederhosenAnd other Austrian garb. It’s Oktober!
  10. migrant crisis
    Thousands More Migrants Reach GermanyAnd with German officials worrying about resources and space, Austria says it will soon reinstitute restrictions on further migration.
  11. migrant crisis
    Thousands of Migrants Allowed Into Austria and GermanyThis weekend, at least 10,000 desperate refugees are expected to cross the Hungarian border into Western Europe.
  12. Kiss-In
    Massive ‘Kissing Protest’ Planned for Café That Booted LesbianA manager told them they belonged “in a brothel and not in a traditional coffee house.”
  13. international intrigue
    Austrian Teachers Receive Training on How to Spot Aspiring JihadisIn an attempt to stop them before they leave home.
  14. die murztaler
    Meet Die MurztalerWhat goes on in Austria?
  15. night at the museum
    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hometown Built Him a MuseumWhat do you get for not cheating on your wife?
  16. Empire Building
    Alinea’s Temporary Austrian OffshootAchatz designs a signature menu for a one-off restaurant.
  17. intel
    Let’s Never Hear About Austrian Incest Dad Ever AgainSeriously — can we all agree on that?