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  1. evil
    Chaos Agent Unleashes Bedbugs on Pennsylvania WalmartWhat kind of a monster…
  2. the media
    Free-Speech Defender Bret Stephens Reports ‘Bedbug’ Joke to Critic’s BossWhen progressives tried to get Tucker Carlson fired for calling Iraqis “primitive monkeys,” the Times columnist frowned upon their illiberalism.
  3. science!
    Here’s One Thing That Can Really Attract BedbugsProtect yourself.
  4. If You Learn What a Bedbug Looks Like, You Won’t Freak Out Over False AlarmsMost people can’t pick a bedbug out of a lineup, leading to a lot of unnecessary angst when they spot another type of bug.
  5. The Long, Gross History of Using Bedbugs As MedicineA few centuries ago, they were used as medicine for pretty much everything.
  6. Bedbugs Allegedly Hanging Out at Brooklyn College On the Flatbush campus.
  7. vermin!
    Bedbug Nation Attempts to Join the U.N.Gross.
  8. stand clear of the closing doors
    It’s Time for Your End-of-Summer Bedbug UpdateThey’re still all over the subway.
  9. stand clear of the closing doors
    Bedbugs Are Now Causing Delays on the SubwayWe knew we couldn’t get rid of them that easily.
  10. stand clear of the closing doors
    There Might Be More Bedbugs on the SubwayHope you’re not going to the Mets game tonight.
  11. stand clear of the closing doors
    Bedbugs Transfer to the 5 TrainWhich train will be next?!
  12. stand clear of the bedbugs
    Bedbugs Are Just Using the Subway to Get to More BedsAnd MTA employee lockers.
  13. Why Just Reading About Bedbugs Is Making You All ItchyIt’s a contagious behavior, a neuroscientist explains. 
  14. stand clear of the bedbugs
    The Subway Has BedbugsBedbugs on the N train! (Trainbugs?)
  15. vermin!
    New York City’s Bedbug Numbers Are Way DownGood job, everyone.
  16. ew
    NYC Department of Health Has BedbugsEw.
  17. ink-stained wretches
    The Wall Street Journal Has BedbugsThe News Corp. building is on notice.
  18. vermin!
    Yes, You Still Need to Worry About BedbugsParticularly from Urban Outfitters, it seems.
  19. Studies
    Bedbugs Would Prefer It If You Would Lay Off the SauceThey’re really not into boozy blood.
  20. What’s Worse Than Getting Arrested?Lockup + bedbugs.
  21. white men with money and bedbugs
    Bedbugs Are Getting Used to a Certain Kind of LifestyleThere’s an infestation at the Ritz.
  22. the war on bedbugs
    Fear of Bedbugs Can Be More Dangerous Than Actual BedbugsNot much of a comfort.
  23. the war on bedbugs
    Experts: ‘Bed Bugs Are Not Going Away Any Time Soon’Bad news from the front lines of the war on bedbugs.
  24. The Only Thing More Annoying Than Bedbugs Are People Talking About Bedbugs Here’s a new one from sketch group Rue Brutalia, a parody ad for the STFU Pest Control Company. Because while bedbugs are really annoying, […]
  25. bloodsuckers
    Waldorf Astoria Bedbugs Drove Woman to Madness“I felt like something very important was taken from my life that night and was never returned.” And she doesn’t just mean her blood.
  26. vermin!
    Juicy Couture to Reopen Tomorrow Following Bedbug InfestationOoh, goodie.
  27. vermin!
    Bedbugs Force Juicy Couture’s Fifth Avenue Flagship to CloseThis is a scary time for holiday shopping.
  28. puppies!!!!!!
    That Bedbug-Sniffing Dog Might Be Ripping You OffHe or she might be sniffing out a false positive. Is there no one you can trust??
  29. vermin!
    Breaking: Lone Bedbug Discovered at J.Crew’s OfficesThe invader was discovered in one of the company’s regularly scheduled bedbug tests.
  30. vermin!
    FIT Warns Students of Lone Bedbug AttackerA source tells us mass hysteria has not ensued.
  31. next level
    ‘A Condom Can’t Protect You From Bedbugs, That’s for Sure!’Stacy Handwerker is always on the lookout for a good man, but there’s one thing that she won’t be letting into her knickers: bedbugs!
  32. bedbugs
    Latest Victim of Bedbug Bloodsucking: New York City’s Tourism IndustryOh, wait, you thought we were serious about the summer of bedbugs?
  33. clickables
    See Greg Gutfield Devoured by a Giant BedbugA 100 percent accurate video from Taiwanese news-animators NMA.
  34. loose threads
    Brad Goreski May Have Split With Rachel Zoe Much Earlier Than Announced; Anna Dello Russo’s Hat Blocked the Sartorialist’s View of Kanye West’s RunawayAlso, Kate Spade is publishing a collection of short stories.
  35. fall of bedbugs?
    After Bedbug Outbreak at the Ballet, Lincoln Center Finds ‘Isolated’ Incidences at the MetNo culture is too highbrow for bedbugs to crawl into.
  36. vermin!
    The Waldorf Has BedbugsThis was inevitable.
  37. the bugs
    Bedbugs Hit Wall Street JournalThey were brought in by one of the lousy subsidiary publications. OF COURSE.
  38. the bugs
    Howard Stern Becomes First Celebrity to Admit to a Bedbug ProblemWhat other celebrities have The Bugs?
  39. vermin!
    Macy’s Finds ‘One Bedbug’ in Office WorkstationAlso, watch a hilarious video about bedbugs!
  40. vermin!
    Bloomingdale’s Admits to Finding ‘One Bedbug’ in Its Flagship StoreThey did not close down, and claim the problem has been treated.
  41. vermin!
    The Nike Store in Soho Is Closed to Treat a Bedbug Problem [Updated]This is the second Nike store to close for bedbugs in a week.
  42. vermin!
    Coming Soon: Dogs Patrolling the Halls of Condé Nast, After HoursThey’ll be looking for drugs! Er, bedbugs. Definitely bedbugs.
  43. vermin!
    The 95,000-Square-Foot Niketown on 57th Street Has BedbugsIt’s closed until further notice.
  44. bedbugs
    Manhattan Niketown Closes Indefinitely After Bedbug InfestationThey strike again.
  45. bedbugs
    Bedbugs Are the New STDsLandlords are legally required to fill out a new disclosure form for bedbugs.
  46. bedbugs
    Bedbugs Invade Manhattan District Attorney’s OfficeCrime-fighters beware: don’t sleep on the office couch.
  47. Mediavore
    Shootout at Kraft Foods Facility Leaves Two Dead and One Injured; AmericansPlus Food Network Magazine’s offices might have a bedbug problem, and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern inspires a new board game, all in our morning news roundup.
  48. the summer of bedbugs
    Bedbugs Descend Upon Google’s New York OfficeThe “Summer of Bedbugs” continues.
  49. Toronto Film Festival Has Bedbug ProblemSympathetic itching to commence in .5 seconds.
  50. bedbugs
    New York, Darwin, and Cimex LectulariousWhy the summer of bedbugs is the new normal for New York City.
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