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  1. band of brothers
    White House Economic Team Hugs It OutAfter an awkward week, the healing begins.
  2. man of the eleventh hour
    Bernanke Confirmation Faces Last-Minute HurdlesThe Fed chairman is facing opposition from both sides.
  3. early and awkward
    Bernanke ‘Welcomes’ a ‘Full Review’ of AIG BailoutsCome on in, look around, the Fed chairman has nothing to hide.
  4. early and often
    Senate Banking Committee Approves Bernanke NominationThe Fed chairman will serve another term.
  5. early and often
    Someone Is Not Letting a Little Thing Like Being Named Person of the Year Distract Them From Their JobThe Federal Reserve breaks from its two-day meeting for an announcement.
  6. early and awesome
    Ben Bernanke Is Time’s Person of the YearThe year ‘Time’ gave up on counterintuitiveness.
  7. in other news
    You Are Not On Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ Short ListBut we’re still rooting for you.
  8. ‘In Short, You Are the Definition of a Moral Hazard’Lawmakers let Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke know they were watching him during confirmation hearing.
  9. beefs
    Bernie Sanders Will Try to Block Ben Bernanke’s ConfirmationHe must hate beards.
  10. the greatest depression
    Ben Bernanke Joins the Debate Over His Second TermHe thinks he should get one.
  11. the great depressive
    Bernanke: ‘The Best Thing We Can Say About the Labor Market Right Now Is That It May Be Getting Worse More Slowly’Well, that’s … great.
  12. scenes from a meltdown
    Who Came Off Best in The New Yorker’s Epic Crisis Story?We pick a winner, because the world needs more heroes.
  13. early and awesome
    Bernanke: ‘The Recession Is Very Likely Over’The Fed chairman calls the end of the year of our discontent.
  14. white men with all the money
    Ben Bernanke Noticed When Someone Stole $900 From HimThis is someone who manages his personal finances well.
  15. the greatest depression
    The Rise of Ben BernankeThe best politician in Washington isn’t an elected official. It’s Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke.
  16. the greatest depression
    Obama Appoints Bernanke to Second TermThe president will announce this morning that he’s giving Bush’s appointee another go.
  17. white men with all the money
    Ben Bernanke Dialoguing With the People Through Series of Rap SessionsThe Fed chairman is trying to raise consciousness about the role of the central bank.
  18. the greatest depression
    Bernanke: Only 25 Financial Firms MatterThe TARP does not cover all.
  19. white men with fish
    Hank Paulson: ‘You Bet I Threatened Ken Lewis’Because he DESERVED it.
  20. the greatest depression
    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Regrets RienThe Fed chairman maintains his cool in front of a feisty Congress.
  21. early and awesome
    Bernanke to Lewis: You’re a Nice Guy. You’re A NICE GUY. But…That don’t cut it.
  22. the internet age
    Fed Flamed Bank of America CEO in E-mails, Threatened to Have Him FiredYOU ARE TRASHIN’ MY SCENE!
  23. the greatest depression
    The Stress-Test Results Are Out: What Now?What to expect and how to feel about today’s stress-test results.
  24. fools on the hill
    Ben Bernanke Has Had Enough of Your Fool Questions, CongressStand back! The Fed chairman is getting ANGRY.
  25. early and often
    Ben Bernanke Is Angry About AIGAnd boy, does he look it.
  26. scenes from a meltdown
    Bernanke: If Our Plan Works, Then It Will WorkThe Fed chairman sounded a somewhat Rumsfeldian note in his largely gloomy report on the state of the economy this morning.
  27. white men with money
    Oval Office HumorDid you hear the one about Ben Bernanke, Dick Cheney, President Bush, and the tan socks?
  28. This Halloween, Be the Specter of SocialismMasks of our favorite government apparatchiks are available.
  29. early and often
    Bernanke’s Support of Democrat Bailout Plan Was Obama ‘Endorsement,’ Says ‘Journal’’Perhaps Mr. Bernanke’s blunderbuss political intrusion will win him more Democrat friends,’ says the ‘Journal.’
  30. Bernanke: ‘The Uncertainty Currently Surrounding the Economic Outlook Is Unusually Large’Sigh.
  31. the greatest depression
    Central Banks Announce Coordinated Rate CutThe central banks of England, China, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States all cut interest rates this morning in an effort to stave off a further global financial crisis.
  32. the greatest depression
    Stocks Plunged Despite Rate-Cut Promises by Bernanke, and AIG Execs Went on Posh VacationThe Dow lost 200 points in the last hour of trading alone today. But not everybody has been having a bad couple of weeks! Somebody got a MANICURE.
  33. the greatest depression
    Tuesdays Are Always Better Than MondaysYour Saturday-night hangover is finally cleared, and the anticipated response to the credit crisis on behalf of European banks is like an Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief for the economy.
  34. the greatest depression
    Paulson Concedes Point About Executive PayThe secretary of the Treasury agreed to cap executive pay as part of the bailout, and we concede we feel bad for him.
  35. the greatest depression
    Wait, What Exactly Is the Problem Here?The sticking points on the bailout plan do not seem all that complicated.
  36. the greatest depression
    Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke Star in National Treasure 3: The Great BailoutThe secretary of the Treasury and the head of the Federal Reserve are starring in a movie inside their own minds.
  37. the greatest depression
    The Greatest DepressionJust because there’s a Depression on doesn’t mean we have to be depressed about it.
  38. scenes from a meltdown
    Bush Addresses the Financial Crisis, AgainSays Bush: ‘Government intervention is not only warranted, it is essential.’
  39. scenes from a meltdown
    New Plan! Government to Save Us by Buying Up Bad Debt With Our MoneyOh, not all bad debt. Just financial institutions’ bad debts. You still get to keep yours.
  40. company town
    Lehman Brothers Cannot Get Off the Roller CoasterRichard Fuld’s bank has another up-and-down day; NBC’s Jeff Zucker is pleased with himself; and J.Crew brings Nantucket red to Tribeca.
  41. photo op
    ‘Nothing Too Raunchy, and Stay Off the Face’Wall Street’s preeminent — and probably only — portrait artist Geoffrey Raymond encourages people to have at his painting of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke.
  42. company town
    In China’s New York, Twin Towers Still StandingPlus the latest from the Federal Reserve, Skadden, Condé Nast, and Warren Buffett, in today’s industry report.
  43. company town
    John Koblin of the ‘Observer’ Is Probably Just JealousBlogger Emily Gould’s ‘Times Magazine’ cover continues to ruffle feathers, Scarlett Johansson relocates to a totally boring neighborhood, and Baker & McKenzie partner Martin Weisberg is indicted — again. All that and more in our daily roundup of media, real-estate, law and finance news!
  44. company town
    Bernanke Says That a Recession Is ‘Possible’As both the economy and the media seem to be contracting, Jared Kushner solidiers on, throwing himself into a new project after his breakup with Ivanka. All this and more in our roundup of finance, media, law, and real-estate news.
  45. white men with money
    Will Ben Bernanke Tell Us the Secrets of the Island?Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is testifying in front of the Joint Economic Committee today about Bear Stearns and all of the other crazy stuff the Fed has been doing lately.
  46. company town
    New York Newspapers Tanking More Slowly Than Papers ElsewhereMEDIA • Of the top twenty American newspapers, the circulation of New York ones suffered less than others over the past few years. [Mixed Media/Portfolio] • We hear … that gossip Website Jossip.com is up for sale. [NYP] • And that ESPN The Magazine is beefing up its fashion coverage. [WWD]
  47. in other news
    Print Organizations Band Together, But Who Will Remain on the Island?MEDIA • Print organizations make like Survivor: The New York Times, Hearst, Tribune, and Gannet form an alliance to back a new online company called quadrantONE. [USAT] • Star magazine makes no apologies for paying sources for scoops. In fact, “right underneath [Candace] Trunzo’s editor’s note in the current issue is an unbridled pitch with dollar signs around the edges.” [NYP] • Bad blood is brewing between Barron’s and CNBC after the publication ran a critical story about Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. [CJR]
  48. the sports section
    Can Eli Manning Save the Stock Market?It’s another bum Monday on Wall Street, and market watchers are glumly certain that when the Fed meets on Wednesday, they’ll bow to pressure and offer another rate cut, which could have some nasty long-term effects on the economy. So maybe they should hold off until after the Super Bowl? After all, according to Super Bowl Stock Theory by legendary Times sports writer Leonard Koppett, the market is likely to surge if the Giants beat the Patriots. Koppett’s theory holds that if the January Super Bowl winner was in the NFL before it merged with the AFL in 1970, the market will rise. The Giants have been a part of the NFL since 1925; the Patriots joined the AFL in 1960. If the Patriots win, the theory holds, the market will drop. We have no idea why this is, but according to Business Week, the Super Bowl hypothesis has had a 75 percent success rate. Which means that if they win, the Giants will not only be saving New York’s sports record; they might save America, and by extension, the global economy, from a terrible recession! But, you know, no pressure or anything. The Super Bowl Stock Indicator [Business Week] What the Fed is considering at its meeting. [Reuters] Related: Underdog [NYM]
  49. company town
    Hillary Clinton Is Going to Get So Busted by Anna WintourMEDIA • Hillary Clinton pulled out of a Vogue shoot this past fall because she was afraid of looking too feminine, and editor Anna Wintour subsequently wrote an editor’s letter about how disappointed she was. Now, Hillary’s in Bazaar’s February issue, wearing a miniskirt and platform heels! (That bears repeating: A miniskirt and platform heels.)* Anna’s going to be pissed. [WWD] • Sam Zell has ordered that the Tribune’s Internet content filters be removed. “I do not see how a member of the Fourth Estate, dedicated to protecting the First Amendment, can censor what its own employees and partners can see,” he writes. “You are now exposed to the dangers of YouTube and Facebook. Please use your best judgment.” Also, apparently if said judgment compels you to send internal communications to Romenesko, so be it. [Romenesko] • The WGA took two big demands off the table — unionization for animated movies and reality TV — and negotiations may now finally focus on paying writers for digital content. [LAT]
  50. company town
    Hillary Clinton Dismays Anna WintourMEDIA • Anna Wintour took Hillary Clinton to task for backing out of her Vogue photo shoot because she feared looking “too feminine.” Wintour: “The notion that a contemporary woman must look mannish in order to be taken seriously as a seeker of power is frankly dismaying.” Ouch. [WWD] • The Directors Guild showed up the writers in striking, heh, fashion: After just one week of negotiations, the directors struck a deal with the studios that includes the all-important online-video money. The writers are cautious, though, since the last time they followed the directors’ lead they got screwed on the home-video market. [WP] • Wal-Mart, responsible for 20 percent of all “newsstand” magazine sales, announced it would dump more than 1,000 titles from its shelves. Shocking twist: The New Yorker stays, but Boar Hunter Magazine is out! [NYP]
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