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  1. best bets
    From Seafoam Stockings to a Tarte Concealer DupeAs seen in the Strategist section.
  2. best bets
    From Kelis’s Tractor to North Face Puffer AlternativesAs seen in the Strategist section.
  3. best in class
    The 17 Very Best Bath TowelsFrom waffle towels to flat-weave Turkish sets, a towel for every kind of obsessive.
  4. best bets
    From Goo Gone for Skin to Ayo Edebiri’s Wide-Leg JeansAs seen in “The Strategist” section.
  5. best in class
    The 11 Very Best Foam RollersDo you even roll, bro?
  6. best bets
    From Sexy Sheets to Sandra Boynton’s Surprisingly Good CoffeeAs seen in “The Strategist” section.
  7. best bets
    From Fat Joe’s Favorite Tees to Ugly-Cool Kitchen ShoesAs seen in the Strategist section.
  8. best bets
    From Stylish Shorts to Mario Lopez’s Hair CreamAs seen in the Strategist section.
  9. best bets
    From Top Pickleball Paddles to Tasteful Red RugsAs seen in the Strategist section.
  10. best bets
    From Lily Rose-Depp’s German Sandals to Cool Trucker HatsAs seen in the Strategist section.
  11. best bets
    From an Autonomous Lawn Mower to the Best Basket LightsAs seen in the Strategist section.
  12. best bets
    From Better Boat Shoes to a Trusty Target Bathing SuitAs seen in the Strategist section.
  13. best bets
    From Insect-Shaped Brooches to the ‘Bentley of Stoves’As seen in the Strategist section.
  14. best bets
    From Vintage Orange-Juice Carafes to Tamron Hall’s Prepper KitAs seen in the Strategist section
  15. best bets
    From Macklemore’s Mini Massage Gun to the Latest Tinned FishAs seen in the Strategist section.
  16. best bets
    From Low-Cal Root Beer to Marlon Wayan’s Favorite JordansAs seen in the Strategist section.
  17. best bets
    From Eva Mendes’s Exfoliating Mitts to Baywatch-Inspired UnderwearAs seen in the Strategist section.
  18. best bets
    From Sicilian-Lemon Toothpaste to a Mold-Destroying Cleaning BrushAs seen in the Strategist section.
  19. best bets
    From Reba McEntire’s Alarm Clock to Fuzzy Bucket HatsAs seen in the Strategist section.
  20. best bets
    From a Moth-Eaten Running Shirt to Paul Feig’s PajamasAs seen in the Strategist section.
  21. best bets
    From Hilary Swank’s Greenhouse to the Most Desirable SocksAs seen in the Strategist section.
  22. best bets
    From Garlic-Shaped Candles to Lena Waithe’s WeedAs seen in the Strategist section.
  23. best bets
    From Sofia Coppola’s $8 Pen to Nostalgic Nike ShoesAs seen in the Strategist section.
  24. in situ
    Steal My CouchA selection of shoppable sleepers, settees, and more — as recommended by their passionate owners.
  25. best bets
    From an ‘Earthquake Fastener’ to Hailey Bieber’s Face SteamerAs seen in the Strategist section.
  26. best bets
    From Resin Vases to B.J. Novak’s $5 Face CleanserAs seen in the Strategist section.
  27. best bets
    From a Hay Light to Cameron Diaz’s Cutting BoardAs seen in the Strategist section.
  28. best bets
    The Best Snowboards for Slope SeasonFor particularly precise steering in fresh snow to the snowboard a TikTok-famous rider uses to deftly pop onto boxes at terrain parks.
  29. best bets
    The Best Products for the Budding PrepperFlashlights, first aid kits, wet/dry vacs, and more survival tools and equipment.
  30. best bets
    13 Dog Coats They’ll Actually WearPuffy parkas, neck-to-tail slickers, and fleecy vests.
  31. best bets
    16 Suitcases, Vetted 16 WaysFrom handsome trunks to long-lasting carry-ons, here’s expert-recommended luggage to replace your pre-pandemic baggage.
  32. best bets
    The Best Gifts at 12 Newly Opened NYC StoresIncluding hand-caught razor clams, a burrito-shaped bicycle bags, a Sex and the City hat, and more.
  33. recommended by experts
    An Absolutely No-Skills-Required Kitchen RenovationEighteen ways to improve a kitchen without taking it down to the studs, which is convenient as contractors are nigh-impossible to come by right now.
  34. travel
    The Catskills Are Suddenly Lousy With High-End HotelsThe Borscht Belt has entered its expensive phase.
  35. recommended by experts
    The Best Instant Noodles, According to Chefs and Food Writers“There’s usually a correlation between the number of sachets of things included — oils, sauces, and powders — and how good the noodles are.”
  36. lunchtime buy
    I Looked Impossibly Good in My Passport Photo Thanks to This ProductFans of NARS Laguna and Tom Ford will love this.
  37. celebrity shopping
    My Family Made Me Buy ItEleven dynastic lineages — from the Spielbergs to the Wahlbergs — share items purchased en famille.
  38. lunchtime buy
    This Shampoo Makes My Hair Look the Shiniest It Has Been in WeeksAnd it smells like orange juice.
  39. lunchtime buy
    Make Sunscreen Fun AgainThis new brand is going to try.
  40. lunchtime buy
    This Is My New Favorite One-and-Done SerumOne product to rule them all.
  41. lunchtime buy
    The Highlighter That Makes Me Forget About My Dark Eye CirclesMade by Michelle Phan.
  42. lunchtime buy
    This Is the Olivia Rodrigo of TonersIt’s a surprise skin-care star with astonishing depth and ambition.
  43. lunchtime buy
    This Lipliner Is a Perfect DupeFor another very famous lipliner that’s double the price.
  44. lunchtime buy
    A Year of Better Under-Eye CirclesDieux’s reusable mask makes a real difference.
  45. lunchtime buy
    The Plastic-Free Bodywash That Feels Like MagicAnd also smells great.
  46. lunchtime buy
    This Nail Polish Is Just DelightfulLike sprinkles for your nails.
  47. lunchtime buy
    The Lip Gloss I’m Wearing As Soon As I Can Ditch My MaskFor wildly goopy, dewy, glossy, moisturized lips.
  48. lunchtime buy
    I Love Smelling Like a Gussied-Up BabyAnd this new scent gets me there.
  49. lunchtime buy
    The New Almost LipstickNot quite a lipstick, not quite a lip gloss.
  50. recommended by experts
    A Fairly Exhaustive Guide to FlatwareFor every kitchen table.
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