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  1. not-so-blank slate
    Yes, Biology Helps Explain Why Boys and Girls Play DifferentlyParents probably shouldn’t spend so much time worrying about ‘boy’ toys and ‘girl’ toys, especially given that there are innate forces at work here.
  2. Why Humans (and Other Large Animals) Shrink When They Live on IslandsAnd rodents get bigger.
  3. Microsoft May Have Found a Way to Let You Talk With Your Plants And they can even talk back (sort of).
  4. NYU Ethicist: Zika Virus Should Defer Olympics“It just makes more sense.”
  5. biology
    Some People Are Biologically Incapable of DancingIt’s called beat-deafness. 
  6. jars of tears
    Breaking: Crying Not a Big Turn-On for DudesMen who sniffed jars containing women’s tears were found to experience “drops in testosterone.”