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Bad Timing

  1. private eyes
    The Facebook Portal Could Be Good If Anyone But Facebook Released ItHas there ever been a more ill-timed product launch than Facebook selling a video-chat camera for your home?
  2. bad timing
    CBS Host Compliments Senator’s Looks During Sexual-Assault SegmentHe was discussing sexual-assault scandals on Capitol Hill.
  3. bad timing
    Marilyn Manson Returned to the Stage by Pointing a Fake Rifle at an AudienceHe claims it was an “act of theater” to make a statement about gun violence.
  4. bad timing
    Trump Hosts Finding Dory ScreeningIt’s that really sad movie about a lost fish trying to reunite with her parents.
  5. bad timing
    Justin Bieber Corrects Spanish Fan’s ClappingDo you want to hear what EDM has done to our youth?
  6. bad timing
    BBC Removes Doctor Who Beheading Scene “Out of respect.”
  7. scary things
    Man Picks Absolute Worst Time to Toss Firecrackers at White HouseNot that there’s a good time.
  8. Pressure Cookers
    Bad Timing: AP Pressure Cooker Story Hits Local Papers During Worst PossibleCouldn’t it have been a thing about the new trends on skillets?
  9. foreign affairs
    U.S. Helicopter Crashes Near North KoreaNo casualties, fortunately.
  10. bad timing
    Bruce Springsteen’s Video for The Wrestler Debuts About Two Months Too LateHe coulda been a contendah!
  11. Cham-pain
    Moët & Chandon Revealed to Be Source of Financial CrisisThe Champagne house allows you to waste your money with just a click of the mouse.