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Black Hole

  1. black hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here’s Another Image of a Black HoleIt doesn’t inspire nearly as much wonder as the first one.
  2. black hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The First-Ever Photo of a Black Hole Has ArrivedHere’s how to share it with friends.
  3. black hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What Do We Want From the Black Hole?Do we want to do it — or be done in by it?
  4. sequential art
    Cartoonist Charles Burns Looks Back at Black HoleAnd he addressed the rumor that Mr. Burns is named after him.
  5. Stephen Hawking Thinks Black Holes Could Be Portals to Another UniverseIn a talk at Harvard, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking revealed a mind-blowing theory on black holes. 
  6. comic-book movies
    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: The Graphic-Novel Scene ExplainedIt was Charles Burns’s Black Hole.
  7. ways of seeing
    Lose Yourself in These Images of Pretty Celestial HappeningsA 2012 space orbit around all things beautiful.
  8. the industry
    David Fincher Sucked Into a ‘Black Hole’It’s graphic-novel day in Hollywood. Plus: Backward theater news!