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  1. The Reporter Who Took Down a UnicornHow John Carreyrou battled corporate surveillance and intimidation to expose a multibillion-dollar Silicon Valley start-up as a fraud.
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    Louis C.K. on Tig Notaro Beef: ‘I Don’t Know Why She Said the Things She’s Said’“I don’t think… having conversations over press lanes is a good idea.”
  3. The ‘Taylor Swift Copied Beyoncé’ Controversy Devolves Into Crop Top DebateWho wore black crop tops first?
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    Stagehand Sues Katy Perry After She Loses a Toe on TourShe’s suing Perry, Live Nation, and the production companies.
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    Kendrick Lamar Didn’t Know Whom ‘Bad Blood’ Was AboutHe called the feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry “some real beef.”
  6. beef
    Katy Perry Says She’s Ready to End Her Feud With Taylor SwiftLike Elsa in Frozen, she’s ready to “let it go.”
  7. feuds
    Katy Perry Is Still Using Her Press Tour to Talk About Taylor SwiftAnd hey journalists! Please stop asking!
  8. last night on late night
    Katy Perry Adds Fuel to That Taylor Swift ‘Swish Swish’ FireThe song is about “bullies.” Hmmmmm …
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    Taylor Swift’s Squad Is Already Freaking Out Over Katy Perry’s Diss TrackIt’s called “Swish Swish.”
  10. Harry Styles Thinks Lyrics Allegedly About Taylor Swift Are ‘Self Explanatory’“Help me, Jeffrey.”
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    Breaking Down Katy Perry’s Word Salad About the Never-ending Taylor Swift Feud“God bless and here it is.”
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    Katy Perry on Taylor Swift Bad Blood Rumors: ‘Don’t Come for Me’“Everything has a reaction or a consequence so don’t forget about that, okay, honey.”
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    Calvin Harris’s New Music Video Seems Very Unchill Toward Taylor SwiftSo much for being friends.
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    Hedi Slimane Went on a Tweet Storm About YSL Last NightOh yeah, and he’s suing YSL for $11 million.
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    25 Famous Women on Dealing With HatersMichelle Obama, Beyoncé, Hillary Clinton, and more women on shaking it off.
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    Jared Leto Loses Lawsuit Over Taylor Swift VideoTurns out, Jared Leto technically does not own said video.
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    A Model on Getting Her Period During Fashion WeekBritish model Victoria Cain on bloating and bad skin.
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    Katy Perry Is Still Waiting for That Taylor Swift ApologyKaty Perry tweeted that she’d be all for a collaboration with Taylor Swift — but first she has to apologize.
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    Drugstores Are Still Taxing Tampons Even Though It’s Now Illegal in New YorkFeminine hygiene products were supposed to be tax-free as of September 1.
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    Chinese Swimmer Tells World She Has Her PeriodAnother thing women deal with.
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    Thanks to Mike Pence, Women Are Calling the Trump Campaign About Their PeriodsPress 4 to discuss your menses.
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    All You Need to Know About Roadies Is That Taylor Swift Is a VillainRoadies, starry-eyed and flannel-clad as it is, has a villain, and that villain is Taylor Swift.
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    Neo-Nazis Think Taylor Swift Is an ‘Aryan Goddess’This is the opposite of squad goals.
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    Elizabeth Warren Relies on the Advice of ‘Great Philosopher’ Taylor SwiftWarren addressed her bad blood with Trump.
  25. menstrual trolling
    Indiana Women Are Calling the Governor About Their PeriodsSince he seems so interested in their nether regions.
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    Inside the Jewelry Feud That Stretches From Jaipur to Madison AvenueThe dueling princes of the Gem Palace.
  27. goals
    Watch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Save the Word ‘Squad’Bonus: an appearance by Amy Schumer with nunchucks.
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    Camille Paglia Coins Cute New Nickname for Taylor SwiftPlease welcome to the stage … Nazi Barbie!
  29. baby now we got lullabies
    Taylor Swift’s Songs Are Lullabies NowTwinkle twinkle, little Swift.
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    Martin O’Malley Is the Guy at the Party Who Randomly Starts Playing a Guitar“Oh, this old thing? I just found it lying around. Anybody wanna hear some DMB?”
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    ‘Bad Blood’ Political Parody Skewers British Tampon TaxBrits are using the anthem to call for an end to the tampon tax.
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    Women Are Live-Tweeting Their Periods at Donald TrumpHe is having a bad time of the month.
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    Miley Cyrus Has Some Bad Blood With Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video“That’s supposed to be a good example?”
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    Katy Perry Takes Taylor Swift Feud to Instagram, Sort OfNext time try a revenge Tumblr.
  35. song of summer
    And the 2015 Song of Summer Goes to …There’s a twist involved.
  36. and the nominees are
    Here Are Your Nominees for the 2015 VMAsTaylor Swift leads all nominees.
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    Check Out This Taylor Swift Breakup Song Mash-UpThe result is pretty good.
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    Ellie and Lorde Partied With Katy Perry: Uh-ohNow you see it on Instagram, now you don’t.
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    Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Instantly Goes No. 1Everything Taylor Swift touches turns to gold.
  40. Burgers
    Taylor Swift Got Down With In-N-Out After Wrapping Her New VideoOne more reason it pays to be part of her girl gang.
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    Watch Taylor Swift’s Badass Movie-Trailer-Esque ‘Bad Blood’ ExtravaganzaFeaturing Lena Dunham smoking a cigar and, like, two dozen other celebs.
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    Selena Gomez Joins T. Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ VideoSo. Many. Stars.
  43. music videos
    Kendrick Lamar Joins Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ VideoPlaying a character called Welvin the Great.
  44. billboard music awards
    Lena Dunham’s the Latest Star to Join T. Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ VideoFor next weekend’s Billboard Music Awards premiere.
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    The Yankees and Tigers Are Ready to RumbleAlso, the Yankees won.