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  1. hairy situations
    UPS Workers Are Finally Allowed to Have Natural HairThanks to new policies enacted by the company’s first female CEO.
  2. viewing guide
    Which TV Beard Is Right for You?There are many ways to choose which show to invest your time in, and basing it on facial hair is absolutely one of them.
  3. makeovers
    Mayor Pete Experimenting With Facial Hair in IsolationLike so many of us, Pete Buttigieg is test driving new looks while social distancing.
  4. coronavirus
    Why Is the Government Endorsing Soul Patches?Some styles of facial hair are better in a coronavirus outbreak than others, according to the CDC.
  5. lgbtq rights
    David Letterman and Jonathan Van Ness Groom Each Other’s Thick, Lustrous Beards“Has anyone in conversation ever just fainted talking to you?”
  6. this thing’s incredible
    The Editorial Director of Dazed on the Only Thing That Zapped His Razor Burn“The crime scene that had consumed most of my face for the better part of a decade had completely disappeared.”
  7. trust me i should know
    Everything I Use to Keep My Beard Perfectly GroomedIf you have more than stubble, you need more than a beard trimmer.
  8. small blessings
    Jason Momoa Appears to Be Regrowing His Beard, Thank GodFinally, order is restored.
  9. vulture lists
    Jaime Lannister’s Facial Hair Situations, Ranked by SeasonFrom the boring clean-shaven face of season one to his current Stark-like beard.
  10. celebrity
    Oh My God, Jason Momoa Shaved His BeardTo punish us for not recycling.
  11. vulture investigates
    Which Game of Thrones Guys Are Keeping Their Beards?The owners of television’s most iconic beards reveal whether they’re celebrating the end of GOT with a fresh shave.
  12. beards
    Thank You, Bradley Cooper, for Growing Out Your Jackson Maine BeardHe’s taking his biotin, sweetie!
  13. facial hair
    Undeterred by Critics, Ted Cruz’s Beard Grows OnIt just keeps gaining strength.
  14. mysteries
    Ted Cruz’s Beard Is Only Growing StrongerTwo weeks in, the Senator’s facial hair is beginning to take shape.
  15. beards
    3 Theories About Ted Cruz’s New Facial HairHe’s changed up his look … but why?
  16. new york comic con 2018
    Star Trek: Discovery Unveiled Your New Spock and He Is Wearing That BeardLook at that jawline.
  17. last night on late night
    It’s a Beard-Off: Stephen Colbert Challenges Alex TrebekThere can be only one.
  18. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Bids Les Moonves Farewell, for NowOr at least until he writes a stand-up set.
  19. le sports
    All the Best (and Worst) Beards of the NBA FinalsThe most interesting and the most tragic of facial hair.
  20. for richer or pore-r
    Rick Ross and His Beard Are Launching a Beauty LineFeaturing hemp, caviar, and Champagne.
  21. Tips for Post-Apocalyptic Beards With the Cast of The Walking DeadHere’s how to get your facial hair to peak zombie-fighting performance.
  22. now smell this
    Jake Gyllenhaal Reads Poetry to Precocious Child in His First Perfume AdHe recites e.e. cummings for Eternity Calvin Klein.
  23. beards
    Why You Might Never See That Movie Where Mel Gibson Looks Like a Crazy ProfessorIf The Professor and the Madman gets destroyed, we may never see the beard as it was intended to be seen.
  24. last night on late night
    Method Actor Adam Scott Insisted on His Humongous Big Little Lies Beard“This guy has a beard and he wears fleece vests, that was what I insisted on.”
  25. beards
    The Emotional Journey of Milo Ventimiglia’s Facial Hair on This Is UsSo many layers. 
  26. chat room
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Overeating for Pitch“I’ve always been relatively thin, and to play this role, I constantly have to think about food and eat food.”
  27. These Instagram Stars Decorate Their Beards With Literally AnythingHave beard, will decorate.
  28. beard news
    David Letterman’s Son Also Thinks His Retirement Beard Is Creepy“My family has given up on the beard.”
  29. Science Confirms What We Already Knew in Our Hearts About Guys With BeardsAlso, stubble.
  30. Why Some Non-Redheaded Men Have Red BeardsMystery solved.
  31. objectification
    An Ode to This Hot Norwegian Navy Officer’s Spectacular BeardEvery hair is beautiful.
  32. santa baby
    We Should All Be As Happy As David Letterman’s BeardIt’s having a really good week. 
  33. select all
    Commenters Who Think Paul Ryan’s a JihadistThis one’s pretty straightforward.
  34. whisker drought
    Paul Ryan Reinforces His Young-Gun Brand by Growing Some ScruffIt actually looks pretty good.
  35. Men Love Glitter So Much They’re Putting It in Their BeardsA sparkly start to the holiday season.
  36. last night on late night
    Watch Will Forte Find Out If He Has Poop in That Crazy Beard of HisThere’s definitely something living in this thing.
  37. beardology
    How Do You Tell an ‘Achievement Beard’ From a Loser Beard?It’s so hard to know your beard breeds.
  38. Bearded Men Defend Themselves Against Poop Accusations“I promise I do not have poop on my face.” 
  39. the end of beards
    Men’s Beards Are Actually Vile, Germ-y Cesspools Time for the Health Department to shut down he lumbersexual trend.
  40. Men of History, Why Did You Grow Your Beards?Mr. Darwin, why the bushy face-bush? 
  41. Behold The ColbeardWell here it is, folks: The Colbeard. Behold its glory, its beauty, and its respect for the late night host tradition of growing beards. […]
  42. the best a man can get is a beard
    Razor Company With No Stake in the Matter Says Women Don’t Like BeardsA Gillette study on Tinder swipes posits that women don’t like scruff. 
  43. scene stealers
    The Best Beards at Florence’s Pitti UomoSo hairy. 
  44. look of the day
    Jon Hamm Is 100 Percent Prepared for a BlizzardBeard, beanie, boots.
  45. beards
    Andrew Garfield Has a Curious Face GrowthWe don’t mean to cause a panic.
  46. christmas decorations
    Men Can Decorate Their Beard With Tiny Shiny OrnamentsThe “Flower Beard” gets a seasonally appropriate upgrade.
  47. beard news
    Jared Leto Looks a Little Bit Less Like Jesus Today“You trimmed my bush really good.”
  48. look of the day
    Jennifer Lawrence Wore a Blonde Goatee“I decided to grow my chin out a little.”
  49. How Old-Timey Medicine Gave Us the Modern BeardVictorian-era docs advised men to grow beards to ward off sore throats.
  50. not by the hairs on a chinny chin chin
    Science Says Beards Are Now OverWe’re facing “peak beard”: Join us in appreciating some of the greats.
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