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    Looks Like Facebook Is Going to Copy BitmojiSorry, Snapchat.
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    Snapchat Announces Bitmoji Deluxe, With More DetailFinally, you’ll get your avatar just right.
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    Snapchat May Soon Generate Bitmoji Using Facial RecognitionThe new feature is hinted at in a recent patent application.
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    Snapchat’s Next Dancing Hot Dog Is Your Bitmoji in Augmented RealityIf you thought your mom loved Bitmoji when they were two-dimensional, wait till she sees them in AR.
  5. Put a Picture of Your Face on a Picture of Your Face With Bitmoji for SnapchatSnapchat bought Bitmoji back in March.
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    Snapchat Buys Bitmoji, the Cartoon App Moms Love, for $100 MillionFor when words fail you.
  7. Your Bitmoji Is Now Better-Dressed Than YouHigh fashion gets its Zeitgeist-y day.
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    Is It Socially Acceptable to Make My MyIdol Super-Hot? Will people notice if your MyIdol is more attractive than IRL you?