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  1. beauty pageants
    This Year America’s Pageant Winners Are Black WomenMiss USA Cheslie Kryst, Miss Teen USA Kaliegh Garris, and Miss America Nia Franklin made history as the first black women to win in the same year.
  2. The World Pageant Is Apparently Not Allowing a Contestant to Criticize ChinaCanadian beauty queen Anastasia Lin has publicly criticized China’s human-rights record, but has not been allowed to speak on the matter in the U.S.
  3. This Teen Wore a Hijab and Burkini During Miss Minnesota USA PageantHalima Aden wore a hijab and burkini.
  4. keep it
    Donald Trump Almost Had Another Reality ShowHe tried and failed to turn Ivanka Trump into a reality TV star.
  5. fat-shaming
    This Beauty Queen Dropped Out of a Pageant to Stand Up for Body PositivityMiss Iceland 2015 says the owner of Miss Grand International told her to lose weight.
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    Miss Florida USA Sues for $15 Million After Her Crown Was RevokedHer title was revoked after she allegedly used her own hair and makeup artists, which is against pageant rules.
  7. beauty pageants
    Miss Teen USA Is Eliminating the Swimsuit PortionFinally.
  8. gratuitous goat objectification
    This Goat Beauty Pageant Is One Beauty Pageant We Can Get BehindWelcome to Lithuania’s “Top Goat.”
  9. bullshit
    Miss America Is the Spray Tan of Scholarship ProgramsJohn Oliver investigates. 
  10. beauty ideals
    Would Miss America’s Skin Be Too Dark for Miss India?“America is way ahead of India in celebrating a realistic ideal.”
  11. the gays
    Andy Cohen Won’t Host Pageant in Anti-Gay RussiaNo gays, no Miss Universe.
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    Pageant Show Coming to BravoCalled Game of Crowns. Oy.
  13. pageant queens
    Bikini Portion Banned From Miss World PageantThey have to wear sarongs instead.
  14. here she comes
    The Teen Beauty Queen and the Barely Legal PornoWhy Miss Delaware Teen USA shouldn’t surprise us.
  15. other kinds of queens
    When Miss America Was Miss BrooklynHighlights from the historic competition.
  16. true stories
    I Was a Child Pageant Star: Six Adult Women Look BackWhat really happens when Honey Boo Boo grows up.
  17. style tribes
    Here She Comes, Ms. Veteran America and Her ArmyMermaid dresses and dog tags: Inside America’s first military pageant.
  18. things you really shouldn't say no matter your intentions
    Would-Be Miss NYC Wants to Dine With HitlerUm …
  19. beauty pageants
    Miss New York Contestant’s Talent Is the Viral VideoLaura Hajek of Glens Falls makes surprisingly light of the pageantry.
  20. body issues
    Scary-Thin Australian Miss Universe Contestant Makes Poor Case for Skinny People on Good Morning AmericaShe doesn’t want to be judged on her appearance, which raises the obvious question.
  21. body issues
    Miss Universe Pageant Under Fire for Letting Super-Skinny Contestant CompeteStephanie Naumoska is five eleven and weighs 105 pounds.
  22. hairy situations
    The Possible Trick Behind Sarah Palin’s BouffantIt’s actually not that outlandish.
  23. loose threads
    Images of Alexander Wang’s Uniqlo Line Are Out!Check out Alexander Wang you can afford, Lauren Conrad and Claire Danes have new gigs, and the plus-size British beauty pageant contestant wants to be a professional waxer.
  24. body issues
    Is the Miss England Pageant Curve-Phobic?We all know skinny does not equal beautiful, but the English might understand that better than Americans.
  25. in other news
    N.J.’s Beauty-Queen-Blackmail Mystery Deepens, Gets StupiderWhen the Post first reported the bizarre extortion scheme against Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, in which the unknown fiend demanded only that Polumbo give up her crown, it at least had a titillating bent to it. The blackmailer was threatening to publish some photos of Polumbo gallivanting at what sounded like a drama-club retreat (And that one time? At band camp?). Well, the blackmailer has struck again, actually sending copies of the pictures to Polumbo — and leaching all mystery out of the case. We still don’t know what’s in the photos, but, says Miss Jersey’s attorney, the problematic content is not racy images — it’s “the captions on the photographs.” Captions? Captions?! Is Miss New Jersey secretly a LOLcat? Miss New Jersey Gets 2nd Blackmail Package [AP via WNBC] Earlier: Miss N.J. Blackmailed! (Over Cabaret?)
  26. in other news
    Miss N.J. Blackmailed! (Over Cabaret?)An anonymous evildoer is blackmailing Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, and the situation is grave enough to have made it onto the cover of today’s Post. (We wouldn’t suggest that Polumbo’s swimsuit shot could ever have influenced the paper’s editorial decision-making). So what’s the scandal? What kind of dirt could anyone have on the sweet, sorta-blonde theater performance major at Wagner College? Apparently, Polumbo has participated in an event called “I Survived Colins’ Bootcamp Cabaret Part III” — which leads us to brilliantly deduce there were also Parts I and II as well as, in all likelihood, a somewhat hard-to-survive program titled “Colins’ Bootcamp Cabaret.” (Also, God forbid a beauty queen should have participated in cabaret!) Nobody knows what went down, but it seems there are pictures. And someone has them. The blackmailer’s demand? To surrender the crown. A search for any combination of the words “bootcamp” and “cabaret” didn’t yield much, but we have our main suspect just from reading the Post: the runner-up Miss New Jersey, Ronica Licciardello, who stands to inherit the title and says, “I roomed with [Amy] during the pageant.” Ladies and gentlemen, motive and opportunity. N.J. Miss in a Fix Over Her Pix [NYP]