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    Don’t Try Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones’s Normal People Drinking GameYou wouldn’t think the moody drama would make for a good drinking game … and you’d be wrong.
  2. Why Comedies Make the Best Binge-WatchesThe drama binge is so often a fling. A comedy binge can feel more like a real relationship.
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    Netflix Says Its Top Competitor Is, Well, SleepYou’re not the only one trading rest to squeeze in a few more episodes.
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    HBO to Broadcast a Complete Game of Thrones Series MarathonIn the age of streaming we wonder: Why?
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    Here Are the Most-Binged Shows on Netflix Based on duration of watching periods.
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    Brooklyn Man Sets TV-Binge-Watching World RecordYes, he watched Battlestar Galactica.
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    How You’ll Actually Spend Your Maternity LeaveBinge-watching The Sopranos.
  8. across the streaming-verse
    Netflix Knows When You Got Hooked on Breaking BadThe point of no return.
  9. Why You Should Watch ‘M*A*S*H’ If You Haven’t AlreadyThere’s been a rising trend in the past year or so of turning beloved comedy series into bingeable packages: NBC aired classic Saturday Night […]
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    Things Learned From Watching Every Entourage Comedian Gil Ozeri spent 47 hours straight with Vince, E, Turtle, and Drama.
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    Make It Stop: When Binge-Watching Turns to Purge-WatchingJust getting it over with. 
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    Lonely People Like to Binge-Watch TVWho needs friends when you’ve got Friends?
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    Here’s Where to Stream the 2015 Oscar-Nominated DocumentariesFrom Citizenfour to Virunga.
  14. Jeffrey Tambor Made a Handy Guide to Binge-Watching ‘Arrested Development’Arrested Development’s lovable patriarch Jeffrey Tambor made a new video with The Tonight Show that’s super helpful if you have plans to […]
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    Watch Chris Pratt, Retta, and Others in an Anti-Binge-Watching PSAIncluding cast members of Orange Is the New Black and Lost.
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    All 17 Seasons of South Park Now Available for Binge-WatchingOn Hulu. 
  17. Here’s a Handy Guide So You Can Pre-Plan Your TV Binge-WatchingNielsen’s TOPTEN put together a list of shows in order of how long it’d take to binge-watch each in its entirety that’s pretty useful if you’re […]
  18. vulture asks
    Vulture Asks: What’s Your Secret Binge Show?Not stuff like 24. Something weirder.
  19. across the streaming-verse
    How to Catch Up on 2013’s TV EssentialsWatch Adventure Time. But also watch Breaking Bad already.
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    You Can’t Binge Netflix’s First Kids SeriesKids don’t binge-watch, they repeat-watch.
  21. Arrested Development Viewing: Tortoise vs. HareA writer who downed all fifteen episodes in a weekend compares her appreciation with someone who meted them out as if watching them on a broadcast schedule.