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Black Voters

  1. democratic debates
    Chaotic Debate Probably Won’t Help Black Voters Make Up Their MindsBut it could also present a rare opportunity.
  2. democratic primaries
    Amy Klobuchar’s Dismal Polling With Black Voters Should Be Even WorseMyon Burrell’s murder case has the Minneapolis NAACP and Black Lives Matter Twin Cities calling on the senator to suspend her campaign.
  3. president trump
    Trump Advocates Are Giving Out Cash to Black VotersBeyond the unseemly nature of this tactic, it may not be, technically speaking, legal.
  4. democratic debates
    Pete Buttigieg’s White Supporters Have More to Explain Than His Black SkepticsTuesday’s primary debate in Iowa confronted familiar questions about Buttigieg’s failure to garner black support.
  5. Trump Names Guy Who Hyped Up New Black Panthers As Head of ‘Election Protection’GOP operative (and Breitbart contributor) Mike Roman is best known for promoting a video of a couple New Black Panthers watching people vote.
  6. Trump Appeals to Black Voters With Call for Chicago Stop-and-FriskThe GOP nominee suggests “black-on-black” crime can be solved by forcing all police departments to unconstitutionally search young black men.
  7. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Mocks Donald Trump’s Stoner Logic on How to Solve Police BrutalityIt is not good!