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  1. mysteries
    Why Are Citi Bike’s Electric Bikes Always Broken?Some blame teen riders, but it’s likely the bikes themselves.
  2. street view
    What’s a Bicycle For?A new book digs into our ambivalent relationship with life on two wheels.
  3. pedalling
    Here’s a Handsome Solution to New York’s Bike-Parking CrisisOonee’s pods can securely store seven bikes in one car’s worth of parking.
  4. recommended by experts
    The Best Commuter Bikes, According to ExpertsIncluding the best electric bike, the best city bike, and the best tricycle.
  5. road rage
    Suffolk Legislator Has Perfect Bike-Safety Solution: Don’t Ride ThemPerfect does not mean appropriate.
  6. See: Restless Collective’s Beautiful Photographs of Millennials Around the WorldTwo artists biked to 24 countries and photographed over 700 millennials.
  7. the fashion bike
    Hermès Is Now Making Luxe Carbon BicyclesTwo different styles, both with bull-leather saddles.
  8. transportation
    The First Citibike Stations Have Arrived in BrooklynBut no bikes yet.
  9. Crime Scenes
    Assault Charges Keeping West Philly Coffee Shop Closed; Someone StoleCafe Clave’s owner is accused of brandishing a machete, and spewing racial slurs.
  10. How to Make Your Bike Sound Like a Horse-Drawn Carriage?Trotify it!
  11. Deliver Us
    FreshDirect Mulling Bike-Delivery PlanCould mean fewer noisy, stinky trucks.
  12. mo’ money mo’ problems
    Du Jour’s Debut Issue Features a $37,000 BicycleBy Aston Martin.
  13. Trimmings
    Tattooed Mom Is Putting a Bike Corral Out FrontThe bike rack will accommodate up to 10 bicycles.
  14. cmon lebron
    LeBron Less Rude Than Most BikersLeBron James, unlike most people who ride bikes, obeys traffic laws.
  15. transportation
    Number of New Yorkers Commuting on Bikes Continues to RiseIt’s the healthy and sweaty mode of transportation.
  16. transportation
    NYC Bike Share to Include 600 Stations, 10,000 BikesWay bigger than D.C. or Boston.
  17. bike lanes
    Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Brooklyn Bike LaneThe ruling marks a significant victory for the city.
  18. bikes
    Here’s a Guy Deliberately Crashing Into Objects Blocking Bike LanesCasey Neistat is making a point.
  19. bicycles
    Marty Markowitz Wants Bike Riders to Take to the SkySounds like a perfectly reasonable solution.
  20. let’s get civical
    Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson Defends Bike LanesAn article in this week’s ‘New York’ has his spokes in a twist.
  21. bicycles
    Anthony Weiner Apparently Vehemently Opposed to Bike Lanes“When I become mayor, you know what I’m going to spend my first year doing?”
  22. clickables
    See Some Cute Action Photos of Celebrities Riding BikesNo one wears a helmet, tsk.
  23. bicycles
    Marty Markowitz Is So Mad About Bike Lanes He Sings About ItCity Council has an oversight hearing on bike lanes.
  24. transportation
    New York City Solicits Vendors to Implement a Bike-Sharing ProgramSurely our vandals and thieves can get more creative than the ones in Paris.
  25. i don’t believe in peter pan frankenstein or superman
    Marty Markowitz Is Not Sure Bike-Lane Enthusiasts Understand the Difference Between Brooklyn and AmsterdamHe knows what you’re trying to do to his borough.
  26. i don’t believe in peter pan frankenstein or superman
    Breaking: City Residents Interacting Poorly With Bike LanesIt’s as if they don’t want to give up part of the road to cyclists!
  27. transit
    Evil Bike Salmon Ruining the Roads for Reuters’ Felix Salmon (No Relation)“Evil bike salmon” have reached “pandemic proportions” on New York City streets.
  28. the wheels of justice and bikes
    Bicyclist-Shoving Cop Gives It the Old College TryHere’s why he body-slammed that guy on the bike a couple of years ago.
  29. i don’t believe in peter pan frankenstein or superman
    Cop-Clobbered Biker Fits a Certain StereotypeHe’s not doing any favors to the bike-commuter movement.
  30. i don’t believe in peter pan frankenstein or superman
    New York Is the Eighth Most Bike-Friendly City in AmericaThe writers of this list have clearly never been hit with a pigeon in the face.
  31. wheels
    Many Parking Garages in No Hurry to Welcome BikesWho cares about “laws”?
  32. brrrr
    Bike Lane Protesters Decide Offending Orthodox Jews Isn’t Worth Frost BiteIt was too nippy.
  33. hipsters
    Bedford Bike Lane Battle Takes Next Logical Step: A Nude ProtestThat’ll teach ‘em!
  34. hipsters
    Religion and Bikes Do Not MixCyclists battle religious types in Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights simultaneously.
  35. the sports section
    Lance Armstrong: ‘I Know How to Do This Race’A famous friend of the biker tells us he’s not worried about teammate and rival Alberto Contador.
  36. extreme sports
    Missy Giove, Extreme Biker, Busted With 400 Pounds of PotTo be fair, we should have seen this coming.
  37. let’s go for a ride
    Topshop Loans Out Free Bikes, Matching Umbrellas Not IncludedBut won’t people just take the bikes?
  38. ink-stained wretches
    How the New York Times’ Sewell Chan Learned to Ride a BikeA New York ‘Times’ blogger finally opens up about a hard time in his life.
  39. ride on
    Only Fendi Would Want to Put Fur on a BicycleFendi released a new $9,500 bicycle named Abici Amante Donna.
  40. neighborhood watch
    Cop Who Clobbered Cyclist IndictedYouTube helped convince a grand jury that the biker wasn’t aiming for him.
  41. Clobbered Times Square Biker VindicatedThe biker who was body-slammed by a cop during a Critical Mass ride was cleared of all charges today.
  42. vulture picture palace
    Fight Back Against High Gas Prices by Watching a Short Film About a BikeAre there any other human-powered vehicles that get their own film festival?
  43. in other news
    Good News For Bike LoversThe New York Bike Share Project will lend free bikes to commuters for the next five days; and the city’s trying to make a bike-sharing project work forever.
  44. three is a trend
    Kick Off Bike Month with Wheels by ChanelChanel, Puma, and G-Star all designed pretty great bikes, so get one and get your Bike Month on!
  45. developing
    The Bike Man ComethThe Street Wizard of Copenhagen is coming to New York. That’s a big deal, and great news for bicyclists and pedestrians: Danish planner Jan Gehl made his name by formulating little fixes — a plaza here, a planter there — that vastly improved pedestrian life in his home city and others from Milan to Dublin. New Transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, along with Planning commissioner Amanda Burden, took a field trip to meet him last month, and she told us last night that she’s hiring him for Big Apple projects. Sadik-Khan won’t say yet what he’ll be working on in New York, but his firm, Gehl Architects, studies street use and designs ways to encourage it — so we suspect Department of Transportation leaders want him to make local landmarks more pleasant for walking, biking, or waiting for the light to change. Maybe he’ll unchoke the Times Square bow tie, for instance, or propose ways to cross Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza in less than 30 minutes. Presumably he’s open to suggestion. —Alec Appelbaum Earlier: What Does Socialite/Planner Amanda Burden Do on Vacation?
  46. the morning line
    Bell, Boss, and Bikes • The Sean Bell case continues providing bizarre auxiliary scandals. Now the boss of a grand-jury star witness (a janitor claiming to have seen someone shoot at cops that night) is arrested — for commanding the janitor to keep quiet. [NYP] • Mayor Bloomberg is dishing out some of his patented TLC as thousands in Brooklyn and Queens begin defaulting on their high-interest mortgages: It’s “the marketplace at work,” he explains. “You can blame the people that borrowed the money.” Stop griping! [NYDN] • The Yankee dynasty may be left without an heir apparent: Steinbrenner’s daughter, Jenny, is divorcing George’s announced successor Steve Swindal. (Of course, there are three more Steinbrenner kids in VP positions). [amNY] • Scorned bicyclists are filing a federal lawsuit against the NYPD, whose new rules let cops stop and ticket any group of 50 or more cyclists that doesn’t have a parade permit. (How about a parade permit for those pointless cop-car swarms down Fifth Avenue?) [Streetsblog] • If your bike is your livelihood, however, you’re on easy street, kind of. The city just signed a law that requires businesses to provide helmets and ensure safety (new brakes, etc.) to bike messengers and delivery workers. [NYT]
  47. developing
    Brooklyn Bike Path Pedals Closer to Reality The Brooklyn Greenway Initiative has almost $19 million in federal, city, and privately raised funds to design and develop a landscaped, pedestrian- and biker-friendly promenade along the currently gritty, grubby, and privately owned Brooklyn waterfronts from Greenpoint to Sunset Park. And at a “fun-raiser” in a Columbia Heights tapas bar last night, the organizers announced that they’re ready to come up with their first formal development proposals; they hope to have selected a designer by June for the segment alongside the Navy Yard, the first part to be designed.
  48. neighborhood watch
    Track Bikes To Tear Through LESBedford-Stuyvesant: Does Head Over Heels Café actually exist, or does it just have terrible business practices? [Clinton Hill Blog] Chelsea: Mullen’s Pub is gone, done in by rent increases. [Blog Chelsea] Greenpoint: Give the neighborhood some T-shirt love, and show everyone how much you love the terminal market. [Newyorkshitty] Lower East Side: Monster Track 2007 starts at 3 p.m. at Sarah D. Roosevelt Park; cheer on a slew of bikers without brakes. [Razor Apple] Park Slope: Police warn Tea Loungers of nefarious terrorists who plot using the hangout’s free wi-fi. [Brooklyn Paper] Richmond Hill: Residents are livid over plans to build low-income housing on land only recently revealed to be contaminated. [Queens Chronicle] Williamsburg: New moms rave about the midwife program at Woodhull Medical Center. They even liked the food! [Block Magazine via Brooklyn Record]
  49. intel
    City to Build Bike Racks, Evict Clydesdales Yesterday we received a forwarded — actually, a several-times forwarded — press release from the New York City Department of Transportation. Next year, the city will expand the sidewalk into the street at the southeast corner of North 7th Street at Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, removing several parking spots but creating space for more bicycle racks. The forwarders were enthusiastic: “A truly progressive move by DOT,” said one; perhaps the first time the city has removed vehicular parking spots to make room for bike parking, suggested another. But what does that corner look like at rush hour now? Photog and Williamsburger Everett Bogue checked it out on his way to work this morning, and we can’t help but wonder: Once the new bike racks go in, how will they get the Bud to Williamsburg? DOT to Widen Sidewalk & Install Bike Racks in Williamsburg, Brooklyn [PDF]
  50. the morning line
    Hevesi Looking for New Car, Job • Reelected or not, Alan Hevesi may be on his way out, and soon: The Times reports that governor-elect Eliot Spitzer will most likely be asking the State Senate to remove the wife-chauffeuring comptroller. Spitzer then gets to hand-pick and name his ex-ally’s successor. [NYT] • At least Hevesi reimbursed the state for the misused 88 grand. It’s less clear how we get back the $1.3 million NYPD spent fighting bicycles — that’s right, bicycles. That’s how much money the recent crackdown on the annual Critical Mass bike ride cost, according to an economist who tracks cops’ expenditures. [Streetsblog] • Lest you think the police are only battling hippies on bikes, the NYPD issued a somewhat bizarre, 2002-style scare statement telling business owners to be “on the lookout” for female jihadists who can “hide explosives by faking pregnancy or sweet-talk their way past security officers.” Finally, a glorious merging of xenophobia and misogyny. Better check if their breasts are real, too! [NYDN] • In a lurid Post front-pager, a Brooklyn man caught a cemetery caretaker urinating into a vase on his grandmother’s grave and got into a scuffle with him. The Post then proceeds to piss puns all over story, including “‘Relief’ Grief” and “Mourner Pee-ved.” [NYP] • The rival Daily News, meanwhile, does an impressive job smearing Rupert Murdoch — and by extension the Post — with Nicole Brown Simpson’s blood; at least four indignant items are devoted to the Fox TV special and HarperCollins book wherein O.J. flippantly what-ifs the murders. [NYDN]
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