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  1. so you want to be president
    The Worst Things Michael Bloomberg Has Said About Women“I’d like to do that piece of meat,” he allegedly remarked of female employees.
  2. select all
    Either Bloomberg or Apple and Amazon Are Badly Wrong About the China Hack StorySomebody is wrong, and it’s driving me crazy trying to figure out who — and why.
  3. Michael Bloomberg Will Not Run for PresidentThe former mayor says the risk that his candidacy might deliver Donald Trump to the White House is too great. 
  4. Bronx Tree to Become Symbol of Bond Between MenBloomberg and Mayor de Blasio planted a tree to celebrate the more than 1 million trees under the MillionTreesNYC initiative. Also, their apparent new-found friendship.
  5. media
    John Heilemann and Mark Halperin Ponder Game-Changing Deal With MSNBCThe cable network wants to simulcast the duo’s Bloomberg TV politics show, but will two rival networks be able to reach an agreement that benefits all? 
  6. big brother
    Bloomberg Is Watching You (at Bloomberg)Time stamps. 
  7. Critical Move
    Tejal Rao Named New Restaurant Critic at BloombergExpect to start reading her reviews in September.
  8. old bros club
    There Are No Women on Wall Street Because It’s a FraternityTry a sorority instead. 
  9. journalism
    Chinese Officials ‘Inspected’ Bloomberg NewsAn editor’s decision to cancel a story on government corruption seems to have backfired.
  10. Did Reverse Bribery Help Bloomberg Govern?De Blasio won’t have those deep pockets to help him out.
  11. Mexicoke
    Soda Tax May Signal Death Knell for Mexican CokeAnd it’s all Bloomberg’s fault.
  12. Warnings
    Bloomberg Speaks Out Against Chefs ‘Bitching’ Over Letter GradesIt’s your problem if you go somewhere with a “B” grade.
  13. girls
    Bloomberg Bans Low Self-Esteem in GirlsIt’s more positive than most of his public-health campaigns.
  14. royal babies
    Georgina Bloomberg and Other Royalty Don’t Care About Marriage Before BabyMarriage is only a luxury good to the middle class.
  15. media
    Atlantic Media President Justin Smith Joins Bloomberg Media As CEOJustin Smith is moving on.
  16. Soda Ban
    State Appeals Court Reviews New York’s Soda BanExactly three months after a judge struck down the ban.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Butt-Shooting Bloomberg Bodyguard ConvictedHad kept the shooting of his girlfriend’s ex quiet.
  18. The Fizz
    Marin County Announces Summer-Long Soda BanThe driest county in the world.
  19. scandal-stained wretches
    Bloomberg Reporters Spied on Geithner, BernankeAnd probably a lot of other important people.
  20. Soda Ban
    The New York Daily News Pushes for the Soda Ban’s ComebackBloomberg will be pleased.
  21. Meet Twitter’s Newest Clique: Bloomberg’s Terminal TweetersAre you a TWT VIP?
  22. Bad Taste
    New DOH Subway Ads Salt-Shame YouThanks, Bloomberg.
  23. Bloomberg
    Bloomberg’s Meal at La Grenouille Interrupted by Health InspectorThe mayor — he’s just like us!
  24. Weiner Rights
    Disabled Vets Win Back Right to Sell Hot DogsFreedom!
  25. Modern Love
    Soda Judge Presides Over Wedding, Causes Couple to Fight About the BanModern love.
  26. New Rules
    How, Exactly, the Sugary-Drink Ban Will Affect You [Update: It Won’t Affect YouCan you drink venti Frappuccinos the same way? What about marshmallow vodka? Gatorade? We’ve got all possible scenarios covered.
  27. Food Politics
    Who’s in Favor of Bloomberg’s Sugary Drink Ban?Not black voters. Not women. Not Brooklynites.
  28. Soda Ban
    Clubs Inconvenienced by Bloomberg’s BanBad day for bottle-service bros.
  29. Government
    Bloomberg Considering Ban on Styrofoam CupsWatch out, deli owners and frat boys.
  30. Truckin'
    Bloomberg Unleashes Team of Lawyers to Hunt Down Street Vendors’Law & Order: Special Kebab Unit.’
  31. Bans
    Soda Ban Opponents Now Include the NAACP and the Hispanic FederationThe NAACP and the Hispanic Federation argue the soda ban is also an issue of “racial fairness.”
  32. Drama
    Union Square Park Restaurant a No-Go; Holiday Market Under AttackJudge says it has a “let them eat cake feel.”
  33. Unhealthy
    Bloomberg’s Junky Green RoomBecause no one wants dried seaweed.
  34. Fizzing Out
    Soda Manufacturers Fight for Their Right to Sell Large-Size SodasMr. Pibb goes to Washington.
  35. Health Initiatives
    Bloomberg’s Latest Crusade: Cleaning Up Hospital FoodSay good-bye to Snickers in the waiting room.
  36. Fizz Away
    Not So Sweet: Board of Health Approves Soda BanAnything larger than a sixteen-ounce cup may soon be a collector’s item.
  37. ask a best doctor
    Ask a Best Doctor: Why Doesn’t Bloomberg Just Promote Diet Soda?Forty-ounce Fresca, anyone?
  38. Cleanup on Aisle Five
    New Program Puts Junk Food Literally Out of ReachOut of reach, out of stomach is the reasoning.
  39. Leftovers
    Gigantic La Marina Opening Tonight; Meatball Shop Headed to Upper EastPlus: Brooklyn Brine goes retail, make Taim’s falafel, and more of today’s leftovers.
  40. Frisky Fresca
    Soda-Makers Spit on Bloomberg’s BanThe last straw.
  41. Daddy Dearest
    Regarding Soda, Georgina Bloomberg Has Dad’s Back, But Not ReallyReally, Dad?
  42. Bloomberg Refers to Skype as ‘Snipe’ During Senior-Center VisitSilly Bloomie!
  43. media
    Bloomberg Will Lose $20 Million on Businessweek This YearLuckily, terminal sales remain strong. 
  44. bright lights big city
    New York Might Get a New Street: Sixth-and-a-Half AvenueWhat whimsy!
  45. nice try guys
    Bloomberg Doesn’t Want You to Think of It in Connection With BubblesBalloons are OK.
  46. Two-Way Street
    Bloomberg and the Grading System Need to Get a RoomHe gives the DOH an A+.
  47. white men with money
    Who Needs a Daily List of the World’s Richest Billionaires?Bloomberg is giving us one anyway.
  48. ink-stained wretches
    Will Bloomberg or Reuters Buy the Financial Times Eventually? [Updated]Gossipers say yes.
  49. Anti-Lush
    Fun-Killer Bloomberg Now Wants Us SoberHe thinks the city is too tipsy.
  50. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Hijacks Couple’s Wedding DayTo use them as props in a press conference.
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