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  1. happy halloween?
    Well, Here’s Kylie Jenner Naked and Covered in BloodIt’s giving Carrie … or maybe Karrie?
  2. mysteries
    Why Are Celebrities So Obsessed With Their Own Blood?Investigating a time-honored tradition.
  3. coronavirus
    Tom Hanks Donates Blood and Plasma for Coronavirus ‘Hank-ccine’ ResearchHanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are carrying precious antibodies.
  4. india
    These Drones Are Full of BloodAnd they deliver medical resources to poor and rural hospitals during one of India’s worst blood shortages.
  5. fitness
    Do Fewer Reps, Get a Better WorkoutLet’s get “supramaximal.”
  6. Investors Gave Up Far Too Much Literal Blood While Vetting TheranosIt was the first indication that something was amiss.
  7. A High-School Kid Invented a Miraculous Gel That Can Stop Bleeding InstantlyThis’ll save a lot of lives.
  8. Out Damn Spot
    North Carolina Brewpub Forced to Close After Band Sprays Crowd With BloodHave they not seen Carrie?
  9. This ‘Children’s Hospital’ Trailer Is Touching and Gross and Hilarious and […] You know what the real sad part of this video is? The fact that they probably got blood all over the juice and cookie table. That’s the whole […]
  10. Crime
    West Roxbury’s Corrib Boots Waitresses for Underage Boozing, Says They’re SorryLast month, a man emerged from the bar coated in blood.
  11. public service announcements
    New York City Wants Your BlooooddddLike vampires, except they’re not going to eat it.
  12. There Will Be Blood
    Brad Farmerie’s Bloodlust Cannot Be SatedThe chef likes his steak bloody, and then also without the steak.
  13. The Tweet Hook
    Trade Blood for Blood Sausage at the Meat HookNot made from human blood sausage, presumably.
  14. there might be blood
    In Ottawa, a Rangers Comeback and Accusations of Blood-FlickingThe Rangers won, 5–3.
  15. photo op
    They Want to Take Your BloodThis past weekend, an odd sight could be seen on Avenue A: Vampires GIVING blood.
  16. in other news
    You Think Glenn Beck With Gasoline Is Scary? Try Glenn Beck With BloodThe Fox News host’s latest meltdown reminded us of a couple of things.
  17. Bookshelf
    Pruning SentencesGabrielle Hamilton of Prune sells her first book.
  18. kids these days
    Sarah Lawrence Students Protest FDA Gay Blood Donation BanBut they don’t want people to stop donating blood. So they bought this van…