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  1. superstition
    Blake Lively Wants a Bird to Poop on HerThe heart wants what the heart wants.
  2. party pics
    Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Partied This WeekPlus Oprah, Justin Timberlake, and Kesha.
  3. cannes 2016
    Kristen Stewart Is Not Here to Please You“If I walked in with a man and they asked me to change shoes, I’d be like, ‘Does he have to wear heels?’”
  4. Now Blake Lively Claims Woody Allen Is Empowering to WomenThe actress continues to defend the director.
  5. cannes 2016
    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Love TCM So Very Much“That’s my husband’s dream job, to be Ben Mankiewicz or Robert Osborne.”
  6. Blake Lively Can’t Imagine Fred Astaire or Bing Crosby Making a Rape JokeThe actress can’t believe someone joked about Woody Allen at Cannes.
  7. trailer mix
    New The Shallows Trailer: Blake Lively vs. JawsLooks like you’re gonna need a bigger rock. 
  8. trailer mix
    See the Trailer for Woody Allen’s Café SocietyHis love letter to the Golden Age of Hollywood.
  9. Blake Lively Allegedly Pregnant AgainAccording to Us Weekly.
  10. nerdy nails
    Blake Lively’s Nails Solemnly Swear They Are Up to No Good Potter speak — accessorized.
  11. flops
    Ryan Reynolds Gives Green Lantern a 1 Out of 10 (1=Bad)Deadpool makes up for it, though.
  12. sisterhood of the traveling pants
    Blake Lively Supports America Ferrera’s ShowWhich one’s wearing the pants?
  13. adorable gifts
    Blake Lively Gave Ryan Reynolds a Deadpool DollAnd the Cutest Couple award goes to …
  14. Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Continue Their FriendshipWith a traditional birthday pie.
  15. talk about a squad
    Let This Kangaroo Take His Damn Selfie in PeacePhotobombing in Australia.
  16. the industry
    2015’s Blood List Names Hollywood’s Hottest Unproduced Horror ScriptsMcG’s Babysitter and a film called DeNiro top the list.
  17. greatest hits
    How Beyoncé, Meryl, Natalie, and More Celebrities Wore LanvinDeparting designer Alber Elbaz is really good at making women look amazing.
  18. celeb side hustles
    Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Is No Longer for Sale She will Goop no more.
  19. Blake Lively Made Out With a GiraffeA little girl-on-girl action.
  20. gooped
    Gwyneth Paltrow Is Sick of Blake Lively Comparisons And Jessica Alba, and Reese Witherspoon.
  21. keeping score
    Martha Stewart Grades Her Lifestyle StudentsWhich celebrity lifestyle brands pass the ultimate test?
  22. movie review
    Movie Review: The Age of AdalineBlake Lively plays an immortal who is stuck at age 29.
  23. look of the day
    Blake Lively Wore a Sheer, Star-Covered BodysuitCasual.
  24. lessons
    When Her Time Comes, Blake Will Bravely Accept Death’s Cold EmbraceShe will go gently.
  25. The 40 Chicest Women in Trench Coats of All TimeA hundred years of rainy-weather-ware.
  26. imitation of life
    Who Is Gonna Tell Blake Lively Her Life Isn’t a Movie?Blake Lively casts her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-stars as her kid’s godmothers. 
  27. chic
    Literally, Je Ne Sais Quoi: Blake Lively’s Notes on French Fashion A post on her website about French chic, striped shirts, and counting. 
  28. baby names
    Blake Lively’s Baby Gets Official Title (a Name) (It’s James)Not Violet, despite previous reports on the important matter. 
  29. truth
    Blake Lively Is an Oracle of Eternal Human TruthA prophet speaks on the immutable structure of family. 
  30. a baby
    Blake Lively Births a MysteryAn early arrival. 
  31. diapers
    Will Blake Lively Sell Diapers Now? Reports of ambitions to purvey baby products. 
  32. year in review
    The Fug Girls: The Best and Worst Red-Carpet Moments of 2014Bibs, sheer jumpsuits over hot pants, and so much more. 
  33. feuds
    Gwyneth Paltrow Sends Martha Stewart a Subtle BurnInsults hidden in cakes.
  34. modernity
    Blake Lively, Husband Do That Modern Role ReversalAccording to No. 1 household insider Amber Tamblyn. 
  35. trailer mix
    It Looks Hard to Be Blake Lively in The Age of Adaline TrailerWhat does it take to stay young forever? A car accident, apparently.
  36. judgement day
    Martha Stewart Allowed Blake Lively to Defend HerselfAt a panel on Saturday. 
  37. foolproof beauty tips
    25 Weird Things Celebrities Have Done With Coconut OilIt’s good for moisturizing the face, whitening teeth, or cooking shrimp.
  38. look of the day
    Blake Lively Swathed Herself in Buttery YellowAn uncomfortable-looking approach to maternity wear.
  39. in memory
    Oscar de la Renta’s Most Iconic Red-Carpet GownsSarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, and so many more.
  40. dads
    Ryan Reynolds Is Already Practicing His Dad JokesHe suggests Bruce Jenner as a name for his future child. 
  41. kinda
    Blake Lively Says She’s Been a Mother Forever, Actually“Kinda, always.”
  42. sepia toned news
    Blake Lively Announces Her Artisanal Pregnancy A bundle of joy wrapped in a blog post.
  43. poets
    Blake Lively’s Fashion Metaphors Are Top-notchBoth of bakery and of transportation. 
  44. new faces of things
    Karlie Kloss Is the New Face of L’Oréal ParisThe Kloss Kingdom expands.
  45. peace at last
    Blake Lively Conquers Her Fear of Bees, for BeyoncéBeyoncé cures all.
  46. undaunted courage
    Blake Lively Survives Vicious Bee AssaultPricked but not vanquished. 
  47. spitting
    Blake Lively Wants to ‘Spit Out a Litter of Kids’Words she spoke aloud. 
  48. unique gifts
    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Craft for Each OtherSupposedly.
  49. blake's not lively
    No Single Profession Could Contain Blake LivelyContending with Martha Stewart’s recent advice. 
  50. martha stewart living
    Actually, Martha Stewart Wants to Be the Next Blake LivelyComments from the idol. 
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