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    Shohei Ohtani Is My Favorite Athlete, But Paying Him $700 Million Is BonkersWhat makes him so special as a baseball player is exactly why it’s unlikely he’ll be able to keep doing it for much longer.
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    Stop Whining About Baseball’s Playoff FormatThe best regular-season teams all flamed out early this year. That’s no one’s fault but their own.
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    Pete Rose Remembers the Biggest Postseason Brawl in Baseball History“You know how many second basemen or shortstops I knocked on their ass in my career?”
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    Baseball’s Magnificent, Transformative SeasonAs the playoffs loom, 2023 has already been an unqualified success for a sport that finally embraced change.
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    The Yankees Might Be Staring Down a Lost DecadeUnless risk-averse ownership makes some big moves, this miserable team isn’t going anywhere soon.
  6. role call
    Keith Hernandez Answers Every Question We Have About SeinfeldOn feeling embarrassed by the performance, Jason Alexander’s “standoffish” behavior, and how the show gave him a “second life.”
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    There’s No Such Thing As a Good Sports-Team OwnerFans should aspire to ignore them and all their buzz-killing drama.
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    Baseball Will Never Be As Fun As Banana BallThe sport’s wildest experiment comes to New York.
  9. comebacks
    Baseball Finally Feels Vital AgainThe venerable sport is making a comeback this year, thanks in part to MLB’s unpopular commissioner.
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    The Mets Have Given Up Entirely on 2023It’s the hope that kills you.
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    The Yankees Aren’t Just Mediocre — They’re BoringGeorge Steinbrenner would have blown up this team a long time ago.
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    Please Let Shohei Ohtani Play for a Team That Doesn’t SuckThe Angels are once again squandering historic talent, but hopefully not for much longer.
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    One of the Last Negro League Ballparks Has Been SavedThe restored Hinchcliffe Stadium in Paterson, New Jersey, reopens next month.
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    The Hot-Dog Cannon Is Better Than Any Baseball Game27 years after its debut, it’s still the apotheosis of between-inning entertainment.
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    The Mets Are Self-Destructing and the Season Hasn’t StartedTheir star closer badly injured himself while celebrating — for a different team.
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    Something’s Still Not Quite Right at the Baseball Hall of FameBarry Bonds and Roger Clemens are finally off the ballot, but the steroid era’s influence lingers.
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    Steve Cohen’s Midnight MiracleThe billionaire owner’s transformation of the Mets continues with a blockbuster deal for Carlos Correa.
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    The Yankees Averted Disaster by Signing Aaron JudgeBaseball is entertainment, and Judge is an entertainer. The Yankees simply had to keep him.
  19. the sports section
    The Yankees Can Return to Their Rightful Place As Baseball’s Premier VillainsThe Yankees take on the hated Astros with the AL pennant on the line.
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    Who to Root for in the Baseball Playoffs (Not the Astros)Not the Yankees, either.
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    This Yankees Postseason Feels ExistentialBy the team’s high standards, this century has been rough. If they don’t win a championship now, it might get a lot rougher.
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    The Mets Didn’t Collapse. So Why Does It Feel Like They Did?A messy end to a charmed season.
  23. the sports section
    Aaron Judge Is Even Better Than His Home Run TotalThe Yankees slugger hit his 62nd homer, breaking a still-sacred baseball mark. He’s also having a pretty good season in other categories.
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    Aaron Judge Could be the Crossover Star Baseball Desperately NeedsThere’s nothing like a home-run chase to get normal people interested in the sport again.
  25. the sports section
    Roger Maris’s Son Is Rooting for Aaron JudgeKevin Maris believes 61 is still the real home-run record, and he has some thoughts about Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds.
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    After 14 Years, the Jackie Robinson Museum Is Finally OpenThe 2008 Recession, Hurricane Sandy, and COVID all slowed down the project, but the athlete’s 100-year-old widow finally got her wish.
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    The ‘Real’ Home-Run Record Is 73, Not 61Aaron Judge’s tremendous season has rekindled a tiresome argument about the purity of the game.
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    The Mets Are Great. They’re Also Great TV.SNY’s creative broadcasts are matching the excellent vibes of this year’s team.
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    Vin Scully, Voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dead at 94The legendary Dodger died Tuesday night.
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    A League of Their Own Trailer: Major League Material GirlsNo Madonna this time around, but there is Janet from The Good Place.
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    It’s Not Too Early to Get Excited About a Subway SeriesThe Mets and Yankees are simultaneously great for the first time in ages.
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    Meet the Man Who’s Selling Beer at Every Big-League Ballpark in AmericaReginald Duvalsaint would really like to give you a Bud.
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    A Graphic Designer (and Mets Fan) Is Keeping Shea Stadium’s Neon AliveNext stop: Citi Field?
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    The Most Disturbing Part of the Yankees’ ‘Jackie’ Incident Was the FansYankee Stadium picking up Josh Donaldson’s taunt was another example of crowd dynamics gone haywire.
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    Baseball’s Unwritten Rules Are Just Excuses for Being a MeatheadA Mets-Cardinals brawl is the latest example of boneheadedness being passed off as tradition.
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    Kershaw’s Perfect-Game Hook Isn’t What’s Wrong With BaseballIt’s too bad the Dodgers ace couldn’t finish what he started, but let’s not go overboard.
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    Your Guide to the Miracle That Is the 2022 Baseball SeasonAfter the end of a lockout that threatened to push the sport further to the margins, there’s a lot to celebrate.
  38. the sports section
    Mayor Adams Hints at ‘Solution’ for Unvaxxed New York AthletesAs opening day and the NBA playoffs approach, the pressure to make a change is only going to build.
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    Baseball Finally Stopped Shooting Itself in the FootIt’s great there will be a full season after all, but why did a deal take so long?
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    The Baseball Hall of Fame Is As Broken As Everything Else in AmericaThe moral uncertainty of the steroid era has left the venerable institution in a dark place.
  41. podcasts
    This Podcast Asks: Is the Kevin Costner–Cal Ripken Jr. Urban Legend True?The Rumor investigates one of baseball’s most salacious conspiracies.
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    What to Know About Baseball’s Looming Labor DisasterMLB players and owners are at each other’s throats, and the possibility of the first work stoppage in a quarter century is very real.
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    The Aggrieved World SeriesThe Astros and Braves both have fan bases defined by resentment — a perfect fit for 2021.
  44. the sports section
    Baseball Teams Should Get to Pick Their Playoff OpponentsIt’s much more fair-minded than the current system — and much more fun.
  45. vulture sports
    You’ll Love How Much the Red Sox Love ‘Dancing on My Own’“Deep down, everybody thinks it’s a little catchy.”
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    Just Buy the Damn Championship AlreadyAfter another early playoff exit, it’s time for the Yankees to embrace their biggest advantage.
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    What Makes a Team Name Quintessentially ‘Staten Island’?A new minor-league baseball team is coming to the borough, and it needs a name that reflects its community. What does that mean, exactly?
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    Yankees Fans Were Worried About the Wrong ThingsThe team is fighting for its playoff life. How did we get here?
  49. the sports section
    The 2021 Mets Season As Told Through 15 Steve Cohen TweetsThe team’s owner has learned in public that rebuilding a benighted franchise isn’t so easy.
  50. nostalgia
    If Mike Schur Builds a Field of Dreams Series, They Will ComeThat’s Peacock’s plan, anyway.
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