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  1. Here’s a $2,000 Cheating-Detection MattressWhat everyone with a cheating spouse is looking for: data.
  2. bad ideas
    A Plan to Turn Central Park Into a Deep ValleyThe scheme is very … interesting. 
  3. roll clip!
    Is Shkreli Really Threatening Ghostface Killah?2016 continues to be interesting.
  4. Sex Sells
    Food Truck Specializing in Popcorn and Sex Toys Forced to CloseThe owner said he offered food because “you gotta have something afterwards.”
  5. bad ideas
    Man With Vacuum-Cleaner Crotch Tattoo Somehow Still SingleHuh.
  6. women of god
    Ladies, Would You Go to Church If It Were Shaped Like a Shoe?Shopping. Pedicures. And a little bit of God.
  7. bad ideas
    Travi$ Scott Pleads Guilty to Lollapalooza DramaHe has been sentenced to one year of court supervision.
  8. enter pursued by a bear
    Boy Scout Leader Attacked by Bear in New JerseyAlso maybe don’t take children into caves during hibernation season. 
  9. bad ideas
    Man’s Romantic Stunt Proposal Ends With a MisdemeanorWelp.
  10. can u not
    Citadel Cadets Suspended After Wearing White Pillowcases on HeadsThe students at the military college said they were performing a “Ghosts of Christmas Past” sketch.
  11. bad ideas
    Canadian Man Faces Jail Time for Smuggling Turtles in His PantsHe strapped 41 turtles around his legs and hid 10 in between.
  12. bad ideas
    Vogue Says: Starve Yourself Now, Don’t Wait Until JanuaryWhy wait to deny yourself all that food and happiness?
  13. bad ideas
    Enlightened Company Thinks the Time Is Right to Sell Women Bad BeerIf you’re going to use women’s equality to shill beverages, at least make them quality beverages.
  14. bad ideas
    Why Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler Intentionally Broke Off His Rear-View MirrorOne man’s metaphor is another man’s moving violation.
  15. Who Among Us Would Have Sex With a Trump Sex Doll?Seriously, who?
  16. video
    Anti-Sexism Ad Yanked for Being SexistOops.
  17. unsolicited advice
    Maybe Refrain from Tweeting ‘Kill All White Men’We know it’s hard.
  18. Bad Ideas
    Geraldo Rivera Offers to Take His ‘Demonized’ Pal Donald Trump OutPeople just don’t know the real Trump, apparently.
  19. Bad Ideas
    Starbucks’ CEO Asked Baristas to Be ‘Sensitive’ toHoward Schultz didn’t want people to #FreakOutTogether over Wall Street’s chaos.
  20. Halloween Pop-Up to Carry Caitlyn Jenner CostumeThey see nothing wrong with this.
  21. Bad Ideas
    Florida Man Sees Zero Danger in His Gun-Range RestaurantCustomers drinking onsite is “no different than them leaving here and going to Outback,” he says.
  22. rich people trends
    New Watch Comes With Extra Apple Watch SlotThe Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of watches — except both sides are awful.
  23. bad ideas
    Women’s Museum Becomes Women’s-Killer MuseumThe museum was supposed to celebrate women’s accomplishments, but instead it spotlights U.K. sex-worker murderer Jack the Ripper.
  24. bad ideas
    PSA: Drunk Driving Bad, Insulting Women Totally FineTennessee officials yanked an anti-drunk-driving campaign after complaints it was sexist.
  25. bad ideas
    How to Cover Up Your Confederate-Flag TattooWith a bear, perhaps.
  26. bad ideas
    See Comedians Watch Every Entourage EpisodeFifty comedians. Fifty hours of Entourage. No sleep. Oh yeeeeeeah!
  27. bad ideas
    Objects in the Rearview Mirror May Appear More Racist Than They Are“Ziggin Zaggin” was a bad slogan, anyway.
  28. bad ideas
    6th-Grader Pens Handwritten Apology for Calling 911 and Yelling ‘Deez Nuts’“I am writing an apology for what I did last night. Last night I called and said deez nuts.”
  29. bad ideas
    Flight Attendant Poses for Pic in Engine WellIt’ll take just a second.
  30. Bad Ideas
    New York’s Most Reckless Locavores Are Apparently Fishing in the East“I don’t eat farmed fish.”
  31. bad ideas
    Burglary Suspects Caught After Leaving Trail of Macaroni Salad From Crime SceneAlways cover your mac tracks.
  32. Bad Ideas
    Colorado Restaurant Owner Will Hold a ‘White Appreciation Day’“Because all Americas should be celebrated!!”
  33. bad ideas
    Man Forced to Awkwardly Ride Elevator With Woman He Just RobbedElevators are terrible places to rob people.
  34. bad ideas
    Groupon Recalls Counterfeit Condoms and Also, Who Buys Condoms on Groupon?The fake Durex condoms may have holes in them.
  35. bad ideas
    Man Replaces ‘White History Month’ Sign With ‘Going Out of Business’ SignAnd now he’s asking for money.
  36. bad ideas
    Teacher Fired for In-Classroom BullyingThey wrote that she’s “ugly” and “fake.”
  37. bad ideas
    Monsanto Lobbyist Says Weed Killer Safe to DrinkPatrick Moore says you can drink Roundup, he just won’t.
  38. bad ideas
    Cops Find Suspect Through Snapchat StoryAt least he’s honest.
  39. bad ideas
    Starbucks Stops Fighting Racism With Coffee CupsYou missed your chance to have an awkward talk with your barista.
  40. bad ideas
    University Catalogue Cover Accidentally Becomes Perfect Metaphor for AmericaUniversity of North Georgia’s catalogue shows white men beating a black man and a woman in a race.
  41. bad ideas
    Journalists Terrorize Starbucks Baristas“I’m actually working right now, OK, so I’m sorry about that, no comment.”
  42. bad ideas
    Starbucks to Solve Racism by Writing Stuff on CupsCEO Howard Schultz is encouraging baristas to discuss race relations with customers.
  43. bad ideas
    Kansas Governor Makes LGBT Discrimination LegalWhat year is it?
  44. If Hillary Is Elected, We Can Call Bill ‘Adam’And brace ourselves for lots more dad humor.
  45. bad ideas
    Creep Pretends to Be NYPD Officer, Pulls Over Woman and Asks for Her NumberSir, you’re under arrest for being corny as hell.
  46. Ill-Advised
    A Chef Scrapped Plans to Serve ‘Thug Rice’ and ChocolateOther items included “blood money sausage.”
  47. bad ideas
    An Illinois Woman Is Trying to Trademark Eric Garner’s Last WordsShe says it’s not for monetary gain.
  48. bad ideas
    Will of World’s Most Selfish Pet-Owner: Kill My Dog So We Can Be Buried TogetherA Cincinnati woman’s will insists her dog Bella is euthanized.
  49. bad ideas
    South Dakota Yanks ‘Don’t Jerk and Drive’ Ad CampaignWonder why.
  50. bad ideas
    Embarrassing Public Marriage Proposal Accidentally Ruins 6 ApartmentsWorst proposal ever.
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