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  1. chat room
    On Monarch, Beth Ditto Is Just Being Herself“You could pick someone with more acting experience, sure, or you could go with the real queer person who has music experience.”
  2. the dunst-issaince
    Kirsten Dunst Scams a Second Season of On Becoming a God in Central FloridaThis is what a winner looks like!
  3. that’s a bop
    This Beth Ditto Song Was Made for Struttin’And that’s just what you’ll do.
  4. gucci cruise 2018
    Gucci’s Cruise Show Was an Homage to the God of Wine and PartyingThe brand returned to its roots in Florence, staging a magnificent event in the Pitti Palace.
  5. Summer Music Preview: Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Fleet Foxes, and Much MorePlus releases from Grizzly Bear, SZA, Wiki, a Broken Social Scene reunion, and two Shabazz Palaces albums.
  6. right-click
    The Gossip’s Beth Ditto Presides Over a Backwards Bar Brawl in Her ‘Fire’ VideoWatch, line dance, and learn.
  7. songs of the week
    10 Best New Songs of the Week: Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, Beth Ditto, MoreKendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” is more humorous than it’s getting credit for.
  8. collaboration nation
    Beth Ditto Is Doing a Plus-Size Collab With Jean Paul GaultierA corset we actually want to wear.
  9. paparazzi pits club
    16 Famous, Glorious Women With Armpit HairMadonna, Kathleen Hanna — even Beyoncé! 
  10. chatty cathys
    Kate Moss ‘Never Shuts Up,’ Says a ‘Friend’Nice friend!
  11. quotables
    Jean Paul Gaultier Performed Open-Heart Surgery on His Teddy Bear“I operated, but I couldn’t go near the breasts.”
  12. party lines
    Party Pics: Miley, Karlie, Pharrell, and MorePlus a Hamburglar sighting.
  13. weddings!
    Beth Ditto Weds Girlfriend in Jean Paul GaultierMazel!
  14. from chaos to couture
    Even If Punk Can’t Shock, Fashion Still CanNow it’s the bodies, not the clothes, that provoke.
  15. mean muggin
    On Beth Ditto’s Beautiful Mug ShotShe looks great!
  16. higher powers
    President Obama, Patron Saint of Drunk StarsAnother drunk celebrity invokes his name.
  17. loose threads
    Vogue Hired Another Underage ModelPlus, Karlie Kloss admits she wasn’t always perfect.
  18. quotable
    Beth Ditto Still Thinks Karl Lagerfeld Is ‘Old and Skinny’“Well, what is he? Young and fat? He’s not!”
  19. beauty marks
    Beth Ditto Collaborates With M.A.C.; Kristen Stewart’s Twisted HairPlus, how to get Rock of Ages–inspired nails.
  20. chat room
    Beth Ditto Has Beef With Karl Lagerfeld“First of all, Karl Lagerfeld is not even sane. Second of all, he’s not the end-all, be-all of what he does.”
  21. the gossip
    Watch the New Video From the Gossip, ‘Move in the Right Direction’They say it’s wrong to gossip, but when it’s this good, how can you resist?
  22. the gossip
    Watch the Gossip Perform at Cannes for General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen)Everyone loves Beth Ditto, even the Dictator!
  23. don’t weight up
    Beth Ditto on Adele and Karl Lagerfeld“He’s just an eccentric designer who makes amazing art but doesn’t always say the coolest sh*t.”
  24. the gossip
    Watch the New Video From the Gossip, ‘Perfect World’They’re going to take you there! (Madonna reference.)
  25. collaboration station
    Beth Ditto Gets a MAC Makeup LineYay for eyeball motifs!
  26. model tracker
    Joan Smalls Is Paris Fashion Week’s Top ModelThe hardworking commercial veteran has finally arrived in the high-fashion world.
  27. paris fashion week
    Video: Dita Von Teese and Beth Ditto at Jean Paul GaultierJPG has exceptional taste in women.
  28. paris fashion week
    New Spring Collections: Chloé, Emanuel Ungaro, Celine, and More!See runway photos, backstage, front row, and more!
  29. the curvy campaign
    Beth Ditto Among the Plus-Size Models in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring ShowEveryone thought she stole the show, while the editor of British ‘Vogue’ is tired of “shock” casting.
  30. quotables
    Beth Ditto Finds It ‘Tiring’ to Be ‘Fat and Proud’‘You do a lot of proving yourself all the time.’
  31. look of the day
    Beth Ditto Performs in Giant SpikesCheck her out in our Look of the Day.
  32. slideshow
    May’s Best and Worst Celeb PhotosSee Tracy Morgan in tightie-whities, Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Vogue,’ Christina Hendricks sucking watermelon, and more.
  33. slideshow
    May’s Best and Worst Celeb PhotosSee Tracy Morgan in tightie-whities, Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Vogue,’ Christina Hendricks sucking watermelon, and more.
  34. loose threads
    U.S. Customs Seized $18.6 Million Worth of Counterfeit Sunglasses; Christy Turlington Makes Directorial DebutAnd see who in the fashion world made the list of the top billionaires.
  35. quotables
    Beth Ditto Stole Because She Didn’t Want to Wait in LineCan you think of a better reason to not pay for something at Goodwill?
  36. someone’s naked!
    Love Magazine Loves Nude CoversIs that the only way to sell magazines these days?
  37. beauty marks
    Whitney Port’s Five-Minute Makeup Routine; Twilight Fans Like Vampire VeneersPlus, lots of celebrity hair changes, from bangs to dye jobs.
  38. loose threads
    American Eagle Can Put Your Face in Times Square; Jodi Arnold Opens First StoreAlso, Beth Ditto has thoughts about women who wear heels.
  39. size matters
    Karl Lagerfeld Does Not Like Big Girls. Are You Surprised?He really doesn’t want to see anyone over a size 2 on a runway.
  40. quote machine
    Leonard Cohen Has Made a Terrible MistakePlus: Famous people are overrated, claims famous person.
  41. loose threads
    Naomi Campbell to Star in Dennis Basso Campaign; Anna Wintour Cavorts With Hugh JackmanAlso, Beth Ditto wants to design underwear and swimsuits.
  42. body issues
    ‘Fat-shionistas’ Band Together for Full-Figured Fashion WeekThey want clothes that are stylish. But the industry shows no signs of delivering anytime soon.
  43. ditto that!
    Evans Rolls Out Preview of Beth Ditto’s Plus-Size Fashion LineThe Gossip singer’s curvy, clubby collection finally gets a viewing.
  44. ditto that!
    Love’s Photoshopper Added Pounds to Beth DittoShe may be the first woman in fashion history to have been made bigger by Photoshop.
  45. nobody puts beth in a corner
    British GQ Editor Calls Beth Ditto ‘Fat,’ You ‘Stupid’Somebody has issues.
  46. loose threads
    Brooke Shields Speaks on Head-Butt Saga; Kate Moss Is Beth Ditto’s MentorAlso J.Crew opens a new fancy men’s store today, and thieves raid Harvey Nichols’s jewelry department.
  47. quotables
    Beth Ditto: ‘I Think Men Fear Me’“It’s funny how something so normal and mundane that you see every day — your body — can be controversial.”
  48. quote machine
    Bill Hader’s Mustache Was a Real Diva on the Set of AdventurelandPlus: Imagine what Beth Ditto would be like today if she had been able to watch MTV as a child.
  49. quotables
    Are You Familiar With the Hamishsphere?Because it’s Hamish Bowles’s blog, and you really should be.
  50. tear sheets
    Love Is Great, But Still Full of Not-Normal PeopleNo one inside the issue is the size of its cover girl, Beth Ditto.
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