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  1. yankees
    Getting Swept by the Mariners Would Have Been No Way to Enter a Holiday WeekendA-Rod’s home run salvaged a game against Seattle and lets the Yankees enter this weekend in good spirits.
  2. david wright
    David Wright Is the Biggest Outlier in the History of EverythingDavid Wright is weirder than you thought.
  3. it is almost baseball time folks
    Ten Predictions From Baseball Prospectus’s PECOTA ForecastPECOTA likes the Rays … and the Yankees to finish THIRD.
  4. smart people
    Your Favorite Player Is Slightly Younger Than You ThoughtA new study shows baseball players age better than previously thought.
  5. press-box confidential
    Is It Really This Hard to Select Award Winners in Baseball?Plus: Sports execs discover the Internet, in this week’s look at the sporting press.