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  1. the news in 9 headlines
    9 Unholy Things That Happened During the Pope’s NYC VisitRemember the Popepocalypse?
  2. blasphemy
    Ricky Gervais Is Losing His Edge by Not Shutting Up About His EdgeWe’re looking forward to his Globes jokes, but fearing the endless explanations of why they’re not offensive.
  3. oh no he didn't
    Michael Lewis Asks for Trouble“Goldman Sachs is doomed.”
  4. blasphemy
    In Anna Wintour’s Defense…How could she have been seen taking out the trash in funky slippers when she’s in MILAN?
  5. blasphemy
    Ferragamo Parties for Candace Bushnell in All the Wrong CitiesThe label will hold launch parties in California and Texas but not New York. Sniff.