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  1. twitter
    Ariana Grande Opens Up About Pete Davidson’s ‘Sick’ Manchester Attack JokeShe “didn’t find it funny.”
  2. bad jokes
    Donald Trump’s Most Cringeworthy Jokes From the Gridiron DinnerHe joked about Melania leaving him, and impeachment.
  3. bad jokes
    A Netflix Children’s Show Is Now Also Asking: Who Drew the Dicks?The production company behind the Netflix children’s show is taking legal action.
  4. vmas 2017
    The Most Cringeworthy Moments From Katy Perry’s VMA MonologueThat was hard to watch.
  5. did we mention elizabeth warren
    Elizabeth Warren Wasn’t Particularly Amused by Bill Maher’s Pocahontas ‘Joke’So awkward.
  6. women's health
    Missouri Lawmakers Joke That Women Who Want Abortions Should Get Them at the ZooThey lamented that zoos are more regulated than abortion clinics.
  7. chillary clinton
    The Clinton Campaign Wanted to Have Her Make a ‘Yo Mama’ JokeAccording to an email published by WikiLeaks.
  8. snapchats are forever
    Demi Lovato Is Sorry for Laughing About Zika on SnapchatProbs not the best move.
  9. bad jokes
    Jared Leto Sent Viola Davis a Box of BulletsThough this be madness, there is method acting in it.
  10. bad jokes
    Pornhub Is Really Scraping the Bottom of the Joke Barrel This April Fools’ DayStop.
  11. bad jokes
    Lil B Tweets Transphobic Joke, Immediately Apologizes for It “My heart hurts because I have been cruel to people and I still think mean things about people because I’m not comfortable with self.”
  12. Hillary Clinton’s Neighbors Now Making Email-Server Jokes, TooSee Bill for more details. 
  13. bad jokes
    How Chris Rock’s Top Five Gets Undercut by an Ill-Advised Gay JokeIt almost ruins an otherwise good movie.
  14. bad jokes
    Why Franklin & Bash Is A Perfect Pop Culture Punchline How its cast, title, and total lack of irony made Franklin & Bash a special sort of pop culture joke. 
  15. bad jokes
    David Petraeus’s Friend Sent Him a Fake GrenadeHis office was evacuated.
  16. bad jokes
    Ranking the Worst Jokes From Last Night’s DadsRacist stuff.
  17. bad jokes
    Judge Can’t Take Woman-Punching Spider-Man Case SeriouslyHe made a pun.
  18. bad jokes
    Carrie Fisher Was Joking About Doing Star WarsRemove the image of elderly Princess Leia from your mind.
  19. bons mots
    Peter Orszag Got Ben Stein Booted As Citigroup Conference Speaker for Sexist JokesA woman e-mailed Orszag to complain.
  20. sausagefests
    Is Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz Running a Frat House?There was that joke about the sausage.
  21. american idol
    Brian Dunkleman on Ryan Seacrest’s Idol JabAnd he’s happy that Ryan Seacrest dissed him.