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  1. respect the classics
    Billy Joel Has Never Seen a Piano He Couldn’t PlayThe Piano Man stopped during a motorcycle ride when he saw a piano left for trash.
  2. the piano man cometh
    Billy Joel Cordially Invites You to Break Into His MansionYou just maybe won’t make it out alive.
  3. hot takes
    All of Prince’s Pop-Culture Hot Takes From His New Book, The Beautiful OnesHe thought we needed a new word for what Beyoncé does.
  4. tv development
    Billy Joel’s Music Is Becoming a TV Show. Here’s What We KnowCalled Scenes From an Italian Restaurant.
  5. callbacks
    The 9 Best Easter Eggs in the Veep FinaleDid you catch all these callbacks to previous episodes?
  6. recovery
    Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Hospitalized After Collapsing at Billy Joel ConcertThe duo performed “Walk This Way” before the health scare.
  7. in conversation
    Billy Joel on His Songwriting Silence, the Country Today, and His Ideal Farewell“I never felt like I was as good as I wanted to be. My bar was Beethoven.”
  8. music
    Bruce Springsteen Surprises Billy Joel Audience, Delighting Dads EverywhereIt was a moment so precious dads everywhere will be talking about it until at least next Christmas.
  9. peaceful protests
    Billy Joel Silently Protested Nazis by Wearing the Star of David OnstageA quiet response to the surge of white-nationalist activity across the country.
  10. this is very long island
    Long Island Will Finally Get a Restaurant Named After Billy Joel’s Song ‘Vienna’Dads everywhere are stoked.
  11. roll clip!
    Kevin Spacey Rocked an Extraordinarily Strong Look to Duet With Billy JoelSounds good, too.
  12. last night on late night
    Billy Joel Ranks the Top 5 Billy Joel SongsIt’s just “Uptown Girl” five times over (kidding).
  13. roll clip!
    See Billy Joel Sing ‘Miami 2017’ in Miami, 2017The piano man rang in the new year with his 1976 hit.
  14. Long Island Incumbent Hit for Failure to Properly Honor Billy JoelThe challenger is proposing a $1 million “giant marble statue” of the singer.
  15. This Girl’s Elton John and Billy Joel T-Shirt Wins Fashion WeekEveryone knows merch is cool, but this is next level.
  16. famous people doing nice things
    Swell Guy Billy Joel Performs With a Billy Joel Cover BandThree excellent tunes.
  17. roll clip!
    Billy Joel Dedicates Rare Performance of ‘You’re Only Human’ to OrlandoJoel hasn’t performed the song since 1987.
  18. Jimmy Fallon Joined Billy Joel at MSG Last NightHis “Start Me Up” is a must-see.
  19. last night on late night
    Joel, Fallon, and Simmons Did ‘The Longest Time’Ooh-whooo-ooh.
  20. jerry seinfeld
    What’s the Deal With Jerry Seinfeld? He’s Got a Residency at the Beacon TheaterThis residency is making me thirsty!
  21. Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Her Best 2015 MemoryAnd the backstory behind it.
  22. new yorker festival
    4 Decades Later, Billy Joel Still Isn’t Sick of Playing ‘Piano Man’But he doesn’t feel the same way about all of his hits.
  23. harmonica man
    Kevin Spacey Learned Harmonica for Billy JoelThe master thespian isn’t just an impressionist. 
  24. billy joel
    Does Billy Joel Have to Die Before New York Names a Road After Him?You can get what you want, or you can just get old, The Wall Street Journal reports.
  25. vulture compendiums
    The Complete Works: Ranking All 121 Billy Joel SongsBilly Joel is the closest thing Madison Square Garden has to a sure thing — certainly more than the Knicks or the Rangers or the Liberty.
  26. last night
    Behold Leslie Knope’s Awful Version of ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’Well, someone started this fire.
  27. lineups
    2015 Bonnaroo Lineup: Billy Joel, Mumford & Sons, and Kendrick LamarAs well as Childish Gambino, Run the Jewels, and the Growlers.
  28. only in new york?
    Billy Joel Defends Taylor Swift Against New York Hate Hate Hate Hate HatersNew York Swift of Mind.
  29. music
    Billy Joel Is Working on New Music About the History of Long IslandIt will probably never be released. 
  30. Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon Form a Two-Man Doo-Wop GroupThe great Billy Joel was a guest on The Tonight Show last night, and count on Jimmy Fallon to not only sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” with him […]
  31. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon + Billy Joel + iPad = Doo-Wop TrioThe lion sleeps tonight show.
  32. A Look Back at 2013, Billy Joel StyleStuff that happened this year as recalled via “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”
  33. residences
    Billy Joel Will Play MSG Concerts in PerpetuityOnce a month for as long as there’s demand, he says.
  34. vulture lists
    20 Great Billy Joel Songs That Haven’t Been Played to DeathThey seem new at a time when Joel marks twenty years without putting out an original album.
  35. the songs remain the same
    Which Old Songs Have Classic Rockers Pimped Out the Most?An exhaustive study of greatest-hits compilations by the Stones, Billy Joel, and more reveals who resold the same song the most times.
  36. Late Night Roundup: Colbert’s ‘Breaking Abbey’ and Jimmy Fallon Chats with […] To spite Michelle Obama, who got to see the premiere of Downton Abbey early, Stephen Colbert exclusively premiered this new show last night: […]
  37. lighters up
    Which Band Acted the Classic-Rock-iest at the 12.12.12 Concert?Scoring the age-old moves, song choices, and “I love you, New York!” patter of the Stones, Who, Clapton, Billy Joel, Bruce, and the rest of the white guys.
  38. Celebrity Settings
    Scenes From an Overbooked RestaurantAnd a vegan froyo shop.
  39. tumblr
    Listen to an Extensive Ode to TumblrPlease reblog.
  40. who did it best
    Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Uptown Girl’ Best?Vote for your favorite version of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl.”
  41. permanent decisions
    Lindsay Lohan Gets Tattoo of Billy Joel LyricsCool attitude.
  42. Mediavore
    Introducing Cigar-Flavored Beer; Iowa Egg Farms Won’t Clean Up Their ActsThe new brew is aged in Spanish cedar for its distinctive character..
  43. music
    Record Labels Prepare to Battle Artists Over Song RightsAs usual, the RIAA are the villains.
  44. literature
    Billy Joel Won’t Tell Us All His Deep Dark SecretsHis memoir is canceled.
  45. the most important people in the world
    Billy Joel and Carolyn Beegan: Holding Hands in Sag HarborLove again?
  46. clickables
    Hear All of Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits at Once, For Some ReasonThe Harsh Side of the Internet wanted you to have this.
  47. gossipmonger
    Lady Gaga Gives Herself Pep Talks“Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.” And more celebrity coping techniques, in our daily gossip roundup.
  48. the most important people in the world
    Christie Brinkley Believes in Love“I still feel that the right guy is out there somewhere.”
  49. glee
    Glee Creator ‘Interested’ in Britney-centric EpisodeBilly Joel, Led Zeppelin, and Courtney Love may be on their way to William McKinley High, too.
  50. vu.
    Billy Joel Calls the Piano Movers Once AgainThe singer bought a new place in Nolita for $3.3 million.
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