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  1. art
    This Fully Functional Brooklyn Handball Court Is Actually an Art InstallationBring your own balls.
  2. scrotal recall
    Armie Hammer’s Pair of Peaches Had to Be Edited Out of Call Me by Your NameBlame the short shorts.
  3. arts & crafts
    Father John Misty Says He Paints His BallsIt’s “like a life hack.”
  4. balls
    Rude Male Sperm Giving Zika to WomenMale privilege extends to testicles, it seems.
  5. sacked
    Ball-Biting Maryland Cop Has to Turn In His Badge and GunThis is what happens on Cinco de Mayo at Baltimore’s Looney’s Pub.
  6. balls
    Everything You Thought About Bros, Confirmed in This Great Press Release“I’d love to work with you on a story on how to get a man while watching an NFL playoff game.”
  7. best bets
    These Punk Earrings Are Surprisingly WearableYou could say they’re a ballsy choice.
  8. Amy Poehler to Produce and Star in Basketball Film ‘Balls,’ Ike Barinholtz […]Get ready for more Amy Poehler on the big screen. According to Variety, Poehler has signed on to star in and produce a comedy for Universal […]
  9. gratuitous male objectification
    You Can’t Peek Under a Man’s Kilt Without AskingThis is why we can’t have nice things.
  10. lululemen
    Lululemon’s ‘Anti-Ball Crushing’ Method Reveals Importance of PunctuationTo inspire fear, just add a comma.
  11. balls
    The Daily Show Has Sympathy for the ManspreadersA tender message from Kristen Schaal.
  12. balls
    Data Journalism Says Tighty-Whities Are Bad for Balls Is this what Tom Brady means by deflated balls?
  13. men
    The Best Christmas Present for Men You Know Is Rubber TesticlesAmy Sedaris, noted genius, explains. 
  14. testes
    Bradley Cooper’s Balls: Foregrounded on a National Magazine CoverEyes down here, readers. 
  15. balls
    Which World Cup Player Inspires So Much Fan-Fic?Manuel Neuer is World Cup erotica’s main muse.
  16. magical genitals
    Guy With 2 Dicks, Meet Dude With 3 Balls Reddit: everyone’s favorite forum for sharing genital anomalies.
  17. first looks
    First Look: Enter the Lavish, Privileged World of Former DebutantesAlso known as the “belles of the ball.”
  18. balls
    Venus Williams to Present Her New Line During Fashion WeekHer collection, EleVen, will be shown on September 12.
  19. Balls
    Ray Kelly Has BallsAn NYPD recipe.
  20. america!
    Justin Timberlake Attends Marine Corps Ball“Truly moved” by the experience initiated from YouTube invite.
  21. Alec Baldwin’s Best SNL Moments Are Mostly Ball-Related NBC put together this video retrospective of Alec Baldwin’s best SNL hosting moments to promote the first episode tomorrow, with musical guest […]
  22. tsnownami
    Watch a Dude Ski Down Park Avenue at 40 MphChris Branca does things we only dream of.
  23. the tmi
    Jeffrey Goldberg Has a Name for His Balls“The Resistance.”
  24. neighborhood news
    Who Has the Most-Fondled Balls in New York?The answer may surprise you.
  25. Judah Friedlander, Carrie Fisher and a Hat That Says ‘Balls’A pretty great story from Judah Friedlander about one of the many hats he wears on 30 Rock: “There was one episode I wore a hat that said […]
  26. ape balls
    This Is a Thing That HappenedAt one point, grafting ape testicles onto old men was “the rage.”
  27. antisocial media
    Man Explains Why He Would Like to Punch Jamie Dimon in the BallsIn a word: overdraft fees.
  28. antisocial media
    Sean Michael Carey Would Like to Punch Jamie Dimon in the BallsAnd he’s started a Facebook page about it.
  29. white men with money
    Naughty Bankers Need Love, TooWall Street professionals have affairs “to feel loved,” according to a survey.
  30. stupid crime of the day
    A Terrible Story About BallsA Queens woman, upset at her husband’s insatiable infidelity, decided to pour scalding water on his junk.