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  1. bieber watch
    Justin Bieber Didn’t Pee His PantsHe just got water on his “d*ck area.”
  2. feeling feelings
    Bieber Is Lost in Nostalgia Land “Feels.”
  3. can he live?
    What Do You Mean This Grown Man Can’t Sing Bieber Over a Middle-School Intercom?Nothing to see here.
  4. bieber fever
    Bieber Performs a Striptease at ‘Fashion Rocks’For no apparent reason.
  5. non-beliebers
    5 Sad Protesters Showed Up for Anti-Bieber Rally [Updated]Welp, maybe time to throw in the towel?
  6. grown-ass men on skateboards
    Lil’ Punk Justin Bieber Skateboards IndoorsAll the cool kids do it.
  7. i'll take it
    Miley Cyrus Just Gave Justin Bieber the Best AdviceWhy didn’t anyone bother to ask her before?
  8. romance
    Justin Bieber’s Got a Cute (Court) Date Planned for Valentine’s DayDoes he need a date for his court date?
  9. justin bieber
    Someone Touched Justin Bieber!Breathe. He’s okay.
  10. bieber
    Could Justin Bieber’s Documentary Get an Oscar Nomination?You probably know the answer to this burning question.
  11. bieber
    Justin Bieber Doesn’t Blame Common for His All-Star Game Face-plantThough Bieber does allow that Common “was out there for blood.”
  12. bieber
    Justin Bieber Will Donate His Hair to CharityThat guy.
  13. bieber
    Justin Bieber Finally Cut His HairGasp!
  14. bieber
    Justin Bieber, Acne FighterHe’s the new spokesperson for Proactiv.