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  1. made-off
    Dead Madoff Buddy Gives $200 Million to WifeMaybe that money should go to the people it was stolen from?
  2. made-off
    Put Yourself in Ruth Madoff’s ShoesLiterally!
  3. made-off
    Madoff Bankruptcy Trustee Drops One Claim Against Merkin, Eleven RemainJ. Ezra Merkin’s funds are still getting sued for $564.6 million, but some of that money will have to come from the funds that lost it all.
  4. made-off
    Madoff Accountant Pleads Guilty to Scheme He Didn’t Know AboutDavid Friehling maintains he was actually just stupid.
  5. made-off
    Bernie and the BlowhardBernie tells colorful stories about his friends at the SEC.
  6. made-off
    Madoff Wishes He’d Been Caught ‘Six or Eight Years Ago’Frauster was practically in awe of SEC incompetence.
  7. made-off
    Madoff Investor Died of a Boring Old Heart AttackOnce again, the Bernie Madoff saga fails to be as intriguing as it sounds.
  8. made-off
    Madoff Associate Found Dead in Swimming PoolJeffry Picower was accused of reaping $7 billion from Madoff’s scheme.
  9. made-off
    Real-Estate Mogul Steve Roth Buys Bernie Madoff’s Cursed Montauk HomeThe billionaire Vornado chairman will be spending weekends at Bernie’s.
  10. made-off
    Lawsuit Claims Madoff Loved Cocaine, Topless PartiesHis office was known as “The North Pole.”
  11. figures
    Sorry, Mets Fans: The Wilpons Won’t Be Needing to Sell the TeamThe Wilpon family actually made money with Bernie Madoff.
  12. ballsy crimes
    Madoff Eats Pizza Cooked by a PervAnd he shares his cell with a drug dealer.
  13. party lines
    Tony Kushner: ‘Bernie Madoff’s a Murderer’At a benefit concert for American Jewish World Services, the playwright took aim at the jailed Ponzi-schemer.
  14. made-off
    Before Bernie Madoff Ruined Her Life, Phyllis Molchatsky Was Just Another 60-Year-Old Mom Trying to Get ByA little more about one of the Madoff investors who filed suit against the SEC today.
  15. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Shows Fellow Inmates What He’s Made Of“DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!?”
  16. made-off
    Madoff Relatives Sued for Being Total ImbecilesBernie’s immediate family was “completely derelict” in carrying out their professional duties, says a suit.
  17. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Gored by BullNot literally. Artistically.
  18. made-off
    New Madoff Bio Reveals Further TMI“Some of the times they walked around naked, Bernie and Ruth.”
  19. made-off
    For Bernie Madoff’s Victims, the Horror Never EndsBernie’s victims have a new problem.
  20. made-off
    Most Madoff Victims Only Lost Pretend MoneyA report from federal prosecutors reveals that half of Bernie’s customers made money from his Ponzi scheme.
  21. made-off
    Who Bought Bernie Madoff’s Beach House?And paid over the asking price?
  22. made-off
    Who Keeps Stealing Bernie Madoff’s Art?For the second time, a sculpture has been taken from one of Bernie Madoff’s homes.
  23. Serena Boardman, Broker to the Fallen StarsThe sociable Sotheby’s saleswoman may be the top seller of Ponzified properties.
  24. made-off
    Madoff on SEC: ‘You Don’t Have to Be Too Brilliant With These Guys’A tape of Bernie Madoff is released at an awkward moment for the SEC.
  25. made-off
    Brown, Everything Brown! Bernie Madoff’s Penthouse Revealed to Critical MediaThe media is unimpressed with Bernie and Ruth’s New York penthouse. What do you think?
  26. made-off
    Madoff Rage Turns Florida Residents Into Poop-Throwing PsychosU.S. Marshals prepping the Ponzi-schemer’s homes for sale have run into some trouble with the locals.
  27. knockoffs
    Brooklyn’s Philip Barry May Have Perpetrated World’s Worst Ponzi SchemeWe don’t mean he stole the most money. We mean he was bad at it.
  28. summering
    Katie Lee Joel Is Looking for Good BunsOur last East End gossip roundup of the summer!
  29. made-off
    SEC to Send Staff to ‘Fraud College’ to Prepare Them for Future Madoffs“The fraud college concept is a great one,” SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro said today. Er, really?
  30. made-off
    Madoff Was ‘a Wonderful Storyteller,’ According to SEC EmployeeOh, the yarns he could spin!
  31. made-off
    Things Have Really Gone Pear-Shaped for Mark MadoffLiterally.
  32. made-off
    Sheryl Weinstein’s Cuckholded Husband: Bernie’s Small Penis Made Him a SociopathThere, he said it.
  33. made-off
    Bernie Madoff’s Wooden Ducks Could Be YoursLet’s get the bidding started!
  34. we’re sorry but we can’t look away
    By the Way, Did Bernie Madoff’’s Mistress Mention He Had a Tiny Wang?Sheryl Weinstein is talking about the Ponzi schemer’s bits again.
  35. ballsy crimes
    Robert Allen Stanford HospitalizedGod, will you stop trying to be Bernie Madoff already?
  36. made-off
    Bernie Madoff’s Alleged Mistress Had to Write That Book or Her Family Would DieSheryl Weinstein only sold her story to put food on her family.
  37. ballsy crimes
    Bernie Madoff’s Prison Experience Keeps Getting WorseA new, special kind of torment is coming in the mail.
  38. ballsy crimes
    Bernard Madoff ‘Dying’ of Cancer!The Ponzi schemer’s fellow inmates report that he’s taking twenty pills a day.
  39. made-off
    How Many Penis Jokes Can Be Made About Bernie Madoff’s Yacht?You could now own Bernie Madoff’s long, “luscious,” compensatory yacht.
  40. made-off
    As Far As Evil Geniuses Go, Bernie Madoff Fails to ImpressIn the end, he was just a neat freak with a small penis.
  41. made-off
    Bernie’s Wang: ‘On the Short Side, Small in Circumference’Further revelations from the Ponzi schemer’s former mistress.
  42. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Was ‘Not Well-Endowed,’ According to MemoirWhich is exactly what we imagined, insofar as we were imagining it at all, which we weren’t.
  43. atrocities
    Former Madoff Employees’ Suffering Can Be Compared to Only One ThingDecember 11 is a day Bernie’s former employees will Never Forget.
  44. Brooklyn’s Bernie Madoff Spent $40 Million on Shag Carpeting and Cheese SandwichesBrooklyn’s Bernie Madoff” is way less glamorous than the Ponz.
  45. Lady Who Had an Affair With Bernie Madoff Actually Very PrettyWeird.
  46. made-off
    Madoff CFO Had Illegal Firearms Until Last WeekHe was just hanging on to them, we guess, in case they came in handy.
  47. Mediavore
    Madoff Loved Lure; Brooklyn’s Burger Kings Are ThreatenedPlus: whiskey sales on the rise, and a cloudy future for restaurant stocks, all in our morning news roundup.
  48. ballsy crime
    Shocking: Bernie Madoff Cheated On His WifeA new book reveals “intimate descriptions” of the Ponzi-schemer.
  49. Harry Markopolos Warns of a Bleak FutureBut first, dinner at Nello’s.
  50. made-off
    Madoff CFO: ‘It Was All Fake. It Was Wrong, and I Knew It Was Wrong.’Frank DiPascali pleads guilty.
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