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Awkward Things

  1. Here’s Why Eye Contact Is So Awkward for Some PeopleCertain personality traits can turn one person’s friendly gaze into another’s excruciating stare.
  2. Your Job Interviewer Is Judging You by Your Terrible Small-Talk SkillsConcerning.
  3. awkward things
    Spike’s Upcoming That Awkward Game Show Is Worthy of Its NameJeff Dye hosts as parents and kids guess each other’s sex secrets.
  4. social psychology
    This Is Why You’re Terrible With NamesIt’s called the baker/Baker effect. 
  5. awkward things
    Starbucks Is an Earnest Company — But Not Necessarily a Good OneThe company announced a well-intentioned but kind of awkward initiative designed to spark conversation about race.
  6. awkward things
    Director’s Parents Accidentally See NymphomaniacShe rather enjoys it.
  7. the racie for gracie
    Weiner, de Blasio at West Indian Day ParadeIt was awkward.
  8. awkward things
    Betsy Gotbaum’s Stepson Is Being Very Big About Her Refusal to Back His CampaignThey still plan to have dinner weekly.
  9. awkward things
    Petraeus to Testify Before Congress, But Not About the Sexy StuffThat’s the plan, at least.
  10. awkward things
    Greg Kelly Asked Cy Vance About DSK CaseNow the subject of an investigation led by the district attorney, Kelly was just asking Vance about sexual assault earlier this week.
  11. awkward things
    In Awkward Twist, Tech Columnist David Pogue’s Wife Recorded Alleged Domestic Violence Incident on iPhoneIt’s unclear whether the phone recorded the sound of her biting his arm.
  12. awkward things
    Oh Dear, Bloomberg’s Inner Circle Performance Was Even More Awkward Than We ImaginedIt didn’t stop at cameltoe.
  13. Larry King Does Some Grandpa-Level Standup on The Tonight Show Apparently, former CNN cryptkeeper Larry King is planning to embark on a new career as a standup comedian. Or so he claims, while also […]
  14. awkward things
    Why Are These Men Slowly Stripping for the Pope?And why does he seem to like it so much?
  15. awkward things
    George W. Bush to Mark Zuckerberg: ‘People Who Leak Ought to Be Prosecuted’Watch the awkwardness live.
  16. awkward things
    Who Should Media Matters Founder David Brock Take With Him to Lunch With Rupert Murdoch?Whoever he brings, it’s going to be awkward.
  17. awkward things
    Hey, Penny Sanchez’s Boyfriend: The Times Has Something to Tell YouDon’t know quite how to break this to you, but …
  18. awkward things
    MSNBC Mistakes Reverend Jesse Jackson for Reverend Al SharptonWhile he was sitting in the studio talking to them, no less.
  19. party lines
    The Night We Accidentally Told Salman Rushdie About Padma’s PregnancyWell. That was awkward.
  20. awkward things
    Katie Couric Should Probably Call the NPR Support Line This YearHer salary is more than the budget for ‘All Things Considered’ and ‘Morning Edition’ combined.
  21. early and awkward
    Analyzing the Obama-Paterson Handshake HugVerdict: AWKWARD.
  22. awkward things
    Wolf Blitzer’s Epic Celebrity Jeopardy! FailThe august newsman loses to a comedian and the lady from ‘China Beach.’
  23. the greatest depression
    ‘I Bet the Reason He’s Not Calling Me Is Because of the RecessionIt’s hard enough to date in New York, without the added pressure from the financial crisis.