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    Is Palantir’s Crystal Ball Just Smoke and Mirrors?An inside look at how Big Data’s scariest, most secretive unicorn got its start.
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    Would You Let the Subway Sell Your Data If It Led to Better Service?Transportation agencies around the world are wising up to the fiscal benefits of data mining, but what does that mean for us?
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    Equifax Is a Superfund SiteThe penalties for companies that harvest data and then get hacked should be much higher.
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    India Is Going to Search Instagram and Facebook to Find Tax FraudstersBe careful what you hashtag.
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    How to Predict If a Borrower Will Pay You BackPeople who use “God” and “promise” are more likely to default.
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    If You Bought This Vibrator, the Company May Owe You Money for Tracking DataWe-Vibe came with serious security risks.
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    Silicon Valley Has Already, Accidentally, Created a Muslim RegistryWhen big data gets used for nefarious purposes.
  8. Is the Donald Trump Campaign Getting Scammed by Data Hucksters?One of their key “voter suppression” initiatives doesn’t really make much sense, and isn’t realistic at all.
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    Math Is Biased Against Women and the Poor, According to a Former Math ProfessorCathy O’Neil on the perils of “throwing big data at everything.”
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    Sex Toy Collects Data While You Use ItNothing is private anymore.
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    How Cat People Differ From Dog People on FacebookIt’s complicated.
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    Your Job Can Now Predict When You’ll Have a KidTo cut costs, employers go full Minority Report.
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    Giant NSA Data Center Won’t Stop Blowing UpTen meltdowns in thirteen months.
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    The City’s Big Data Office Knows New YorkThey sift through the equivalent of 143 million printed pages of numbers each day.