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  1. As Trade War Drags On, the Cry Spreads: ‘Where’s Our Bailout?’Trump’s efforts to buy off farmers were predictable. But as the pain spreads from his trade war, so, too, do calls for compensation.
  2. Why It’s Going to Take Another Financial Catastrophe to Fix Wall StreetThe man who oversaw the bailout in 2008 is not optimistic about the banking industry under President Donald Trump.
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    Government Saves America’s Cheese Industry With $20 Million BailoutA milk glut and a sluggish demand have left the market very saturated.
  4. A.I.G. Finally Decides It Wants Nothing to Do With Lawsuit Against United StatesAvoids alienating everyone all over again.
  5. Ex-AIG CEO Suing U.S. for $25 BillionHank Greenberg claims the government bailout was unconstitutional.
  6. Irish Prime Minister Stepping Down As Leader of His Political PartyFollowing a $114 billion bailout.
  7. Ireland to E.U.: Look, We Never Asked for a Massive Bailout, But If You InsistPride versus financial solvency.
  8. Bailed-Out Companies Throw Cash at Anti-Bailout CandidatesIt’s a logical move, like throwing tea off the side of the boat.
  9. AIG Announces Final Plan to Pay Back GovernmentIs there really a way out of this?
  10. EU Delivers $957 Billion Rescue Package for Troubled European EconomiesINF to provide hundreds of billions.
  11. Freddie Mac Asks Government for Over $10 BillionThis would bring the total up to $61.3 billion.
  12. Greece Is in Very Bad Shape Right NowStriking and rioting after government-imposed “austerity measures.”
  13. Greece Agrees to Bailout From IMF, EUThis calls for a celebratory baklava.
  14. Vikram Pandit to Thank the GovernmentYou read that right. This man has no pride.
  15. Citigroup Wants to Repay Bailout MoneySayonara executive pay limits.
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    Bank of America to Repay $45 Billion Bailout MoneyMaybe now they can hire a CEO.
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    The Dancing Baby BankerWatch an animation based on this week’s cover story about the fight over AIG bonuses.
  18. CIT Finally Files for BankruptcyTaxpayers can kiss their $2.3 billion goodbye.
  19. Bailed-Out Companies Not Returning the FavorFinancial firms scrimp on the donations.
  20. Generation SmugThere’s a generational shift toward increasing interest and concern into how to help make the world a better place,” says one college president. Really.
  21. Congress, Liddy Spar Over Details of AIG Restructuring PlanCongress, for the good of the American public, wants details — but AIG, for the good of the American public, doesn’t want to give them.
  22. How Does the Treasury Decide Who Gets a Bailout?We’d better consult the chart.”
  23. GM and Chrysler Want $21.6 Billion MoreAfter that they’ll clean up. For real this time.
  24. Geithner, Where’s the Beef?The markets and analysts would have preferred some more specifics this morning.
  25. There’s a Guy in Times Square Giving Away Free MoneyAnd it’s not the Naked Cowboy, or Steve Schwarzman suffering a psychotic break.
  26. Citi Field Will Still Be Called That, StillThe Mets’ new stadium will retain its confidence-inspiring name, despite griping from Kucinich.
  27. With Blocking of Auto Bailout, Democrats Helpless As EverNow the industry’s future lies in the hands of … President Bush.
  28. Neel Kashkari Gets Grilled’The perception is that there is something sinister going on here.’
  29. What You Need to Know About the Auto-Industry BailoutAfter numerous hearings and fervid demands that car-company CEOs repent with symbolic gestures, Congress has nearly settled on a plan.
  30. Citi Field Will Still Be Called ThatEven though Citigroup got a big fat federal bailout.
  31. Citi Bailout Not Sitting Well With Basically AnyoneLots of people are saying it’s more like a ‘shitty bailout.’
  32. Obama to Roll Out Economic Team and Plans TodayHe may keep the Bush tax cuts until 2010, he’ll probably expand his recovery plan, and he wants it all on day one.
  33. Obama May Have Already Stepped in It With the Auto-Industry BailoutObama, Bush, the Treasury, and Congress wrangle over saving Detroit, and Republicans see an opening.
  34. Fox Business Network Host Neil Cavuto Blasts McCain: ‘On Economic Matters You Have No Convictions’Citiing McCain’s erratic spending and tax plans, the Fox Business Network host eviscerates the candidate of News Corp.
  35. Neel Kashkari SpeaksAlso, apparently no one actually cares that it is a holiday.
  36. What New Yorkers Are Thinking About the Greatest Depression: It Won’t Be Too Bad!We talked to twenty strangers in Union Square to see how they felt the economy was going to affect them. They were optimistic! (And CUTE.)
  37. Joe Scarborough and John Heilemann Dissect the Bailout Fight: How It Might Sink McCain — and Help the GOP’New York’ magazine’s John Heilemann and Joe Scarborough, former Republican Congressman and host of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ discuss the parallels between the rejection of the bailout bill and the Gingrich revolution, what Sarah Palin still has to offer, and how these couple weeks ‘might very well be remembered by history as the fortnight when Obama won the election.’
  38. McCain Suspended His Campaign and All He Got Was This Lousy Bailout FailureHe aimed to reap the political rewards of a bailout deal, and now stands to lose the most from its continued delay.
  39. House.gov Has CrashedNot that we expected any reasonable explanations anytime soon, but it would be nice to be able to check.
  40. So, What Exactly Was So Suspended About McCain’s Campaign?Ads, interviews, fund-raisers, surrogates — kind of looks like a non-suspended campaign, no?
  41. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Shreds John McCainReid and Banking chair Chris Dodd just wrapped up a scathing press conference about the status of the bailout package.
  42. John Heilemann and Robert Reich on Who’s Winning the High-Stakes Game of Bailout ChickenGuess what? It’s not the Democrats.
  43. Bailout Deal ‘Fundamentally’ Agreed UponAnd they did it without John McCain, who was in New York this morning. Zoinks!
  44. The McCain Surprise: Stupid, Brilliant … or Both??Yesterday, as soon as John McCain announced his stunning decision to suspend his campaign and delay tomorrow’s debate, chaos broke.
  45. In Shadow of McCain and Bush Gimmicks, Congress Nearing Deal on BailoutEven without John McCain’s much-hyped campaign suspension and George Bush’s planned economic summit tomorrow, Congress is close to resolving the plan.
  46. Would You Care to Hear McCain and Obama’s Ideas About the Bailout?Obviously, their stances will consider solely the potential economic ramifications of a bailout plan, and not electoral politics, right?
  47. The For-Idiots, By-Idiots Guide to the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac BailoutAn important thing happened this weekend while you were brunching.