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  1. barf
    Flying Lotus Is a True Gentleman, Gives Out Barf Bags at Short-Film PremiereYou’ll need one.
  2. Shock: Viral Vomit-Baby Story Was Slightly Exaggerated ‘for Dramatic Effect’Still gross though.
  3. barf
    Scientists Made a Machine That VomitsIt’s so they could simulate how viruses spread. Through barf. 
  4. barf
    Exclusive: Watch the Human Centipede 3 Trailer500 people! 1,000 legs! It’s a human millipede!
  5. barf
    Watch Lady Gaga Get Puked On at South by SouthwestElectric green puke.
  6. versus
    Who Barfed Better: Don Draper or Roger Sterling?You’ll need to save one for your super secret reaction GIF folder. 
  7. possible scandals
    Seven Ways of Looking at Bieber’s Beer Pong PicturesIs this a scandal? Is that Natty Ice?
  8. Barf
    More People-Stuffed Empanadas in BrazilThe cannibalism saga gets worse.
  9. taking a stand
    Chicago Cab Drivers Want to Charge Puking Passengers $50Unfair!
  10. party chat
    Ne-Yo on Throwing Up Out of Jay-Z’s MaybachOn his first night out with Diddy and Jay-Z, the young rapper was also surprised to meet a new guy named Ralph.