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  1. ???
    Excuse Me, What the Hell Is Making This Noise?A haunting video from northwestern Ontario last month captured the terrifying cry of … what, exactly?
  2. you have been squatched!
    Excuse Me, How Is the Acting Attorney General Connected to Bigfoot?Somehow, Matthew Whitaker has ties to the mythic cryptid … not to mention time travel and bitcoin.
  3. 2018 midterms
    Man Who Writes Bigfoot Erotica Now a U.S. CongressmanNo, this is not an episode of Parks and Rec.
  4. 2018 elections
    Why’s Everyone Suddenly Talking About Bigfoot Erotica?The 2018 midterm elections have taken an unexpected turn.
  5. science of us animations
    How Your Feet Can Help You SleepLet the Science of Us Sleep Institute offer you a helping foot. 
  6. FX Orders Animated Comedy ‘Bigfoot’ Produced by Seth RogenSeth Rogen is getting ready to take his first regular TV job since Undeclared ended over a decade ago. THR reports that Rogen and his comedy […]
  7. in development
    FX Developing Bigfoot Animated ComedyBased on Bigfoot: I Not Dead.
  8. local mythical creatures
    New York State Refuses to Ban Bigfoot HuntingMainly because Bigfoot “does not exist.”
  9. future darwin award winners
    Montana Man Attempting to Create Bigfoot Sightings Struck and Killed by Cars“Obviously, his suit made it difficult for people to see him.”
  10. last night on late night
    Woody Harrelson Is NOT Self-PromotingPlus: Dramatic Olympics-style slow-motion footage of Conan getting punched, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  11. it's science
    Oxford Would Like Any Bigfoot Hair You Have Lying AroundWhat does Bigfoot hair look like?
  12. discuss amongst yourselves
    Is It Okay to Shoot Bigfoot?This is apparently a “longstanding debate within the Bigfoot community.”