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Black Lives Matter

  1. the system
    Tyre Nichols and the End of Police ReformHis death is evidence that cosmetic change can’t excise the rot of American law enforcement.
  2. the system
    The Uprising That Ran OutThe death of Keenan Anderson marks the end of an era.
  3. the library is open
    Put Down the Juneteenth Ice Cream and Pick Up These 15 BooksA reading list for America’s latest greeting-card category.
  4. money
    Black Lives Matter’s National Organization Opens Its BooksWhat do they reveal?
  5. power
    The Normalization of White Male ViolenceWhat happened in Buffalo on Saturday is our nation’s natural state. Black anxiety is mine.
  6. black lives matter
    Trump Wanted Police to Shoot Racial-Justice Protesters in the LegsFormer defense secretary Mark Esper’s new claim is not difficult to believe.
  7. the resistance
    The Democratic Party Is Wasting Its Grassroots EnergyThe conservative movement is on the march to power. What happened to movements on the left?
  8. power
    Everything to Know About the Police Shooting of Amir LockeThe officer who shot him will not face criminal charges.
  9. money
    Black Lives Matter Secretly Bought a $6 Million HouseAllies and critics alike have questioned where the organization’s money has gone.
  10. crime
    Ahmaud Arbery’s Killers Convicted of Committing Hate CrimesTravis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan had already been sentenced to life for murder.
  11. black lives matter
    ‘Constituting Community’: A Livestream Event Hosted by the Queens MuseumIn honor of Trayvon Martin’s life, featuring Cut editor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner.
  12. black lives matter
    How White Feminism Failed in the Age of Trayvon MartinThe humility that comes with learning about racial injustice is often met with violence.
  13. black lives matter
    Rest in Power and the Performance of Black DeathWhy was Jay-Z’s Trayvon Martin documentary so frustratingly hopeful?
  14. black lives matter
    The Rise and Rupture of Campaign ZeroHow the founders of one of Black Lives Matter’s most prominent organizations fell out.
  15. black lives matter
    The Freedom Fighters of FloridaSocial-justice history is made by the young.
  16. black lives matter
    What Happened to the WitnessesFilming police killings has long-lasting consequences. Four who did tell their stories.
  17. black lives matter
    The Fallacy of RepresentationIt’s taught us everything we need to know about power: that it’s a limited resource.
  18. black lives matter
    Standing Your Ground While BlackWhite aggressors have restyled themselves as the ones needing protection.
  19. black lives matter
    The Religion of ProtestFinding spirituality in Black Lives Matter.
  20. black lives matter
    The Fear of the HoodieIts history aligns with America’s divisions of class, race, and identity.
  21. black lives matter
    The Cry to Be Included“Let today be the last day that you ever doubt Black trans power.”
  22. black lives matter
    The Murky Finances of Black Lives MatterA lack of transparency into donations has led to friction and mistrust among activists.
  23. black lives matter
    The Burden of the Black MotherThe still-grieving mothers of those killed by police violence are often asked to play a role they didn’t choose.
  24. black lives matter
    Grief Over TimeSybrina Fulton, who lost her son Trayvon Martin ten years ago this month, found her painful place in American history.
  25. black lives matter
    The Misguided Empathy of Dana Schutz’s Open CasketThe controversial painting of Emmett Till was equally clinical and tempestuous.
  26. black lives matter
    10 Years Since TrayvonThe story of the first decade of Black Lives Matter.
  27. black lives matter
    The Countless Lost Friendships“I miss everything about him,” says Ashley Burch, remembering her friend Trayvon Martin. “I miss his laugh. I miss talking to him all the time.”
  28. black lives matter
    The Failure of Police ReformAtlanta’s city government spent decades on half-hearted measures meant to address police violence.
  29. black lives matter
    The Lure of White MartyrdomAmerican mythology has always cast Black liberation as the villain.
  30. black lives matter
    The Battle Wounds of ProtestActivists often pay the price for organizing with their health and well-being.
  31. black lives matter
    Black Athletes and the Value of a BodyWhy the world of professional sports embraced Black Lives Matter.
  32. black lives matter
    The Return of the Mass ProtestThe historic demonstrations of 2020 recalled the early civil rights movement.
  33. black lives matter
    The Day I Quit BelievingGeorge Zimmerman’s acquittal was the end of a very brief moment in which I gave America the benefit of the doubt.
  34. crime
    The Return of New York’s Most Notorious CopsThe new mayor and police commissioner want to fight gun crime by bringing back anti-crime units, which were disbanded after a history of abuse.
  35. black lives matter
    Jury Convicts All Three Men Accused of Murdering Ahmaud ArberyThree white men chased a Black man through their neighborhood and killed him, in what has been likened to a modern-day lynching.
  36. book review
    The Sentence Shows the Downside of UrgencyLouise Erdrich’s novel takes on the 2020 protests — and draws conclusions that feel dated already.
  37. george floyd
    Minneapolis Kept Its Police Department. But We’ll Be Here Again.The defeat of Ballot Question 2 wasn’t as decisive as it looked.
  38. ahmaud arbery
    Ahmaud Arbery Jury Includes Only One Black PersonThe judge in the case said the defense displayed “intentional discrimination” in jury selection.
  39. abortion
    Gun Guy Mark McCloskey Wants to Ban Abortions for Victims of Incestuous RapeThe GOP Senate hopeful who pointed guns at protesters wants to run wild with abortion policy in Missouri, the home of Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin.
  40. nypd
    Belligerent Boss of an NYPD Union Resigns After His Home Is Raided by FBIEd Mullins, the city’s loudest opponent of police reform, has stepped down from his role as president of Sergeants Benevolent Association.
  41. the group chat
    An Oasis in Fort Greene ParkThe Lay Out is bringing Black joy outside.
  42. protest music
    Janelle Monáe Released a 17-Minute ‘Say Her Name (Hell You Talmbout)’Featuring 16 other musicians and activists.
  43. politics
    Robert E. Lee Defeated Again in VirginiaAfter the statue of the Confederate general was taken down from its pedestal, Trump claimed Lee would have led the U.S. to victory in Afghanistan.
  44. crime
    What We Know About the Killing of Elijah McClainTwo years after a 23-year-old Black man died after a brutal encounter with police, those officers finally face charges.
  45. what reckoning?
    The Senate Wants to Give Us a Lot More CopsLast year’s so-called reckoning with race is curdling into a bipartisan love fest for the police.
  46. confederate monuments
    Richmond’s Confederate Monuments, One Year LaterProtests brought down most of the statues on Monument Avenue — except Robert E. Lee’s.
  47. reckoning with a reckoning
    What Happened After Derrick Ingram’s Standoff With the NYPDThe activist is still shut inside the Hell’s Kitchen apartment the police tried to invade.
  48. reckoning with a reckoning
    The Minnesota Freedom Fund Raised Too Much MoneyLast June, donations were pouring in to the bail fund. The cash-strapped operation suddenly had more money than they were set up to handle.
  49. reckoning with a reckoning
    White People Are SquirmingEight writers on what happens when the people around you are suddenly forced to confront race.
  50. reckoning with a reckoning
    Stop Hustling Black DeathSamaria Rice is the mother of Tamir, not a “mother of the movement.”
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