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  1. vision 2020
    The Left-Wing Realignment of American Politics Has Already BegunAs centrist Democrats run to the left of yesteryear’s progressives, Republicans are pushing for green energy investment and aid to the poor.
  2. vision 2020
    Biden’s Imaginary Republican Friends Include a Running MateThe former veep needs to stop treating bipartisanship as something that will magically reappear if he wins.
  3. impeachment
    Yes, Trump’s Impeachment Was Partisan. The Others Were Too.For all the hand-wringing about partisanship in Congress today, it’s hardly unprecedented in the brief history of presidential impeachments.
  4. vision 2020
    Can Democrats Overthrow the Tyranny of Swing Voters?Sacrificing party principles to their demands can be self-defeating.
  5. racism
    Schumer’s Glowing Send-off for Peter King Illustrates Civility in PracticeThis is the nonsense that comes from fetishizing bipartisanship.
  6. racism
    A Non-Racist Conservatism Must Look to the Future, Not the PastRoss Douthat’s latest column paints a discouraging picture of non-racist conservatism.
  7. civility
    What Should Progressives Be Willing to Sacrifice on the Altar of Civility?The “reasonable right” often asks too much for peace.
  8. bipartisanship
    House Republicans Accuse Dems of Sabotaging Bipartisan BillsPelosi’s caucus is allegedly denying vulnerable GOP moderates the opportunity to support bipartisan bills. Let’s hope that’s true.
  9. vision 2020
    Hickenlooper Counts On Unconventional Path to the PresidencyIt may be the wrong year for this fan of fracking and bipartisanship.
  10. vision 2020
    Obama’s Call for Bipartisanship Failed. Why Do 2020 Dems Think They’ll Succeed?Candidates like Bernie Sanders seem to think they’ll get Republicans to go along with their agenda, though Obama couldn’t. They’ll need a plan B.
  11. criminal justice reform
    The First Step Act Deserves Your SkepticismTuesday’s celebrated bipartisan criminal-justice reform bill rests on an extremely fragile foundation.
  12. 2020 elections
    A Biden-Romney Fantasy Ticket So Ain’t HappeningA Washington outsider revives the hoary fantasy of a centrist third party, but it has never made any sense.
  13. bipartisanship
    Republicans and Democrats Can Agree. Mass Incarceration Is Proof.Trump is being hailed for unifying Republicans and Democrats around criminal justice. But the parties have rarely been that divided on this issue.
  14. 2018 midterms
    Flake Admits He Wouldn’t Have Rebelled on Kavanaugh If He Were Running AgainThe Arizonan’s brave act of bipartisanship was actually the lame gesture of a lame duck.
  15. the kavanaugh hearings
    Lindsey Graham Goes Savagely Partisan in Defense of Phony BipartisanshipThe South Carolinian puts Washington on notice: when he chairs the Judiciary Committee next year, he’ll run it as an openly Republican operation.
  16. donald trump
    Lindsay Graham’s Latest Mission: Encouraging Trump’s Blood LustOnce part of the jolly, bipartisan Three Amigos, Graham is now very focused on feeding Trump’s most hawkish impulses.
  17. In Defense of the ‘Dumbest Shutdown’The spending deal that Rand Paul held up for a few hours was pretty dumb, too.
  18. Trump’s W.H. Stops Feigning Bipartisanship Because It Has No Legislative AgendaFor Trump and Pence, “bipartisanship” now means attacking centrist Democrats for not supporting them in 2017.
  19. Trump’s ‘Unity’ Speech Was Actually Extremely PartisanWe were told Trump would offer an uplifting appeal to bipartisanship tonight. That was false advertising.
  20. Can Jared Kushner Save Criminal-Justice Reform From Jeff Sessions?Bipartisan criminal-justice reform failed last year, in part because of the Trump campaign and Jeff Sessions. But now Jared Kushner is onboard.
  21. Bipartisan Health Talks Are Dead — for NowThings were looking up for bipartisan health-care talks, until the GOP decided to try once more to repeal Obamacare. But someday reason may prevail.
  22. Can Trump and Sessions Kill Criminal-Justice Reform? Probably Not.While Trump’s election showed a return to “backlash” criminal-justice policies was politically feasible, state and local decision-makers matter more.
  23. The GOP Health-Care Bill Was a Mess. The GOP’s Tax and Budget Plans Are Messier.The GOP’s plans to use the budget process for health-care and tax legislation are already half-ruined. The worst could be yet to come.
  24. Is Kasich Preparing a Primary Challenge to Trump in 2020?Kasich has never bent the knee to Trump. But viable primary challengers to sitting presidents come from the fever swamps, not the sensible center.
  25. Republican Voters Have Lost Their Enthusiasm for Repealing ObamacareThe belief that the GOP Congress absolutely has to repeal Obamacare or face the wrath of angry base voters is an exaggeration at best.
  26. When Will We Know Zombie Trumpcare Is Finally Dead?There are at least five scenarios which will mean the unquiet House legislation has given way to something — or nothing — else.
  27. Trump Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Package Likely to Be Delayed Until MañanaNice as Trump’s infrastructure talk has been, there’s no plan, no money, and no momentum for it at present. So looks like it’s on the back burner.
  28. Is This Trump-Friendly Democratic Senator Fooling Republicans — or Himself?So far, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin is just flirting. But he might have to pick sides soon.
  29. What the Minimum Price for Democratic Cooperation With Trump Should BeThere is only one condition under which Dems should offer bipartisan “cover” to the new administration.
  30. Sessions As Attorney General Means Criminal-Justice Reform Is DeadMany years of work across ideological and party lines to address the mass incarceration caused by the war on drugs have probably gone down the drain.
  31. John McCain Announced the Dawn of a New Winner-Take-All Era in WashingtonSenator McCain’s promise not to approve a Democratic president’s Supreme Court pick portends some big changes.
  32. What Are the Republicans Endorsing Clinton Expecting in Return?It’s not clear how much they’re helping her, or what promises have been made.
  33. early and often
    With New Gun-Control Proposal, GOP Senators Clash With NRAThe measure is gaining bipartisan support, but the NRA’s chief lobbyist called it “unconstitutional.” 
  34. elephant walk
    Trump’s Bipartisan Impulse Terrifies GOP LeadersThe party’s ideal is someone who will sit back and sign whatever comes out of a Republican Congress. 
  35. Why Bipartisanship Still Matters for CandidatesWe don’t pick our presidents based on their history of bipartisanship. But maybe we should. 
  36. ‘Clinton Cash’ Inspires a Few Conservatives to Defend Clinton The people defending Hillary Clinton after questions about the Clinton Foundation’s finances.
  37. oh congress!
    In Rare Bipartisan Move, House Passes Student Loan BillDon’t get used to it.
  38. hurricane sandy
    The House Finally Passed the Sandy Aid BillThe $50.7 emergency bill is expected to pass the Senate.
  39. Gabrielle Giffords to Resign From Congress, But Says She Will Be BackWill step down this week.
  40. Senator Says President Obama ‘Needs to Take a Valium’So the meeting with Republicans went well?
  41. Scott Brown Helps Break Another GOP Filibuster“I have pledged to do my best to change the tone in Washington,” Brown said.
  42. Today Is a Good Day to Read Scott Brown’s Facebook WallAfter his vote for a Democratic jobs bill, the new Massachusetts senator is getting some blowback from enraged online “fans” who thought he was the next conservative messiah.
  43. Thanks to Republican Votes, Jobs Bill Overcomes Key ObstacleScott Brown among the five GOP senators who back the bill.
  44. oh congress!
    Democrats and Republicans Can Only Agree on Legislation That Doesn’t WorkThe jobs bill won’t create that many jobs.
  45. health carnage
    Democrats, Republicans Can’t Even Agree on Conditions for Kabuki Health-Care SummitWell, this is promising.
  46. why can't we be friends
    Obama at the GOP Retreat, In Under Two MinutesHe calls out the Republicans and makes the case for bipartisanship, but leaves frustrated.
  47. what other people think
    Can Democrats Really ‘Go It Alone’ on Health Care?That’s their new strategy. Or is it just a bluff?
  48. early and often
    GOP As Pleased With Budget As They Were About StimulusAs in, not enough for anyone to vote for it.
  49. early and often
    House Democrats Pass StimulusAnd only the House Democrats, again.
  50. early and often
    Is Obama’s Quest for Bi-partisan Support Really Worth It?The president searches for Republican support he probably doesn’t need on the stimulus package.