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  1. introductions
    Abrams Made a Bet With Harrison Ford About M&MsAt the Britannia Awards.
  2. love and apps
    There’s a Handy New App for Betting on Friends’ RelationshipsLike Tinder with schadenfreude.
  3. Sodium Reduction Efforts
    Virginia Teen Slipped Into Coma After Downing Quart of Soy SauceThere’s a whole subculture of soy-sauce drinkers out there.
  4. Wagers
    Matt Levin Makes Good on His Bet With Hop Sing Laundromat’s LeeTeh Square Peg chef will be on hand to shine shoes, and mix drinks.
  5. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Sbraga Slings Drinks at Hop Sing Laundromat; Hosts Fellow Top Chef AlumThe “Top Chef” champ has to make good on a bet this weekend.
  6. Bets
    We Bet Bloomberg Wishes Gisele’s Prayers WorkedBloomberg finds himself on the “winning” end of a bet.
  7. Bets
    Denver Mayor Sends Menino SteakBut Tom gives it away.
  8. gymnastics
    Watch One Guy Do a Backflip Every Day of the YearDad to this kid: “You’re an idiot. Here’s a hundred bucks.”
  9. Neighborhood Watch
    Logan Square Farmers Market Feud Ends; Chicago Gluttons Revamp SitePlus: Did Rahm Emanuel skip one of his mayoral duties?
  10. Bets
    What Will You Bet for a Bears Win?
  11. Bets
    Mayor Daley Bets Hot DogsWe’re hoping Daley has the decency to send natural casing Vienna Beef hot dogs.
  12. beef
    Les Moonves Has Got David Caruso’s BackCan Leno at 10 p.m. top CSI? Ain’t no way!
  13. in other news
    Bloomberg Bets Cheapo St. Louis MayorMayor Bloomberg and his St. Louis counterpart, Francis Slay, have made the traditional my-sports-team-is- taking-on-your-sports-team-so-let’s-show-off-our-local- delicacies bet, dependent on the fate of the Mets-Cardinals series (finally) kicking off tonight, as Gothamist notes this afternoon. So what are the local delicacies in question? Should the Cards win, Bloomberg will send over a tasty — if not quite healthy — Big Apple cornucopia: Italian subs from Leo’s Latticini and Mama’s of Corona, ice cream from Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills, a pizza alla vodka and the Smokin’ Goodfella pizza from Goodfella’s Pizzeria on Staten Island, a case of Brooklyn Lager, and a tub of lemon ice from the Lemon Ice King in Corona. Generous, right? Now consider what Mayor Slay is promising Bloomberg in the event of a Mets win: “two Imo’s thin-style pizzas, toasted ravioli from the Pasta House Company, and a gift basket from Bissinger’s Chocolate.” Is it our imagination, or is that obviously stingy? And, more than that, does it have anything to do with the Gateway to the West? Come on, St. Louis, throw in some barbecue or custard or something. A Nelly CD, at least? Mayor Bloomberg and St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay Announce Friendly Wager on National League Championship Series [NYC.gov] Mr. Met Wants A Better Bet Friendly Wager [Gothamist]