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  1. female frenemyship
    Connie Chung Likens Working With Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer to ‘Whack-a-Mole’“I popped my head up and one of them would have a hammer and go whack, and put me down back in my little hole.”
  2. the view
    Today in Hot Topics: The View Being Adapted Into a Scripted MiniseriesWho can do a good Barbara Walters?
  3. the view
    Listen to Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Barbara Walters Fight Backstage on The View“Write about that in the New York f*cking Post!”
  4. motherhood
    25 Famous Women on Struggling With FertilityOn miscarriages, surrogacy, adoptions, and more.
  5. self respect
    25 Famous Women on RegretsAnd moving on from them.
  6. beef
    Barbara Walters Is Reportedly Unhappy With The ViewThe legendary journalist isn’t thrilled with how execs have handled the show.
  7. super classy
    Trump’s Year, Told in Barbara Walters Questions“If you lose the Republican nomination, are you a loser?”
  8. the female gaze
    Hot Man Bradley Cooper Blasts PatriarchyYour mouth looks so hot when it forms the words “patriarchal society.”
  9. tracy morgan
    Tracy Morgan on What Helped His Crash Recovery“I survived that car crash for a reason.”
  10. barbara walters
    Barbara Walters Calls Bradley Cooper ‘Screwable’We know who Barbara’s No. 1 Most Fascinating Person is.
  11. Oscar de la Renta Loved Powerful WomenThe designer passed away today at 82.
  12. send-offs
    Watch Oprah Surprise Barbara Walters on Her Final Episode of The ViewAlong with Hillary Clinton and a slew of female newscasters.
  13. tear-stained goodbyes
    10 Ways Barbara Walters Made Celebrities CryShe can always elicit tears.
  14. reunions
    Watch The View Reunite Every Former HostFor Barbara Walters’s retirement.
  15. ‘SNL’ Review: Ladies Night with Charlize TheronWell, that was quite a turnaround. To everyone who commented on last week’s tirade against Andrew Garfield’s lackluster episode that it was […]
  16. horrible racists
    Shelly Sterling Says She’ll Part With Donald, But Not the Clippers [UPDATED]She says she plans to divorce “eventually.”
  17. whcd
    See: All the Looks From the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Lupita Nyong’o, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Freida Pinto attended.
  18. party pics
    Party Pics: Martha, Pharrell, and More at the Time 100 GalaBeyoncé, sadly, was nowhere to be found. 
  19. kimye kover
    Barbara Walters Approves of Kimye’s Vogue Cover“It’s not a Medal of Honor; don’t take it so seriously.”
  20. everyone’s a critic
    Barbara Walters Is Not Impressed With Former RT Anchor Liz Wahl“Don’t make her a hero.”
  21. our bodies our selfies
    Barbara Walters Does Not Have a Vibrator Called ‘Selfie’But boy can she take one.
  22. miley cyrus’ tongue
    Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Actually Have PicaShe just doesn’t know what to do with that tongue!
  23. leaks
    Snowden Was Nearly 2013’s Most Fascinating PersonHe is slightly more important than Kimye.
  24. celebrities
    Kimye, Miley Among This Year’s Most FascinatingAccording to Barbara Walters and her ridiculous list.
  25. party lines
    Party Pics: Lorde, Tilda, Karl, Bowie, and MoreThe fashion set sure partied hard this week.
  26. throwing shade
    That Time Barbara Walters ‘Shaded’ Katy Perry“You know, I’ve only ever waited for one other person this long, and you know who that person was? Judy Garland.”
  27. tv-stained wretches
    Katie Couric May Be The View’s New Barbara WaltersAs her talk show’s days are numbered.
  28. Follow Friday: @BornFeral (Megan Beth Koester)Everybody fancies themselves as some sort of wizard that can conjure up laughter by a few strokes of a keyboard, but only a few tweeters are […]
  29. party dump
    Partiers of the Week: The Social Set Keeps It LightPlus a Jerry Saltz sighting.
  30. party dump
    Partiers of the Week: Anna Wintour, Solange, and MoreBefore and after Memorial Day, in typically stylish fashion.
  31. trailblazing
    How Barbara Walters Invented the InternetShe’s the reason women discuss the news online all day long.
  32. watch
    Barbara Walters Retires to Run Off With Mayor Bloomberg“Did you tell them about our personal relationship?”
  33. tv-stained wretches
    Barbara Walters Plans to Retire Next Summer, for RealShe’ll make it official on The View Monday.
  34. happy retirement babs!
    Barbara Walters: A Hair Retrospective We will miss your blonde poof.
  35. media
    Barbara Walters Will Retire, EventuallyProbably May of 2014.
  36. denials
    Barbara Walters Says Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Staying on The ViewBut if she wants to leave, it’s okay with Barbara.
  37. get well soon
    Don’t Expect to See Barbara Walters During Inauguration Coverage TomorrowShe’s in the hospital after falling at the British ambassador’s home.
  38. the obamas are people too
    Barbara Walters Asks Obamas About ‘Keeping the Fire Alive’For their fourth interview, she’s getting personal.
  39. last night on late night
    David Letterman Kissed Amy Poehler on the LipsPlus: A fidgety Lindsay Lohan in a wardrobe-malfunction-prone dress explained why she cancelled on Barbara Walters, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  40. lilo watch
    Lindsay Lohan Backs Out of Barbara Walters ChatLiLo’s new PR team is making moves.
  41. struggle face
    Barbara Walters Didn’t Have Nicki’s NumberStruggle Face continued.
  42. party chat
    Two-Time Debate Moderator Barbara Walters Defends ‘Gentleman’ Jim Lehrer“It’s very hard and Jim did his best. Jim is a gentleman. Jim is not going to be rude to them.”
  43. international intrigue
    Assad Press Aide Did Get Into Columbia After AllWhether it was because of Babs or not, we’ll never know.
  44. last night on late night
    Conan Taunted Vajazzler Jennifer Love Hewitt Plus: Alec Baldwin pretended to be British around Russell Brand during the shooting of Rock of Ages, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  45. Barbara Walters Tried to Help Ex-Assad Aide Get a Job in the StatesAfter her interview with the Syrian dictator.
  46. video
    Obama on The View: ‘I Love Hanging Out With Women’Some of the best moments from his kaffeeklatsch today.
  47. the wanted
    The Wanted, ‘Afternoon Delight’And Barbara Walters was all, like, “Yyyyyeah!”
  48. girls
    Watch Lena Dunham Talk Sex With Barbara Walters“I heard Barbara ask Elisabeth if she enjoyed rough sex, and I felt at that moment I could die.”
  49. party chat
    Barbara Walters Likes Singing Michael Bublé at KaraokeOh, Babs.
  50. the view
    Watch Nathan Lane and the Co-Hosts of The View React to an Audience Member VomitingNothing stops Nathan Lane from putting on a show, even projectile vomit!
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