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  1. awkward
    Bohemian Rhapsody’s Editor Knows You’ve All Been Mocking His Work“I want to put a bag over my head,” the Oscar winner said.
  2. awkward
    Here’s What Really Happened in That Extremely Awkward Rami Malek Fan Video“I think he’s a genuine person, and this was not at the right time, because this was at night, and he was rushing,” Xan Black tells the Cut.
  3. videology
    Kevin Hart Roasts Himself, Stars in J. Cole’s Video About His Own InfidelityWhat are friends for!
  4. media
    This Incredibly Awkward Morning Joe Segment Is Hard to WatchIt all started to go south when a guest implied that Joe Scarborough was talking over his co-host and co-fiancée Mika Brzezinski.
  5. awkward
    Roy Moore Spokesperson Congratulates Host on Pregnancy by Bringing Up Abortion“He’ll stand for the rights of babies like yours in the womb, where his opponent will support killing them up to the moment of birth.”
  6. hugs
    Jerry Seinfeld Might Not Have Deemed Kesha Huggable, But at Least Bob Dylan DidA true consolation prize.
  7. international drama
    Listen to Leaked Audio of the Australian Prime Minister Roasting TrumpMalcolm Turnbull did a mocking impression of Trump at what was supposed to be an off-the-record event.
  8. awkward
    Jerry Seinfeld’s Reason for Not Hugging Kesha Is As Seinfeldian As You’d ExpectJerry Seinfeld may have denied Kesha a hug, but he’s not totally in the wrong.
  9. oops
    Nicole Richie’s Interview High-Five Turned Into an Awkward Slap to the FaceHer shocked face says it all.
  10. awkward
    Fox Used Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood Tape in a Sexual-Harassment SeminarAwkward.
  11. awkward
    Ricky Martin Is So Sweaty and Awkward Talking About His Marriage Proposal“I got you something!”
  12. awkward
    Trump Campaign Manager Accidentally Refers to His ‘Abuse’ of Women on Live TVKellyanne Conway made a Freudian slip.
  13. Awkward
    Demi Lovato Survived Your Nightmare: Getting Stuck in an Elevator With Her ExHow brave.
  14. anatomy of a scene
    Finding Prince Charming Has Awkward KissWell, this is what you came for.
  15. awkward
    Ellen Embarrasses Ariana Grande About Mac Miller“You said, ‘I’m his homie,’ and now he’s living in your homie.”
  16. Cannes: Sean Penn Movie Met With Boos, GigglesAt least for today, speculation over Penn and Theron’s relationship will take a back seat to the movie’s absolutely derisive reception.
  17. Grown-up With Lightsaber Puts Campus on LockdownSUNY Farmingdale: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  18. awkward
    Poor, Awkward Jeb Bush Is Giving People Secondhand Embarrassment“Please clap.” 
  19. awkward
    USC Wants to Know How Many People You’ve BangedJust curious.
  20. parents
    Yeah, Parents, You Really Need to Awkwardly Talk to Your Kids About SexSays a pediatrician in a very convincing YouTube video.
  21. Awkward
    This Restaurant’s Probably Rethinking Its Giant Bill Cosby MuralThings are getting awkward at D.C.’s iconic Ben’s Chili Bowl.
  22. awkward
    Ryan Gosling Gets a Text Mid-Interview“I’m ashamed.”
  23. awkward
    Jay Smooth Forced to Declare His Blackness on TV“I’m actually black.”
  24. awkward
    10 Scenes the Broad City Stars Are Scared to Show Their Parents No. 5: “A classic ass-crack shot.” As in, somebody does a body shot out of Abbi’s ass.
  25. awkward
    Obama Once Walked In on Reggie Love With a Lady in His BedUGH DAD I TOLD YOU TO KNOCK.
  26. bill cosby
    Celebrity Apprentice Had Creepy Cosby MomentsWhat were the producers thinking?
  27. Awkward
    When a Chef Leaves, Who Owns the Restaurant’s Signature Dish?The curious case of the roasted short ribs.
  28. awkward
    Suspicious Person Just ‘Socially Awkward’ GuyEmbarrassing.
  29. chat room
    Ashley Rickards on Awkward. and Being PossessedShe also gives us a free tutorial on hiding acne.
  30. awkward
    Pinterest Accidentally Congratulates Single Women on Getting Married“Actually I’m not getting married,but thanks pinterest! #awk”
  31. How to Stop Stressing Over Small TalkHint: Don’t make this about you. 
  32. You’re Hopelessly Awkward at Leaving Voice Mails, So Just StopOne researcher compares leaving a message to stage fright—only worse.
  33. growing up
    Jennifer Aniston Admits She Was Way Awkward in Her ThirtiesJust unbearably gawky.
  34. awkward
    How Aubrey Plaza Made Meeting Her Obsession, Chris Bosh, Very WeirdShe tried punking him on the set of Parks and Recreation.
  35. department of complaints
    Awkward, This Is Not What Texts Look LikeAaaaaghhh, TV, why can’t you get this right?
  36. touched for the very first time
    TV Is Obsessed With Virgins Right NowA first time for everything! And everyone!
  37. You Had To Be There #87: Molly TarlovThis week, Sara and Nikki explain how a single sexy scene from American Horror Story can undo a decade of Adam Levine apathy. Once they’ve […]
  38. exclusive video
    Watch an Exclusive Clip from MTV’s Awkward Will she ever decide?
  39. awkward
    Diane von Furstenberg Walked In on Chelsea Clinton in the Bathroom“Happens all the time,” says Clinton’s chief of staff.
  40. renewals
    MTV Renews Awkward.Great.
  41. chat room
    Awkward.’s Ashley Rickards on Latin Boys, MENSAShe’s also got a thing for Gaspar Noé.
  42. the industry
    Life After Jersey Shore: The Four Inspirations for the New MTVIn their quest to be the new WB, the network looks to John Hughes, Glee, and more.
  43. Awkward. Sneak Peek: Hard Truths From TamaraTamara sounds off.
  44. substitutions
    What Summer Teen TV Show Should You Be Watching?If you like The Good Wife, you’ll love Awkward. Really.
  45. awkward
    Watch a Trailer for the New Season of Awkward.You want your MTV, don’t you?
  46. Awkward
    Martha Stewart’s Stink-Eye Provokes Rachael Ray to ScramThirty-minute mean girls.
  47. movies
    Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Dad Really Put Tom Cruise on Blast“He gave Tom Cruise a hug and said, ‘I love you, man. Now seriously, are you gay or not?’”
  48. The Best Sitcoms of 2011 Not Named Community, Parks and Rec, or LouieWe talk about Community, Parks and Recreation, and Louie pretty much on a daily basis here at Splitsider. Ask any 10 random visitors to the […]
  49. Awkward
    Bloomberg Chews It UpHe cooked all New York ingredients.
  50. the help
    Will Hollywood’s New Sympathy for The Help Extend to Latina Maids?They continue to serve as the butt of jokes on TV and in movies.
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