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  1. tv review
    The Politician Can’t Triumph Over Its Own CynicismThe Netflix series’s fundamental emptiness was easier to stomach when it was about high school and not real-world politics.
  2. coastal elites
    HBO Has Already Filmed a Quarantine Special With Bette Midler, Issa Rae, MoreIt was produced entirely during the pandemic.
  3. you don't own them
    Bette, Diane, and Goldie Are Getting the Band Back TogetherThe First Wives Club cast reunion movie is now called Family Jewels, and it’s really happening.
  4. disney+
    Disney+ Lights the Black Flame Candle on a Hocus Pocus SequelCongrats, virgins!
  5. spats
    Bette Midler on Her Long-Running Spat With Donald Trump — and That TweetBut also on green spaces, community gardens, and New York City’s 25-year arc of renewal.
  6. feuds
    Donald Trump Is Tweeting About Bette Midler From LondonNo international data plan will stop him.
  7. met gala 2019
    How Bette Midler’s Met Gala 2019 Look Came TogetherThe camp queen attended as a guest of Michael Kors.
  8. casting news
    Both Bette Midler and Judith Light Join Ryan Murphy’s The PoliticianDear Evan Hansen star Ben Platt heads up Netflix’s upcoming dark comedy.
  9. oscars 2019
    Bette Midler Will Perform at the OscarsNot only will all the Best Song nominees be performed, they will be star-studded.
  10. good causes
    Trees Grow in Brooklyn, Thanks to Michael Kors and Bette MidlerAt the Essex Street Community Garden.
  11. men apologize
    Geraldo Rivera Apologizes for Allegedly Groping Bette Midler“She has a right to speak out & demand an apology from me.”
  12. #metoo
    Bette Midler Addresses Geraldo Rivera Groping StoryShe first accused him of sexually assaulting her during a 1991 interview, then re-posted it on Twitter.
  13. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: Papa John’s Keeps Getting Owned, and MoreWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  14. style envy
    25 Famous Women on Decorating Their HomesNancy Meyers, Cher, Oprah, and more who love interior design.
  15. witches
    Bette Midler Wants to Know Who Would Dare Play Her in the Hocus Pocus TV Remake“I know it’s cheap. It’s going to be cheap!”
  16. Theater Review: And the Word on Bette Midler As Dolly Levi Is …It’s so nice.
  17. everyday heroes
    Tourist Faints During Hello, Dolly!, Refuses to Miss Act TwoThe 53-year-old tourist from Los Angeles wasn’t about to give up his chance to see Bette Midler.
  18. first looks
    Here’s Your First Look at Bette Midler in Hello, Dolly!Well, hello, Dolly.
  19. role models
    25 Famous Women on Their MentorsViola Davis, Amandla Stenberg, Laverne Cox, and more on role models.
  20. quelle horreur!
    Who Dares Disrespect Bette Midler Like This?A travesty!
  21. theater drama
    New York Times Rejects Hello, Dolly! AdAwkward.
  22. costume party
    Bette Midler Dressed As Her Hocus Pocus Character for HalloweenSpooky and nostalgic!
  23. fowl play
    Kim Kardashian, Bette Midler’s Chicken, Died of a Yeast InfectionR.I.P., Chicken Kim K.
  24. fashion nostalgia
    21 Notables on the Clothes That Take Them Back in TimeBette Midler, Jenna Lyons, Diane Von Furstenberg, and more on what they wore during life’s defining moments.
  25. today in twitter beefs
    Kim Kardashian Is Having None of Your Slut-ShamingSilly people going after Kim for hot nudes can sit all the way down.
  26. clapbacks
    Kim Kardashian Claps Back at Critics of Nude PicThe internet: a simmering roast battle just waiting to boil over.
  27. fashionably happy
    Bette Midler Is So Pumped to Be in the Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 CampaignShe is feeling good about life.
  28. revivals
    Bette Midler Is Returning to Broadway in the Hello, Dolly! RevivalIt’s a match!
  29. vulture lists
    The 40 Best Dramatic Performances by ComediansSome of these will have you crying so hard, you might laugh.
  30. the industry
    Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler in Netflix FeatureNetflix and three chill ladies.
  31. bette midler
    Bette Midler Says Hocus Pocus Sequel Is a ‘No’“I do believe I can stand and firmly say an unequivocal no.”
  32. Bette Midler to Disney: Where Are the Virgins?SOS: Save Our Sandersons.
  33. mean tweets
    It’s Time for Mean Tweets: Live Edition!They’re rubber and you’re glue!
  34. close listens
    The Story Behind True Detective’s Cover of ‘The Rose’That wasn’t an Elvis impersonator.
  35. kim kardashian tweets
    Bette Midler Turned Kim Kardashian’s Tweets Into Piano BalladsKim K’s tweets plus “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Why not?!
  36. covers
    Hear Bette Midler Sing TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’She doesn’t do the rap.
  37. party pics
    Jennifer Lopez, Bette Midler, and More Partied Hard This WeekFeaturing: one bedazzled caftan.
  38. parks and rec
    Amy Poehler Dreams of Bette MidlerDoesn’t everyone?
  39. chat room
    Bette Midler on Soph, Janis Joplin, and Her Early Years in New York City“It was as if New York was the place to be. It was the most exciting thing to make, music.”
  40. party pics
    All the Looks From the Vanity Fair Oscar Party One final outfit change. 
  41. oscars 2014
    Fug Girls: The Best, Worst, and Most Diva-ish Looks From the Oscars Liza Minelli, Jared Leto, and so much more. 
  42. biopics
    Bette Midler Is Doing a Mae West Biopic For HBO.
  43. spoooky quotables
    Bette Midler Is Also a Huge Hocus Pocus FanShe put a spell on herself.
  44. party lines
    Party Pics: Dakota Fanning, Alex Wang, the Roitfelds & MoreThe fall season gone famous.
  45. returns
    Bette Midler Is Broadway BoundFor a one-woman play.
  46. party chat
    Karolina Kurkova’s Son Sleeps in His Spider-Man CostumePlus, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bee Shaffer, Anna Wintour, Michael Kors, and others at last night’s Golden Heart Gala.
  47. oh em glee
    Bette Midler Agrees to Appear on GleeShe’s still deciding what role she’d want, though.
  48. trailer mix
    Parental Guidance Trailer: GrandparenthoodWelcome back, Billy Crystal.
  49. fashion yearbook
    See Michael Kors, Jessica Simpson, Terry Richardson, and More in Their Halloween CostumesJessica has finally revealed the baby bump everyone knew she wasn’t hiding very well.
  50. Celebrity Settings
    Bette Midler Dines at Quince; Jane Fonda Enjoys Betelnut; Gena Rowlands AppearsJane also returned to Chez Panisse.
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