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Bea Arthur

  1. thank you for being a friend
    Bea Arthur’s Shelter for LGBT Homeless Youth Opening in 2017The biggest gift would be from Bea.
  2. money method acting
    Reynolds Paid to Have Bea Arthur in DeadpoolA cool $10,000.
  3. thank you for being a friend
    Bea Arthur Called a Disgruntled Golden Girls FanPicture it.
  4. thank you for painting this portrait
    Forever Meme Naked Bea Arthur Painting Goes for (Just!) $1.9 MillionBut we’ll print you out a copy for $10 if you want.
  5. sitcom smackdown
    Marc Cherry Shares His Memories of Writing for Golden GirlsStories about a blessed cast by the future Desperate Housewives creator.
  6. The Golden Swirls
    Big Gay Ice Cream Wants to Thank You for Being a FriendSave room for dessert and a good cause.
  7. Pals and Confidants: The Golden Girls in (Mostly) Their Own WordsWriters write. Sometimes, actors also write. Sometimes, actors should just stick to acting. But some other times, when actors write, they allow […]
  8. betty white
    See a Tasteless, Tacky Betty White TattooReally? That’s what you wanted permanently etched into your skin? Zombie Bea Arthur?
  9. See an Epic Golden Girls/Star Wars Graphic Mash-upLuke, Betty White is your father.
  10. bea arthur
    Behold an Epic Bea Arthur TattooThank you for being both a friend and a solid inspiration for body art.
  11. clickables
    See a 1943 Photo of Bea Arthur As a Marine Corps TruckerThe Smoking Gun has dug up files related to her tenure.
  12. the magic of the internet
    And Now, a Picture of Nicolas Cage As Maria Von TrappAnd as the Notorious B.I.G., and as Carrie Bradshaw …
  13. gossipmonger
    Taylor Momsen Doesn’t Want to Be Your Stinking Role Model“I smoke, so what? It’s not like I’m sitting there going, ‘Kids, you should go buy a pack of cigarettes.’”
  14. the magic of the internet
    And Now, a Picture of Bea Arthur, a Mountain, and a PizzaA new Tumblr blog is an invigorating alternative to Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.
  15. party lines
    Hurley & Siriano at the Cancer Research PartyWhat’s yours?
  16. obit
    Bea Arthur Dies at 86Arthur passed away on Saturday after a battle with cancer.