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  1. street party
    Bensonhurst Went Berserk Yesterday After Italy’s Football WinPictures from the celebration on 18th Avenue.
  2. sad things
    Another Tragic Reminder for NYC Pedestrians to Stay AlertA Bensonhurst woman was killed crossing the street Saturday night.
  3. census sensibility
    New York Insists the Census Overlooked, Oh, About 50,000 PeopleWe want those people back!
  4. Unsolved Mysteries
    Mystery of the Kung Fu Bing Panda Deepens in BensonhurstFiberglass pandas and “Chinese tacos” are turning up all around town.
  5. horrible things
    Man Who Set Brooklyn Fire Says He Was ‘Prompted by Demons’Ugh.
  6. neighborhood watch
    Winona Ryder Is Dating Tom Green?!?Also, apparently there’s an amusement park in Bensonhurst. There’s so much to learn in today’s boroughs report!
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Rose Bar Blossoms With Beautiful Women; Pizza Prices Rise in BensonhurstFind a recipe for pea shoots and a $5 wine tasting in today’s neighborhood food news.
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    Dona Back and Cheaper Than Ever; Bowery Boys Spend Millions on West VillageBensonhurst: L&B Spumoni Gardens wants to cater your Christmas pizza dinner. [Lost City] Dumbo: A liquor store is going in at 102 Jay Street next to Bridge Apothecary. [The Real Deal via Dumbo NYC] Meatpacking District: Pizza Bar has closed just as Pop Burger rises. [Eater] Midtown East: Dona returns at 206 East 58th Street … and it will be cheaper! [Restaurant Girl] West Village: Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson have reportedly purchased the Riverview Hotel for $33 million. [Hotel Chatter via Down by the Hipster]
  9. Mediavore
    No Plaza for Graydon; Mr. Rachael Ray Drops $35K for LunchboxGraydon Carter won’t be taking over the Plaza’s Oak Room, so you’ll still have to head downtown to the Waverly Inn for that truffled macaroni and cheese. [NYP] Jean-Georges Vongerichten seeks the elusive fifth taste by serving “umami bombs” at his restaurants. [WSJ] Related: Waiter, There’s a Fifth Element in My Soup It’s possible that locally grown products have a comparable or even greater carbon footprint than food that travels long distances, so you can stop patting yourself on the back for being a greenmarket fanatic. [NYT] Related: Local Schmocal [NYM]
  10. Neighborhood Watch
    Alain Ducasse Has Designs on LCB’s Midtown West SpaceAstoria: Sai’s Organics health-food store will open a new location that incorporates a wellness center, and they’re hiring. [Joey in Astoria] Bensonhurst: Do Carluccio’s heroes have a right to be famous? Has anyone heard of them? [Brooklyn Record] East Village: A sake retailer is moving in on East 9th Street. [Down by the Hipster] Flatiron: Charlie Palmer shuts down Kitchen 22. [Eater] Fort Greene: Pequeña chef and co-owner Johannes Sanzin, who also partners in Olea and Maggie Brown, is developing a space on Fulton and Clinton Avenue for an unknown restaurant. [VV] Midtown West: Our Insatiable Critic’s new blog breaks news that Alain Ducasse cohorts claim to have secured the low-rent space of Department of Health–shuttered Brasserie LCB. [Bite] Upper East Side: There’s apparently something sacred about staring at bodega workers just trying to have dinner in peace. [The Upper East Side Informer] Williamsburg: An Austro-Hungarian biergarten — huge, with a restaurant — is in progress on North 3rd Street! [A Test of Will]
  11. User’s Guide
    Take the Cab to Deepest Brooklyn for Restaurant WeekThe bargains at Brooklyn Restaurant Week, which starts this Monday, aren’t quite as overwhelming as the Manhattan version. The deal is the same — three courses for only $21.12 at any of the listed restaurants — but few of these places are hugely expensive to begin with. Look at it this way: What you save will cover the cab fare. What follows are a few of the more far-flung Xs on our own personal Brooklyn treasure map. Generally, these aren’t destination restaurants, but this week they should be.
  12. neighborhood watch
    Stroller Outrage at Park Slope Barnes & Noble Bensonhurst: Beware the black mayonnaise! Dredging under Gravesend Bay for a new waste-transfer facility may unearth toxic gunk that could poison the waters off Southern Brooklyn. [Brooklyn Graphic] Greenpoint: Creating a “Moscow on Newtown Creek” look, those sleek, new onion domes on the area’s northern edge are actually tanks for part of a high-tech new wastewater treatment facility. [I’m Not Sayin’, I’m Just Sayin’] Greenwich Village: The West 12th Street townhouse that Meryl Streep sold to Johnson & Johnson heiress “Libet” Johnson last year for $9.1 million is back on the market for the audacious asking price of $15.9M. [Curbed] Park Slope: Even Barnes & Noble employees (with kids, anyway) are bitching about new stroller rules at the bookseller’s scene-y Slope branch. What’s next? No sippy cups at the Co-op? [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn] Red Hook: Will it be new piers or plush condos for the Red Hook waterfront? Locals applaud remarks from the new Port Authority–czar suggesting the former. [Carroll Gardens Courier via Gowanus Lounge] Springfield Gardens: Hey, wait a minute … why does this new, supposedly two-family home in Queens have six doors? Neighbors want to know. [Queens Press via Queens Crap] Upper East Side: Take advantage of First Fridays more efficiently by knowing where the coat check is and going to the bathroom before you leave the house. [Upper East Side Informer]
  13. neighborhood watch
    Drive a Car? Get Mad.Bensonhurst: Irate teacher sets an example by punching out bus window. [NYP] Lower East Side: Clinton and Delancey Streets have new bike-route stencils. Now share space with annoying hipsters and annoying cars. [Streetsblog] Midtown: While searching frantically for the traffic light, you have the sudden urge to drink Enviga. [Curbed] Staten Island: Stuck in traffic on your way home tonight? Come up with a three-minute invective to sputter at the City Council’s Committee on Transportation public hearing. [Staten Island Advance] Upper East Side: Don’t worry, rent-stabilized residents: By the time the Second Avenue subway forces you to relocate, you’ll be dead. [NYP]
  14. the morning line
    Body Parts • Somebody cut off and stole George Washington’s head. A statue of the first president now stands nogginless at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, with a dollar bill proffered as a mocking replacement. Suspects include leftover British royalists, Republicans driven mad by post-election grief, and, of course, adorable scamps from the nearby Columbia campus. [NYP] • A city doctor is gearing up to do a uterus transplant, the country’s first (Saudi doctors did it once in 2000). Prospective recipients are being vetted right now. The transplant is meant to be temporary and last only through a pregnancy — still an ambitious goal. [NYDN] • The Democratic majority has its first scandal! Harlem’s own Charlie Rangel is apologizing to Mississippi for a little zinger he unleashed on it yesterday. The exact phrasing, to refresh your memory, was “Who the hell wants to live in Mississippi?” Apparently some people do, and some of those, like Representative Chip Pickering (R-Miss., natch), are issuing angry press releases. [amNY] • If you see something, say something: A black duffel casually dropped on Bensonhurst’s busy Shore Parkway has revealed an intact human body. The Times story is priceless for the colorful locals’ la-di-da reaction, which includes the phrase “This has always been a popular area for dumping bodies.” [NYT] • And, let’s just get this over with: The taxi fare hike is kicking in a full month sooner than expected, on November 30. Under new rules, the riders will pay the same rate for slow or stopped traffic as they do when the cab actually, you know, is taking them somewhere. [WNBC]