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  1. It’s Normal for the U.S. to Put Corporate Profits Above Babies’ HealthUnder Trump, America undermined global public health for the sake of enriching corporations. It did the same thing under Clinton and Obama.
  2. politics
    Down the Stretch in the Priciest House PrimaryWill Jawando has a biography — and political talent — reminiscent of Obama’s. That might not be enough in a crowded suburban-D.C. primary. 
  3. big money
    Kanye’s The Life of Pablo Pop-up Was a Reseller’s HeavenWould you stand in line for 21 hours to make $2,500?
  4. i wanna know what love is
    30 Ridiculously Selfish Valentine’s Day GiftsThe ultimate in treating yourself.
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    The Force Awakens Really Wants to Hit $1 BillionC.R.E.A.M.
  6. How Much Money Is Uber Losing? A lot. But that might not really matter.