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  1. birthers
    Warren Not Native American; Trump Still WrongHer heritage is murky, but calling her “Pocahontas” is still wrong, for multiple reasons.
  2. birthers
    New York Judge Dismisses Ted Cruz Birther LawsuitHe ruled the suit was filed too late.
  3. trump cards
    Trump Suggests Rubio Might Be Ineligible for Presidency, TooWho among us is really a “natural born citizen”? (Hint: Marco Rubio.)
  4. early and often
    Ted Cruz Gives Donald Trump a Taste of His Own BirtherismAt the GOP Debate in South Carolina, Cruz argued that if he isn’t a “natural born citizen,” then neither is Trump.
  5. politics
    Donald Trump Responds to Muslim Question Controversy [Updated]He says he loves “the Muslims,” but he’s not morally obligated to defend President Obama because Obama would never defend him.
  6. early and often
    Poll: 61 Percent of Trump Supporters Are BirthersAnd the Donald is still well ahead of any other Republican candidate, though Ben Carson is on the rise. 
  7. america!
    Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want to Be a Canadian AnymoreThat should make birthers happy.
  8. cpac 2013 dispatch
    Makin’ Copies With Orly Taitz… of documents proving that President Obama is a Social Security fraud.
  9. Michigan Senator: World’s Most Oblivious Birther“That issue was dropped immediately.”
  10. trumped!
    Stephen Colbert Won’t Be Having an Indecent Encounter With Donald TrumpThe Donald missed the deadline.
  11. early and awkward
    Tommy Thompson’s Son Downgraded From ‘Birther’ to ‘Guy Who Enjoys Birther Jokes’Birtherism becomes an issue in a tight Wisconsin Senate race. 
  12. early and awkard
    Tommy Thompson Says His Son Didn’t Really Make That Birther JokeHe was just repeating something from the audience, okay?
  13. early and awkward
    How to Talk to Your 38-Year-Old Son About BirtherismWisconsin Senate candidate Tommy Thompson had to do this yesterday.
  14. convention dispatch
    50 Person Poll: RNC Delegate EditionDelegates still unsure about Obama’s birthplace. A few are unsure about Romney’s, too. 
  15. early and awkward
    Mitt Romney Made a Birther Joke [Updated]“Nobody has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that I was born and raised.”
  16. trump
    Blitzer Finds Trump’s Birther Argument ‘A Little Ridiculous’The Wolf meets The Donald.
  17. imaginary conversations
    Donald Trump Prefers the Phrase ‘Place of Birth Movement’ NowNot birther.
  18. stuck in the mittle
    Donald Trump’s Birtherism Not a Dealbreaker for Mitt Romney Romney is still refusing to distance himself from the Donald’s big mouth.
  19. the donald
    How Much Longer Can Mitt Romney and Donald Trump Stay Pals?Trump, an increasingly prominent campaign surrogate, is also still a hard-core birther.
  20. is birtherism back?
    Obama Campaign Calls Arizona Birther Official’s Bluff“The President will be on the ballot this November in Arizona alongside Mitt Romney.”
  21. early and awkward
    Mike Coffman Accidentally Outs Self as BirtherWhoops!
  22. bon mots
    Barack Obama, BirtherHe grills some poor lady about her birth certificate.
  23. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney’s Son Pulls a BachmannYou can’t just repeat anything anyone says, especially if it’s birthery.
  24. rick rolling
    Rick Perry Was Totally Kidding About Being a Birther!His furious backpedaling is now complete.
  25. birthers
    Birthers Upset That Someone Is Spreading Untruths About ThemAnd, seeing nothing ironic in that, decide to sue.
  26. paging orly taitz
    Donald Trump Just Can’t Kick the Habit“I don’t know exactly what he showed …”
  27. the death throes of birtherism
    Sales of Birther Book Not Hurt by Complete Invalidation of Birtherism’Where’s the Birth Certificate?’ debuts at No. 6.
  28. the death throes of birtherism
    Releasing That Birth Certificate Kind of WorkedThere are about half as many birthers today as there were a year ago.
  29. osama bin killed
    Rise of the Deathers: Cataloguing the Emerging Bin Laden ConspiraciesThree different schools of crazy.
  30. the death throes of birtherism
    Orly Taitz Can’t Let GoShe’s decided that the birth certificate is actually fake.
  31. the death throes of birtherism
    Oh Look, Another Document Confirming That Obama Was Born in HawaiiBirtherism — so over!
  32. early and awesome
    Obama Stops By Oprah to Talk Birth Certificates“When it first came up, were you thinking, I hope I was born here?”
  33. we feel like we’re taking crazy pills
    Publisher Describes Title of Upcoming Birther Book As ‘Unfortunate’The book is called ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’
  34. early and awesome
    President Obama Has Released His Long-Form Birth Certificate [Updated]BREAKING X 1,000,000!!!
  35. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Hollywood Enemy List Continues to GrowNewest entry: Robert De Niro.
  36. bon mots
    Mayor Bloomberg’s Girlfriend Always Reminds Him: ‘It’s About My House, My Job’Bloomberg comes out against the birther movement, with wisdom from Diana Taylor.
  37. the donald
    George Stephanopoulos Has Been Co-opted by Obama and His MinionsDonald Trump is on the case.
  38. 2012
    Nearly Half of Iowa Republicans Say President Obama Wasn’t Born in the United StatesForty-eight percent!
  39. we feel like we’re taking crazy pills
    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Birther BillAdmits maybe things have gone “too far.”
  40. The Persistence of Birther HumorWhat does Obama have in common with God? Neither has a birth certificate. Donald Trump’s recent embrace of the birther conspiracy has been a […]
  41. early and often
    President Obama to Nation: ‘The President Was Born in Hawaii, He Doesn’t Have Horns’Obama speaks out about birthers.
  42. stuck in the mittle
    Where Is Mitt Romney’s Birth Certificate?And why hasn’t he released it?
  43. we feel like we’re taking crazy pills
    Sarah Palin Embraces Certificateism: A Kinder, Gentler BirtherismIt’s birtherism without the “birth”!
  44. the donald
    Donald Trump’s George Costanza ProblemWhy Trump HAS to run now, lest he get caught in a lie.
  45. the donald
    There’s Something Else Republican Voters Like About Donald Trump Besides the BirtherismHe’s doing really, shockingly well in New Hampshire.
  46. party chat
    Susan Sarandon Pretty Sure Donald Trump Is Full of It“He’s just trying to get attention.”
  47. the donald
    Donald Trump Now Contends That Birth Announcements in General Don’t Even ExistWhat?! How did we miss this!?!
  48. the donald
    Donald Trump Shows Off His Actual Birth CertificateSo now we know that Donald Trump was born in America.
  49. the donald
    Donald Trump’s Birth Certificate Isn’t Actually LegitWhat a conundrum!
  50. the donald
    Donald Trump Gets Even More Birthery, WrongThe newspaper announcements!
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