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  1. design hunting
    Can You Guess Who Renovated This Bright, Bold Tile Bathroom?Clue: The current owner says that a London museum offered him $1 million for the shower. (He declined.)
  2. racial discrimination
    Starbucks Bathrooms Are Now Open to Anybody Who Walks In“We don’t want to become a public bathroom, but we’re going to make the right decision.”
  3. transgender rights
    Wisconsin School District to Settle Transgender Student’s LawsuitKenosha Unified School District will pay $800,000.
  4. Shannon Brown Has Discovered Our Greatest Secret Shannon Brown has cracked the code…the bathroom code; and it reads “Bathrooms are where we go to cry.” In this simple send-up […]
  5. get it together
    Everything You Need for a Beautiful, Organized BathroomPretend you’re being featured on Into the Gloss.
  6. bathrooms
    German Engineers Want to Bring Gender Equality to Toilets With the Female UrinalWomen aren’t convinced.
  7. bathrooms
    Kit Harington and Ed Sheeran’s Friendship Meet-Cute Happened at a UrinalHarington told Nicole Kidman and James Corden the nutty beginning of his friendship with Ed Sheeran.
  8. everyday sexism
    Hockey Stadium Gets Rid of Women’s Restrooms So Men Don’t Have to Wait So LongWomen had to wait in lines of up to 25 minutes as a result.
  9. space of the week
    Inside a Bright and Cheerful Renovation in BrooklynFilmmaker Mollie Goldstein debated whether to sell or upgrade her steadily appreciating condo in Fort Greene. The renovation won out.
  10. swellness
    Fashion’s Original Wellness Guru On Juicing, Meditation and PilatesNorma Kamali believed in real green juices, Pilates, wellness before it was trendy.
  11. horrible things
    Why Men Are Invading the Women’s Restrooms at TargetMore than 1 million people are protesting the store’s support of equal rights.
  12. A Lack of Bathroom Access Could Increase the Risk of Suicide for Trans PeopleAll of the fearmongering can have consequences.
  13. Cate Blanchett Despises Jimmy Kimmel’s Bathroom“Have you been back there?”
  14. gender
    Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Are Coming to SeattleAccording to new legislation adopted on Monday.
  15. gender
    The Personal Politics of Public BathroomsThey’re the place where we’re all caught with our pants around our ankles.
  16. transgender rights
    A Transgender Teen Is Suing His School Over Bathroom Rules Backed by the ACLU, he’s fighting a policy that forbids him from using the men’s bathroom at school.
  17. ewww
    We Live in a Poop-Covered WorldYour roommate’s poop germs could be on your toothbrush.
  18. bathroom talk
    What Can We Learn About Famous People From Their Toilets? A curious new focus of profile journalism.
  19. bathrooms
    Everything We Know About Human Bathroom BehaviorWe are a strange species, especially in public bathrooms.
  20. Capitol Police Keep Leaving Loaded Glocks in BathroomsA kid visiting the Capitol found a gun in the bathroom of the Speaker’s suite. 
  21. gender
    Trans People in California Could Be Fined for Going to the BathroomA new initiative targets the trans community.
  22. The New York Times Helps an Anonymous Source Complete Her Bucket List Area woman will never be recognized for her contributions to public-bathroom service journalism. 
  23. movies
    When Should You Take Your Bathroom Breaks During Interstellar?An hour in this movie is like seven years for your bladder.
  24. Toilet Seat Covers Only Save You From GermophobiaBacteria is pretty much inescapable in public restrooms.
  25. privy pain
    Game of Thrones Reminded Us That the Bathroom Can Be a Dangerous PlaceNot for the faint of bowel.
  26. Best Bet: Christy Renaissance Towel The ideal cotton bath towel.
  27. Best Bet: Submarino Bathroom AccessoriesThe individual pieces are magnetized so that they can form a single submarine.
  28. couples retreat
    Rich Couples Choose to Use the Bathroom TogetherFor some reason. 
  29. bathroom humor
    This Is a Great Women’s Bathroom SignAt the Jacksonville International Airport, someone got creative.
  30. transcripts
    Justin Bieber Pees Into a Mop Bucket, Transcribed“Who stole my beer?” “Fuck Bill Clinton.”
  31. bathroom update
    U.S. Senate Adds More Stalls to Ladies’ RoomWhen the glass ceiling is actually a tile floor.
  32. bathroom anxieties
    Lean In and Poop at the Office, AlreadyWomen who can’t poop at the office are wimps.
  33. Can You Wear Google Glass in a Public Restroom? A Cut ChatBathroom etiquette of the future: a debate.
  34. oopsies
    Agent Left Something Pretty Dangerous on PlaneSmells like trouble.
  35. Toilet Talk
    Restaurant Toilets Getting Wiped OutLonger lines, unisex loos.
  36. Mediavore
    South Street Diner in Bathroom Brouhaha; Cereal Is Really Just DessertPlus Martha Stewart’s sausage-casing condoms, and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  37. bladder matters
    Starbucks Employees Still Don’t Want You Using the BathroomThe toilet tale continues to unfold.
  38. Wiped Out
    Starbucks Says No More Free Toilet-cinosYou’re going to have to hold it.
  39. scary things
    Starbucks to Trigger Urination Crisis in New York [Updated]You may not be able to pee in them for much longer.
  40. things that sound awful but actually turn out to be sort of nice
    Woman Gives Birth in McDonald’s Bathroom in NewarkWhat’s amazing is that this is a happy story.
  41. Strange But True
    Why Dine in A Mobster’s Den When You Could Chow Down in a Converted Bathroom?Prepare to dine in strange locations come 2011.
  42. art
    See the CBGB Bathroom Re-created in a MuseumIn a new exhibition at the Wadsworth Atheneum, artist Justin Lowe has resurrected the late, great toilet area.
  43. cannes 2010
    Cannes Roundup: A Lukewarm Reception for Robin Hood, Lindsay Lohan’s Porno Movie Finds a DistributorPlus: You won’t believe what Jeffrey Wells found in a French bathroom stall.
  44. stand clear of the closing doors
    AmNY Made Staffers Visit Every Single Subway Bathroom in the CityWe cannot possibly fathom what they could have done to deserve that punishment.
  45. bathrooms
    See Wayne Coyne’s Awesome Bathroom“Customized seats in the bathing pods tub portion, sculpted around [Coyne] and wife while they sat.”
  46. Mediavore
    Tracking the Top Bathroom; Lobster Turf Wars Heat Up
  47. Restroom Report
    Meet Me in the BathroomWarning: Metromix’s bathroom hook-up stories range from dubious to disgusting.
  48. Layoffs
    Balthazar’s Bathroom Attendants Get CannedNow you’ll finally be able to pee in peace.
  49. looking out for number one
    When Should You Take Your Bathroom Breaks During Che?An illustrated guide to making it through all four and a half hours of ‘Che’ without befouling yourself.
  50. NewsFeed
    New York Fails to Go No. 1 in Restroom ContestIt might not even go No. 2.
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